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Completed Games

Projects with a complete, playable release are located here! Playable demos and other works in progress should be posted in the other sections.
The Rules and Regulations applies to this forum. Please give these a read before posting. When Posting a Project in Completed Games Completed Games is a forum for games that are, well, complete. Only you can make that decision if your project is truly complete, and some never are, but this section is for games that aren't still major works in progress. If you aren't sure and/or you choose another prefix than "Completed," your thread will be moved to a more appropriate section of the forums. Threads must be approved by a staff member before they're public. If we do not approve your thread within 48 hours, you will receive a message from us with what is missing from the rules as listed below. If we do not hear from you after that, your thread will be deleted and not make it to public view. If you believe it did meet the requirements, or the requirements do not adequately apply to your projects, please get in touch with a staff member. The following are the requirements for your thread to be approved. Each thread must have a clear project description, and must state what engine and/or kit, if any, is being used. For instance, "RPG Maker XP," "Godot," or "Pokémon Essentials." Each thread must have a plot outline. Include a small write up or summary of your plot and or backstory. Try for a paragraph at least. It doesn't have to include spoilers or in-depth plot details, but try to capture people's interest. This may not always be applicable, as not all projects have a plot. Each thread must have a list of unique features. Include any features in your game that you believe will make it stand out from other projects, preferably in a list instead of a block of text. They don't have to be ground-breaking. Commonly used resources are not unique features, and generic statements like "new characters" do not count. Each thread must have at least four screenshots that are unique to your project and tell us something about what your project entails. As such, generic screenshots, such as an unmodified Pokémon Essentials screenshot, do not count towards this threshold. Make sure they're fairly different from one another. We don't want four screenshots of one area of your game or just of your interfaces. Each thread must credit the creators of all assets they did not create themselves. This includes credits for your engine/kit. All individuals in a kit or resource's credits must be included. Be absolutely positive that you're giving the full and correct credit when using public resources, and make sure to list any team members you might have working on the game. We take credits very seriously. Not crediting someone for something they created is considered content theft and is a very serious offense. No thread may use URL shorteners to share images, patch notes, game files or other miscellaneous file, or host any files directly on the Eevee Expo forums. Considering file-sharing websites for this, such as Mediafire or MEGA. You may not use URL shorteners for this. All completed games are required to have a download link that is accessible by anyone, i.e. without signing up for an account on a website, including Discord. Advertising a Discord server is allowed, but you shouldn't require the reader to sign up for another website and/or join your Discord server in order to play your game. Some important things to note regarding credits... If you aren't sure the proper credits for something you're using, do some searching to find out who made it. If you for some reason can't find out who made it, you shouldn't be using that resource. If you're using Pokémon Essentials, Luka's Elite Battle System, or some other widely used resource: be sure to credit them as well. Just because they're well known doesn't mean you don't have to credit them. If we find that you are using (private) resources without the author's permission and or without credit, there will be repercussions. This is considered content theft, and your project will be taken down. We will then require proof that you have permission, or to talk to the author ourselves. If you notice your content is being used against your wishes or you're not being credited for your work, please contact a staff member. We'll work with you and the offending project to make sure proper credit is given or the project will be removed from the forums. Posting in General The following things should be kept in mind when posting in a project thread: Project feedback is highly encouraged; if you see something in a project that you feel needs improvement, point that out, but be respectful about it. Keep in mind that it's ultimately the developer's project and it's their vision for the project. Not all posts have to be feedback; you can talk about how much you like the game (make sure to say what you like about it), ask questions about it, or talk about it in general! A project developer (usually) loves nothing more than people discussing what's going on in the game. Spam The following types of posts are considered spam and will be deleted. If you notice a post breaking this rule, please report it and move on. Posts asking for a release date. Posts asking for a download link. Posts asking if the game is finished. Posts asking if they can be a game tester, unless stated by the project author that they're looking for testers. Posts with little to no substance: (eg. "I like your game, it's cool!") Tell us why you like the game! Double posting. Please edit your post instead of double posting. If you're the thread author, you may double post if you have some new content to share.
Welcome back to Hoenn! Five years after the events of Pokémon Ruby, rare Pokémon from another region started to appear at Mt. Chimney! Where did they come from? What secrets will you find? Play as your favourite protagonists around central Hoenn! Meet familiar faces! New places of interests! - Game length: Approximately 2 hours Game Download v1.3b Team: @KennyCatches Youtube Playthroughs! Resource Pack: https://eeveeexpo.com/resources/575/ Made Using: RPG Maker XP and Pokémon Essentials v18.1 Thanks for playing!
Welcome to Pokémon: Giovanni Origins In this story, set roughly 20 years before the events of Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue, you play as the childhood friend of Team Rocket Boss Giovanni. Growing up in Saffron City, you and Giovanni will traverse Kanto and Johto together, challenging for gym badges and championships along the way. You will witness first hand the backstory of Giovanni, watching from the sidelines as your friend ventures down a dark path, turning to a life of crime. As you explore Kanto and Johto, you will see the vast difference 20 years can make to a region. You will find characters and references to the future games hidden everywhere you look. Enjoy exploring the Pokémon world long before the stories of legendary Pokémon trainers such as Red and Blue. ... and if you are Team Rocket inclined yourself, you can now train your very own Dark Pokémon! >>>>>>>>>> Mediafire link v2.0.9 - Click here!<<<<<<<<<< ATTENTION JOIPLAY USERS if the game freezes when Giovanni attempts to battle you for the first time, you need to download the below file and put it into the same folder as game.exe >>>>> Joiplay Patch <<<<< >>>>>>>>>> Discord Server - Click here! <<<<<<<<<< Transfer your save to a newer version of the game: Transfer the following file your existing directory of the game into the same folder in your newly downloaded version of the game, and you should be able to carry on from where you left off! >>>>>>>>>> Game Documentation! Click here! <<<<<<<<<< Key features: Screenshots: Socials - let's talk Pokémon! I collect and play! Twitch - DaleFails TikTok - DaleFails Instagram - DaleFailsGaming Special thanks: General help, bug fixing and playtesting - Amallah! Amallah gaming on Twitch! Check him out! Essentials version and Plugins used: Credits:
Plot story narrative scenario *Note: This was written at almost 4AM, and as such may contain much gibberish Your adventure takes place on Jamland Island, where you are currently relaxing on your vacation. The annual Jamabata festival is on, and things could not be more jolly. However, things take a turn for the slightly less jolly when the self-proclaimed Dark Lord Chad steals the cocoon egg thing in which Jirachi sleeps! You must chase him and stop him from fulfilling his wish for World Domination. There's also a shady hot springs manager in there somewhere, but he's probably not too important. Hopefully. Game Download Mediafire Made Using Pokémon Essentials Team Hukon Notes I have many things I'm unhappy with for this project, most or all of them about the main story plot in the game. But I also learned some stuff and there's also a lot I'm happy with (not the story) so I guess it's all fine and lovely in Jamlandland. Resource Pack
Pokémon Keishou Fully developed by: OkunoShio Made Using: RPG Maker XP Pokémon Essentials v20.1 Version: 2.01 Download Link: Patch File for JoiPlay (put this inside the game's main folder): Discord Server: Join our Discord Server for additional information on the game such as the Kyujitsu Island Pokédex and plenty of guides and infographics! You can also ask any questions you have on the game, bug reports or suggestions there! Welcome to Kyujitsu Island! Pokémon Keishou sends you on a journey across the blissful paradise that is Kyujitsu Island. The island is guarded by four Clans: Kusa and Mizu Clan are the Land Spirit Guardians, while Netsu Clan is the Protector of Kazan in the west, and Yuki Clan is the Protector of Shimo in the east. In the shadows, Kurai Clan is lingering - although suppressed to a small minority due to their past deeds, they are always scheming to overthrow the old order. Since the current Lord's time has almost come, an uncertain age is upon the inhabitants of the island... The Story The Lord of the Elder is weak and of old age, no longer capable of leading and protecting the lands. In times of insecurity, the land becomes unstable. The Land Spirits are raging. The ever resting Kazan Mountain is about to erupt. While snowfall on Shimo Mountain intensifies. The valley is on the verge of chaos between ice and fire. The Elder Four are in uproar as well, trying to calm the lands each on their own. To bring the lands to rest again, it requires leadership and composure. As the Elder Cycle comes to an end, it is tradition to send the young descendants of Shison Village on their journey to find a new Keishou-sha - a successor to the throne. where the strongest of them will rise to become the new Lord of the Elder and bring peace back to Kyujitsu Island! Only who rises above all 8 Clan Leaders can become Lord, however, there are more mysteries surrounding the Path of Ascension! Key Features Explore the vast, open world style region of Kyujitsu Island! A full story with 15-20 hours of gameplay awaits! Prove yourself to the 8 Clan Leaders and the Elder Four on your quest to become the new Lord! Discover 840+ Pokémon from 9 Generations across the different biomes and weather conditions of the island! Overcome tough challenges in unique Wild Encounters and Trainer Battles utilizing the Mid-Battle Dialogue capabilities of Essentials Deluxe! Gather resources and craft your own supplies to endure on your journey, improve your team and catch them all! Master the special techniques of Terastallization, Dynamaxing and Mega Evolution! Dive into Max Raid Dens and - after you have become Lord of Kyujitsu Island - embark on Dynamax Adventures! V2.0 Features Explore Miraijima - a completely new zone (approximately the size of 3 of the existing 8 zones combined) with two new towns! Extended Pokédex including 16 new Kyujitsuan Forms 24 new Wild Pokémon Event Encounters & 12 new Max Raid Den Legendary Encounters Two big new questlines that you can start directly after you have earned your 4th badge plus a new post game questline await! New post game content: Akigawa Tournament! Battle against more than 50 different trainers, including rematches with Clan Leaders and 11 boss battles! Additional Features Automatic Level Scaling - grants you freedom to make your own way to explore the world! Modern Quest System - keeps track on all your Main and Side Quests along your journey! Visible Overworld Encounters that vary depending on daytime and weather - for a more lively environment and easier hunting of desired species! Berry Pots - to allow for easy on-the-go berry planting to stock up on important crafting supplies! Speed Up - choose between 3 ingame speeds to match the game speed to your own pace! Unreal Time System - days go by fast on Kyujitsu Island, allowing for more dynamic wildlife and faster plant growth! New Poké Ball Capabilities - craft a big diversity of Poké Balls with added effects as well as brand new Poké Balls such as the Wood Ball or the Protein Ball! 4 Difficulty Settings (that you can switch at any time by visiting Ryuzaki's Lab!): ...and more! (see Credits for full list of plugins) Screenshots Known Issues Credits: Music Credits: About Me: Please share any feedback, bug reports or other thoughts with me and have fun playing! Change Log: Playthroughs:
Overview Welcome to Aurore! In this new Pokemon region, you'll explore something never seen before: a vanilla-style game! Play through a classic Pokemon adventure where you'll catch Pokemon, collect eight gym badges, defeated the evil Team Nox, and become the Pokemon League Champion! Radiant Topaz is a Completed Pokémon Essentials v20.1 fangame, designed to include modern features from the community in a short and simple game. With just over 15 hours of content, speed-up functionality, and plenty of novel features to customize your team, it's a fun adventure that you can replay whenever you get the itch to play Pokemon. Plot You play as a young trainer starting their journey to the Pokemon League, with a mysterious past and a surprising amount of experience. After choosing and catching your first pair of starters, you quickly meet Team Nox, an evil organization spreading Shadow Pokemon across the Aurore region. Inspired by Pokemon XD, you'll get to experience peak 2005-era edginess. You'll snag and purify Shadow Pokemon while trying to figure out their connection to the Mega Evolution phenomena. Team up with Prof. Oak, this region's Prof. Ginkgo, and the greatest trainer of all time Miror B. to stop them, while completing your gym challenge and making your way to the Pokemon League. Features A world of Double Battles Based on Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD, nearly every battle in Radiant Topaz is a double battle. Play through a world that forces you to build a more dynamic team. Shadow Pokemon Battle and snag Shadow Pokemon from other trainers, Pokemon with their hearts' sealed to give them type advantage against everything else at the cost of their ability to level up. Experience a greater challenge as you battle against Team Nox, who've figured out how to Mega Evolve their Shadow Pokemon to create a challenging gauntlet. Level Lowerer Ok I'm going to be honest with you, this is 90% of the reason why I made my own Pokemon game. Radiant Topaz allows you to lower your Pokemon's level whenever you like. No cost, no item needed, just lower that level. If you're tired of Pokemon becoming a "Press A" simulator in the late-game, this is for you! There are also level caps, which can help keep things challenging, but this lets you adjust the difficulty curve whenever you need to. BST Changer Towards the end of the game, you can find some side content that unlocks a way to change your Pokemon's Base Stat Total! If you've ever wanted a Sunkern with the stats of a pseudo-legendary, this is the game for you. Permanent Megas Actual spoilers! Community Fakemon I've tried to include as many Fakemon from the community as I could. If it has full sprites available, and if I found it in my random searching, I've tried to include it here. Custom Pokemon There are also completely original Fakemon I made myself! They're... functional! Their sprites are pretty rough, but I hope they help you build interesting new teams. I tried to focus on using previously-unseen type combos, and making less common combos, abilities, and evolution methods more available. I started working on this in 2022, so some of these were already made redundant by Scarlet/Violet... Overworld Pokemon You'll see Pokemon wandering the overworld as you explore Aurore! They'll spawn in grass, caves, on the water, everywhere you'd expect them in a modern Pokemon game. This will help you spot those tricky roaming legendaries, and your lead Pokemon will keep you company! Encounter Density The other main reason I made my own Pokemon game, I like to play with a different team every time. I have done my best to make every route in this game as unique as possible. Expect at least a dozen encounters on each, and you'll almost never see those Pokemon again later on. Between wild encounters and snagging Shadow Pokemon, every normal Pokemon in the game is available (as of the Teal Mask). The only ones missing are most of the legendaries, though I tried to cram in as many of those as I could. You'll also get chances to use rare Pokemon before the late-game, including Ultra Beasts, Hisuian Forms, and even some legendaries. Boring mechanics removed I'm not saying they're bad, but I personally don't enjoy some of these mechanics. You won't need any HMs besides Surf (Fly is available!), you don't have to use any fishing rods, and items in the overworld aren't invisible. Accessible Evolutions Every Pokemon can evolve in this game! You don't need to trade Pokemon, evolutionary stones are plentiful, and you can get Paradox Pokemon through a new pair of stones. Screenshots Download Download Radiant Topaz here Status Pokemon Radiant Topaz is Complete! I'm not going to be adding any additional features, though I'll do my best to fix any game-breaking bugs that are discovered. Credits Changelog
Welcome to the Urseca region You start your journey as the child of The Pharaoh about to begin your Challenge to see if you have what it takes to lead the region. Every 40 years, the region holds a competition where they send out one youth from every town out to conquer the Gyms. The ones who defeat all 17 will be allowed to enter The Pyramid and face off against one another for a chance to face The Pharaoh and if they win, they will become the new unquestioned ruler for the next 40 years. Do you have what it takes to climb the Pyramid? FULLY COMPLETED (unless you guys find some bug I didn't) Gens 1-5 Pokémon All Pokemon available to catch outside of events Modern Moves Legendaries are breedable but Arceus acts as a Ditto Pokemon who evolve through trade and other non natural ways have level or stone evolutions Some uneventful Pokemon have new evolutions into older Legendaries, ex: Dunsparce evolves into Azelf, Uxie or Mesprit with the right evo stone Champion's team has Lvl 95-100 Pokemon 17 Gyms After 6th Gym, the rest can be done in any order 50-60 hours of gameplay No Mega, No Z moves, No Dyna/GigantoMax or terrastialization. All routes have unique Pokemon for nuzlocke and replayability IV/EV Screen in Summary HM Skills, so your Pokemon don't need to know cut, as long as the can learn it. Shiny rate ~1/100 Pokerus rate ~1/500 MULTIPLE Save Files Full of Pop Culture references from the 2000s-10s Filled with Pokemon Puns Took 3 years to build (on and off) Game was made by 1 person (me) with Pokemon Essentials and the help of their forums, Relic castle forums (R.I.P.) and the help of Thundaga videos Limited swearing, only in places where the story deserved it Normal mode, game as intended Hard mode, double battles for key battles, such as Gym Leaders, other NPC Challengers (Rivals) and The Pharaohs NO hidden items unless a tree or building is hiding the Pokeball icon. You don't need to run around clicking A everywhere. This game started being built to kill time during Covid lockdowns but eventually became something I loved to do and craved to finish. I hope you all enjoy everyone! KNOWN ISSUES: 1. Talk to the Nurse Joy after getting your starter to set your faint location. Just realized the issue but I am waiting to see what else people find before I fix. View: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Pbhtt2e9-MeSfGjzXcgIYllu7wNn9WLH/view?usp=drive_link , View: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13NZi984cl-5w3hUNxCeq3wSN8K8JTuYp/view?usp=drive_link , View: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EMI4bBF68TsH3noqEv9x_zA80ytPfjeS/view?usp=drive_link , View: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z35WbIpH0Ef97YKJ9FymfpjXWfjZ-GvC/view?usp=drive_link , View: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QqdXbVUeJKppdXtIqTaVdA0T0nBCuelL/view?usp=drive_link Normal Mode: View: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bfSxFy9ho4KAv_X308syfDHM8dttcvJj/view?usp=drive_link Hard Mode: View: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Kjc9txt_7USO7sV5aY3L3-hSzPztUBEJ/view?usp=drive_link
Made using Pokémon Essentials v19. This game is fully complete in its current release, including postgame content. Additional minor content updates may come. DISCLAIMER: This fangame contains strong language. Story: In this game, you play as a trainer living in a weird and foreign world whose goal is to conquer the 8 gyms of the region and challenge the Pokémon League. However, there is a dark secret in the region that is itching to be revealed about a cult seeking to destroy the entire world, and not to mention the weird scientist from a faraway region who seems to be up to no good. Will you step up to defend the Trash Region from those seeking to do it harm? Explore the mystery of the multiverse! Meet odd characters! Fight epic battles! Features: -1043 total Pokémon -A bizarre cast of characters, old and new -5 playable genders (1 secret!) -Randomizer mode -Double Battle mode -Rocket Mode -Wonder Trading -152 new fakemon and 16 new regional forms -New megas -110 new moves -7 new types -21 new abilities -About 25 hours of gameplay Screenshots: Endless Trash Download Link (Google Drive): Endless Trash v1.30 Download The Endless Trash Community Discord Server: https://discord.gg/bkhxAPwGZd Endless Trash Wiki! (Under Construction) (I think I have everyone but if you don't see your name or if you see that I missed anything, please message me on Discord @Cabig, thanks!)
The game is already full, download link (Windows) and how to run in Android at the thread end. Bug reports, suggestions or feedback are very welcome! I prefer that you ask your questions by this thread than to me directly. You can post Trainer Simulator files in this thread. The game is multi-language. In this thread please speak in english. If you're playing, be sure to comment! Tell how far you've gone. Creator: FL (fl50000 at hotmail dot com) Platform: PC (and Android by Joiplay) Price: Freeware Made with: RPG Maker XP and Pokémon Essentials (by Poccil/Flameguru), version 04/03/10 Genre: Pokémon RPG in main series style Current version: 2.2.2 Started in: July 24, 2010 Version 1.0 completed in: July 23, 2011 Current version completed in: July 10, 2024 Age: All Language: English, italian (old version) and portuguese (Brazil) with english menus Number of players: 1 Slots to save 1 with possibility of copies Changelog :: 07/10/24 :: 2.2.2 :: *Bugfixes, especially impossibility of crossing the bridge in the cave. :: 07/07/24 :: 2.2.1 :: *Bugfixes, especially a crash when receiving egg at Fan Club. :: 07/05/24 :: 2.2.0 :: *Pokémon up to Indigo Disk (generation 9) added. *Challenges added: Hard Mode, Solo and Itemless, plus the previously added Nuzlocke. *Expanded Trainer Simulator, available much earlier with default trainers. *Gamepad support mode in the controls option. *Slightly easier game with more tips. *Abilities added: Stance Change, Battle Bond, Disguise, Beast Boost, Gulp Missile, Ice Face, Hunger Switch, Zero to Hero, Protosynthesis and Quark Drive. *Added move effects: Flame Charge, Aura Wheel and Water Shuriken. *Dozens of small changes such as: Berry Tag added, TV Shows added, more bicycle/Surf music, multiple encounter themes for trainers, among others. Old changelog: Special thanks Poccil, Flameguru, AvatarMonkeyKirby, MiDas Mike, Harshboy, xLeD, Sephiroth Spawn, VL, Venom12, Help-14, Maruno, Zingzags, Woratana, Areku, Avatar, Catman, V3NUS4URLOLAURI, Ozumas, Shadows, DonLawride, Kymotonian, Saurav, 4th Gen Matt, Kratos, Rayquazza, Peao, LoLRobinLoL, Onion-kun, Aim46, Batterymanaaa, Niijolly, Slombra, Morckin, AllergicProductions, Matt028, KitsuneKouta, BlueKecleon, Badhaas, XmarkXalanX, chris22464, glommydayze, pikachumazzinga, Bresong, Dylanrockin, Ranz, SonicsShadowisSilver, Smogon XY Sprite Project, mej71, Damien. Aspiring.Fandev, NettoHikari, Kyledove, Mllessentials, zerokid, Delta2318, Jonids, Darthatron, Marin, DiegoWT, Tebited15, Wergan, Beliot419, Drawnamu, Mixeli, geno2925, Brumirage, Richard PT, Foxowl, Ulithium_Dragon, Voltseon, Thundaga, AnonAlpaca, ThePurplest, SageDeoxys, WolfPP, Golisopod User, Zerokid, TheToxic, HM100, KyureJL, ErwanBeurier, Rhyden, Zeak6464, Kevin RDS, Skylightningz, Droid779, Zaggojhon, Rafa Alves, DS-Style Sprite Repository, DrakeSycamore, chula, JoshR691, darkbolt20, Taynathon, Rangi42, Boonzeet, ZacWeavile, Akuma-Tsubasa, aveontrainer, Gnomowladny, Derxwna Kapsyla, Caruban, PorousMist, ezerart, LuigiTKO, Morningdew, NanaelJustice, KingOfThe-X-Roads, Mak, Red7246, Vent, leParagon, Lykeron, AxelLoquendo, wrigty12, Zardae, mustafa505, lichenprincess Menu I - Introduction II - Features III - Prologue IV - The city V - Other systems VI - Mechanics VII - General notes VIII - Screens IX - Gifs X - Videos XI - Userbars XII - System requirements XIII - Android XIV - Download I - Introduction This is a game with the main pokémon RPG mechanics for the Game Boy and other Nintendo systems, but with a different approach on Pokémon Island. Nothing is essential to move forward, but still there are many challenges. II - Features Estimated 20-40 hours of game content. Plus a lot of post-game content. National Dex with 1025 pokémon until Indigo Disk (generation 9) unlocked from the start! All are available and if you don't delete pokémon then you can have as many copies as you want for each pokémon specie. From Bulbasaur to Miraidon. No GYMs or E4! Instead of them there is the Colosseum. 12 Characters to choose. Graphics from generation 3 (except battle sprites). No HMs! Moves like Surf, Fly, Rock Smash and Teleport don't work outside battle, but there are items with similar effects. There is no real time clock system. III - Prologue Previously the Pokémon Island was a island only of pokémon. There were very few people, most researchers like the notable professor Oak who studied the pokémon on island. However, three years ago has been proven the existence of pokémon Mew on the island. Because this was a very rare pokémon, this attracted a crowd with many trainers who sought Mew, so the island was filled with trainers. Many of them were very skilled and famous, others came in this island to challenge them, the island soon became a great meeting point for battles which led to the creation of many tournaments which also brought many viewers. Many things happened in the last three years, has created a great battle place: The Colosseum and the trainers were classified according the victories there. Many new pokémon were discovered on the island, others were released by other trainers, and some even went to stores. Most were discovered by explorers living in places never visited before. Some places are created to increase the diversity of pokémon that grew more and more. And this is the story of this place, Pokémon Island. IV - The city This is the city of Pokémon Island and where you reside. See below for some important places, several of them are available when you arrive, but others need to be build using the City Hall. Some were made using the Essentials systems with some modifications like: show items icons on the box and make the bigger sprites be on the UI rectangle. Several scripts are mine, like City Hall, Pokémon Fitness and Pokémon Fan Club. Colosseum Main challenge of the game, here is where the action happens without ado. Just choose a rank to face four rounds of trainers. When you win you earn the prize money and other ranks will be available with trainers better than the last one. This way, always providing a challenge to satisfy even the best players. City Hall Here you are the one who builds the city! In this place there are several projects for new buildings or even upgrades of old places that can be done for a small amount of money. This place is built as soon as you get rank 3. Teleport Station Around here you can access all sites with wild pokémon on the island like the beach and the plains. As you increase your rank, more places became available. At each location there are two portals, one where you entered and other hidden, if you can get to the hidden you receive an award. Along the way, besides wild pokémon there are items scattered and trainers seeking battles that will be obstacles in your journey. Any trainer can be challenged for a rematch. Despite visiting these places bring a number of advantages in the adventure, they aren't required and you can even complete the game without using the station. Pokémon Shop The Pokémon commerce in Pokémon Island is a widespread activity. Many pokémon can only be obtained here, so keep an eye on! Pokémon Fan Club Unlike other fan clubs, here the staff likes to follow the day to day of the trainers and ask for the most varied tasks ranging from defeating a specific wild pokémon to spending a certain amount of money. As a reward they give you a good amount of money and pokémon eggs. Pokémon Fitness In the Pokémon Island there is a new and fun way for gaining exp: Minigames! There 6 different minigames, each focusing the pokémon attributes. All have a high score system, try to get better scores than the leader! Exploration Outpost This place takes you on a safari in a strange desert. Depending on the pokémon caught you get points and can receive great items like Rare Candy. Trainer Simulator In this place you can register your party, register that you can send to other people so they can battle your virtual trainer. Choose from hundreds of game avatars and any music to be your battle theme. It works in a similar way to Trainer House+Mystery Gift (GSC) and Secret Bases+Record Mixing (RSE), allowing you to earn Exp (after completing game), but not money. You can also battle against your own registers or even challenge the default registries of special trainers like Brock. Market Traditional shop, but with hundreds of items for sale. There are over 300 TMs, so you can filter them by type or category and while choosing TMs from vendors you can see which pokemon on your party can learn them. Choosing the right TM now is much more practical. Some examples of items sold: Great Ball, Repel, Iron, X Speed, Power Belt, King's Rock, Leftovers, TM282, Shiny Stone, Link Stone, Moon Shard, Hisui Crystal, etc... Game Corner Here you can have fun with Game Corner games: Slot, Voltorb Flip and Roulette. There interesting prizes like Old Gateau and Rare Candy, all by exchanging coins. Challenge Center If you like more difficult games or want to play in a more unusual way, then Challenge Mode is for you. The challenges are: Solo, start with any Pokémon except Legendaries, but you can only use it; Hard, your Pokémon have less stats; Itemless; Nuzlocke. Each of them has different settings, like using random Pokémon in Solo, and you can play with (almost) any combination of challenges! You can turn them on and off at any time in this location, but if you leave the challenge active before the game starts and never turn it off, it will be registered on your records. Research and Development Center This is the famous Professor Oak's lab where he evaluates your Pokédex performance. This is where you can choose your initial, as there are all starter trios from main line games. As you upgrade, more features become available, such as: Rewards for catching pokémon (like Lucky Egg, Amulet Coin and more starters); Researcher who tells pokemon location; Fossil resurrecting machine; Researcher who tells you how many regional form you have and rewards you for it; Researcher that tells EVs/IVs; And others. And much more! The places I mentioned are not even a quarter of what are in the city or can be built. To mention a few more briefly: Pokétetra Salon: Allows you to play the Pokétetra minigame with your party. Local Trade Station: There is a list of dozens of trade proposals. Pokémon Day-Care: Traditional Day-Care, which has an item that allows you to check the pokémon of the place, such as the DPP Day-Care Checker. Rarity Shop: Allows you to buy unique items such as Bicycle, Launch, Exp. All, Good Rod and Master Ball. Arena: Here you can battle one of your five randomly defined rivals. Double Colosseum: Parallel Coliseum for double battles. Cycle Path: Here you can try to ride your bike to get the shortest time with items as prizes. V - Other systems In addition to the places detailed above there are various systems common to pokémon games like Pokédex, Status screen, Name Rater, bag items, Trainer Card, etc.. that comes with the Pokémon Essentials Kit that I don't list them here, even some with minor interface modifications as the Trainer Card and Summary and other adaptations to the game like Pickup list and hidden items (Itemfinder). There are also many secret systems that are only available later in the game, they will not be described here. Besides all this I will list below some of my own systems. HUD Functional game HUD. Can be enabled or disable. The HUD have 480x270 pixels, so 4x is 1920x1080, working very well on video gameplays. Characters selection Instead of being limited to two characters (a boy and a girl), here you can choose from several ones. Expanded Options A lot of things can be customizable in this game. As the common settings on series as the text speed, frame, the Essentials kit common ones like the font, screen size, and several that I put personally like HP bars speed, border, text and HP box color, status screen color, pokédex color, battle background, music (wild pokémon battle, bike and surf) and language. You can customize the controls too, and use up to 3 item register keys. Boosted Pokédex The pokédex has several extra features such as: Habitat Dex, which shows all the pokémon seen and caught in the areas (like in BW2); Own count for those looking for a Living Pokédex (like in Pokémon Stadium and Home); On the area page, indication if the pokémon is normally found in grass, fishing or other methods; Option to remove empty spaces between pokémon; Unlockable page that displays more data such as learned moves; And others. New berries system You can find berries randomly on the Forest floor, in the Berry Orchard or by using the Pole item (equivalent of the Headbutt move) on berry trees. All have an equal chance of getting each berry. Mega Mirror With this item you can change the look (only) of the compatible pokémon with the Mega Forms ones, working like skins that you can change as you wish. And much more! Some minor systems not mentioned: Skip text: In battle, you can hold the action, cancel or run button to make the text go through faster. Percentage of game completed: Like Donkey Kong Country and Crash. Catch Charm: By carrying this item with you some rare and weak pokémon like Eevee and Magby become much easier to catch. Super Rod minigame: Different minigame when using Super Rod. Eggs with different graphics: Some eggs have custom graphics, but in general, eggs have a different color for each Egg Group. VI - Mechanics In addition to the added systems, Island has some changes in mechanics, either by choice or system limitation, this latter is the reason why the game still doesn't have animations in battle. By the way, this game doesn't follow a mechanic set of a specific generation: There are some things from generation 7, others from 4 and even some from 3. Here I will explain some of these. Moves There is physical/special division. The pokémon have their latest learnset with small changes at newer pokémon. All moves up to the Scarlet/Violet (on release) are present, but those that have an effect that isn't present in Gen 3 have their effect changed. All of these changes are in the descriptions, with modified effect moves marked with an "*". In addition to these, the following effects were included: Flame Charge, Judgement, Relic Song, Techno Blast, Water Shuriken, Multi Attack, Aura Wheel and Raging Bull. Examples: Giga Impact has its effect, as it is equal to Hyper Beam; Roost hasn't its effect, working like Recover. Abilities There are only Gen 3 Abilities, plus some extras. On the other hand, some Pokemon have their Hidden Abilities. To define the Ability of a Pokémon there are some rules: Evolutions Some pokémon, especially those of generation 5, take TOO LONG to evolve. Klink, for example, evolves into its intermediate form only at level 38, a level that most pokémon have reached the last evolutionary stage. Also consider that Klink is a pokémon that can be caught at the very beginning of the game. Unbalanced, no? To solve this problem this game has the Evolution Charm, having this item on bag decreases the evolution level for some species by 5, 10 or even 15! All evolution items can be purchased. Some evolutions methods, specially trick ones like trade evolutions, are different from official (most recent) games. There is an NPC that explains these evolutions. For those who want to plan, I will list them all in the spoiler. Forms Island has all the forms present until the Scarlet/Violet (on release), including Hisuian, with some differences. As already explained, Mega works like Skins. Same thing with Primal. There is no Gigantamax or Eternamax. There are no forms of Pikachu (those of OrAs and Cap Pikachu) and Alcremie. There are no Abilities forms that haven't been implemented, such as Cramorant's Gulp Missile. However, there is an NPC in the Pokémon Center that manually changes the form of Aegislash, Morpeko, Eiscue, and Gimmighoul, so work like Deoxys forms. In the island there are the crystals, items like Hisui Crystal and Paldea Crystal, that allow a pokémon to evolve into regional forms or have offspring with those forms. For example: Holding the Alola Crystal, a Pikachu can evolve into an Alolan Raichu, but a Kantonian Vulpix can't evolve into Alolan Ninetales with this item. It would be necessary for it to hold the item while she has an offspring, which will be an Alolan Vulpix and then evolve to a Ninetales. I plan to implement some of these in the future, like Greninja. Each mystical pokemon form and item is explained/given by a researcher at the Research and Development Center. Others Double Battles work as they did in Generation 3, with the defeated Pokemon being replaced before the turn ends. Exp formula from generation 1-4/6. Exp Share works like generation 2-5. Exp. All works similar to Exp Share from generation 6-7. Half of the Exp gained is divided among all Pokémon in the battle, with a 8% more bonus to the total experience for each party member that receives the experience. That is, with Exp. All and a team of 6 pokémon, you will be gaining 140% of the experience that will be divided between them. Pokémon that are equal to or higher level than the next evolution gain 20% more Exp Traded Pokemon only gains 20% more Exp. Luck Incense only gives 20% more money. VII - General notes I was tired of GYMs scheme based on types of Pokémon main games, even admiring the GYM Leader figure, so here I wanted to create an unique approach to a pokémon game and to make the game unique. In the pokémon main series RPG have a high level of customization, diversity and complexity of mechanics, namely, there are hundreds and hundreds of pokémon and moves to pick and fight, not to mention it all Abilities and items, so wanted to create a game with the focus to make good use of all of this while maintaining a constant challenge and without having to stop for the cliché of "save the world from apocalypse once again during the search for be the best." One advantage is that you don't spend hours and hours watching the story while want to explore the caves and build your team. It is very little required text in the game and it's practically at the beginning, but don't think the game has a few lines! There is much talk in the city! I also intended to further increase the freedom that an RPG already allows creating an environment where almost nothing is essential, everything depends on the player. It is an interesting approach because in exploration I wanted to emphasize the journey, not the destination. Island was made to please everyone, expert and first-timers. The Colosseum scheme helps a lot this, experienced can go right to challenge various ranks without having to go to many places while for beginners will be very necessary to explore and so prepare your pokémon for the challenges, but will be necessary a lot of strategy to complete this game. This game format has its advantages and disadvantages, but it fulfills its purpose: to be different. No many custom graphics were used because the official ones fulfill their roles well. In the music I selected several songs from various pokémon games to compose the soundtrack. The battle soundtrack is several times more varied than the official games. The soundtrack is also composed songs and remixes of other series. The city theme was made by DrakeSycamore. The game takes inspiration from the original RBY in the legendary "seek to be the very best" and "catch all". At some points I used its simplicity concept and from other pioneers games such as the first Final Fantasies and Zelda. Keeping up the FrLg style, there is no internal clock in the game, so, you can play all at once, without need to change game clock. However, there is several pokémon beyond the initial 151. If you only like the old pokémon then just use them! In the beach you can catch pokémon from first 151 enough to fill a team. Here the Anime/Manga doesn't exist, this mean no Ash and co. Like in the official games, I chose to don't put anything from Anime/Manga in this game. Everything described so far isn't enough for me, I still have in mind to always improve the game releasing future versions (but not guarantee anything and this may take years) that in addition to balancing and bug fixes will also have extra content like new generation pokémon/forms, extra minigames, improvements in graphics, more items, options, etc. And you can import your save! VIII - Screens Version 2.2 - 6 Screens Version 2.1 - 5 Screens Version 2.0 - 4 Screens Version 1.3 - 3 Screens Version 1.2 - 17 Screens Version 1.1 - 11 Screens Version 1.0 - 41 Screens IX - Gifs Version 2.1 - 1 Gif Version 2.0 - 6 Gifs X - Videos v2.0 trailer v1.3 new content Kevin PokéTips (english v2.1) HDvee Plays (english v2.1) TheGamersTree (english v1.1) ONoobGamer (português v2.1) Kayrosk (português v2.0) EpicPlaysBrasil (português v1.1) Addyneo Gaming (Bahasa Indonesia v2.1) Poke gamer ka adda (hindi v2.0) El Randes (español v2.1) IbissKC (español v2.0) 17TheTube (italiano v1.1) Myhl Prezentuje (polski v1.1) XI - Userbars Did you like the game and want to help to spread? Just use an Userbar! Last one was made by Ryugo XII - System requirements Minimum: Microsoft® Windows® 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista* Intel Pentium III 800MHz or higher 128 MB RAM or higher Support resolution 1024×768 High Color (24 Bit) or higher DirectSound support and DirectX 8 or higher installed Recommended: Microsoft® Windows® XP* Intel Pentium 4 1.5GHz or higher 256 MB RAM or higher Support resolution 1024×768 High Color (24 Bit) or higher DirectSound support and DirectX 8 or higher installed *To run on Microsoft® Windows® 7, 8, 10 or 11 just put one of these on the compatibility. To run on Android, see the below section. XIII - Android The game can be played on an Android using the Joiplay App. Tips for running the game correctly: IMPORTANT: On Settings>App Settings>Enable Cheats, unmark and don't forget to save it, otherwise it crashes without an error message. The most recents versions of Joiplay are only in it's Patreon (you don't need an account, much less pay anything). They solve a certain tileset issue. If you are using RPG Maker plugin 1.20.28 or above (the most recent), don't use optimize maps command. Otherwise the tileset will be messed. Export content (the Joiplay will ask you). Don't put the game on a SD card. Some devices may experience small issues with some sound effects don't playing, text mispositioned and FPS down at places like the city. If you have a Zlib::StreamError and your Android is version 9 or higher, upgrade your RPG Maker plugin to 1.20.41 or above. XIV - Download You can import your save if you have a previous version (except 1.x to 2.x). To do this copy the file from the game folder "Game.rxdata" from the previous version to the new. Those who already have the older version should upgrade? Judge the advantages described in history and decide whether it is worth the download. Download for only ONE of the urls, both are the same game but with another host and compression format (if your computer doesn't open rar picks the zip). An emulator isn't necessary because it is a game and NOT a Rom Hack. Also RTP is not required, just download, unzip and play. 2.2.2: Zip. 58 mb: Mediafire Old versions: IbissKB made an optional Gen3 Music Fidelity Patch: Google Drive Place the folder in the zip over the game's folder (hidden) Audio\BGM, so that files with the same name are in the same folder. Trainer Simulator pack. Includes 5 players' teams (put the files in TrainerSimulator folder) (5 kb): Mediafire
"Pokémon Shattered Light" *Please read the notes before downloading the game! Download Pokémon Shattered Light (v1.1.0) Join the Shattered Light Discord server here! Check out the Wiki here! Engine: Pokémon Essentials v20.1 (RPG Maker XP) IDE: Visual Studio Code Audio Editing: Audacity & FL Studio Image Editing: Paint.NET @Voltseon @ENLS @Tristantine The Great Download the Resource Pack
Puggle the Pumpkaboo is hosting a party on Halloween night! The guest list includes - Robin the Rowlet, Ollie the Oshawott, and Cinders the Cyndaquil. However, as the night goes on... Puggle's guests start to notice that her house might be haunted... Game duration: 1 to 1.5 hours Pumpkaboo's Party v1.0.3 DOWNLOAD Content warning: This game includes mild horror aspects such as blood, skeletons, spooky imagery and creepy environments. There are NO jumpscares. 👻 Happy Halloween! 👻 Pumpkaboo's Party was made in a month. The idea of making a Halloween game came up randomly one day, so I spent the whole of October working on this. 😓 Writing the story was a challenge, but I think it turned out pretty well. I've never made a spooky game before, so this was quite fun. However, I was getting quite tired of eventing near the end (especially after the last cutscene). The whole game is like 70% cutscenes and 30% gameplay. The game was supposed to be a lot darker and scarier, with jump scares and all that. Hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think! 🙂
------Plot----- Seven years after "Pokémon: Alpha Sapphire" events, Professor Birch recruited three new research assistants! You will complete tasks, interact with nature, catch Pokémon, and make new friends! However, during your adventure...you find something rare in Petalburg Woods... Game length: 5 hours split into 6 mini-episodes -----Screenshots----- -----Game Features----- Revisit Hoenn with gen 4 graphics + fogs! Choose your starter! Torchic, Mudkip, Treecko, Swablu, Electrike. Mega evolution Increased EXP gains and fast levelling Day-night overworld encounters Slakoth feeding -----Team----- @KennyCatches - Creator GAME DOWNLOAD v1.10 [DISCORD SERVER] -----YouTube/Twitch Playthroughs!----- Resource Pack: https://eeveeexpo.com/resources/773/ Made Using: RPG Maker XP and Pokémon Essentials v19.1 -----Credits----- -----Thoughts----- This is my second Pokémon fangame, and I am very happy with it. Compared to "The Rising Sun" (my first game, also set in Hoenn), Littleroot Researchers has better graphics, story, characterization and gameplay. I spent way too much time on this game, and I'm pretty burnt out. However, I really pushed myself this time to create something special. I created fogs for the first time and also two music pieces for the game (Intro + Petalburg Woods). I hope you enjoy it! No more four-hour jam games from me, and definitely no more Hoenn games. 😅
Hello, Welcome to the Fermia region. In this basic Pokemon story your partner will be chosen with intuition. Battle your way trough the gyms to challenge the Pokemon League, complete your pokedex, build your favorite team and face the consequences of power with a sinister intellectual organization. Start your journey and enjoy the calming simplicity and exciting encounters of this Pokemon adventure. *I'm currently playtesting this for Android mobile devices with JoiPlay. So far it seems to work well with the latest Joiplay update and RPG Maker plugin. There is only some minor graphic issues that doesn't affect gameplay. You can download JoiPlay and the plugin from searching it on google. The playstore version is probably not going to work. You have to install it as an outside of the store app. - I'm using JoiPlay version 1.20.023 Features: -New starter choosing system with 18 possibilities -Game continues after Pokemon League -All 1 & 2 Gen Pokemon and their evolutions plus special choises from other generations I have always wanted to make a Pokemon game and when I found about Pokemon Essentials last winter I knew I had to give it a try. The game is now finished. I set a deadline to finish making the game this year (2023) since I have other things to do in life. I have playtested it a few times but if you find major bugs feel free to speak and I will try try to fix them. Huge thanks for everyone that made this possible and I hope I got this right at first try. I would love to hear your comments on this game and I'm also open for critique. DOWNLOAD: Pokemon Deep Blue
Game Title: Pokemon Nebula Made Using: RPG MAKER XP, Essentials v17.2 Game Screenshots: Features: In the post game before the final challenge, you can import pokemon from another fan game here's the tutorial : Game Download: Plot Summary: Team: Resource Pack No custom resources credits :
Pokemon AlexSMRPG 2: Uma Nova Jornada !UPDATED! !NOW IN ENGLISH BY @SpaceyCrockett ! Thanks to his works, the game is now in English. But, keep in mind that may have some errors, since I'm not an English Speaker. "Keep in mind that i'm not a English speaker, I'm brazilian, but i'll try to translate the post using quotes." Um jogo completo com 8 ginásios e uma Elite dos 4! "A full game with 8 gyms and a Elite Four!" Game Screenshots: Nesse jogo você acompanha a história de Alexsandro Magalhães, um criador de conteúdo / youtuber na sua busca de se tornar um Mestre Pokémon! "In this game you will play as Alexsandro Magalhães, a streamer, on a quest to became a Pokémon Master!" O que há no jogo: (Features) -Exp. Share da sexta geração (Gen 6 Exp. Share); -1008 Pokémon para capturar, incluindo formas regionais (1008 Pokémons to catch, even Regional Forms); -8 Ginásios e uma Elite dos 4 (8 Gyms and an Elite Four); -Uma "Battle Frontier" que propõe batalhas bem mais desafiantes (A "Battle Frontier" for harder battles); -Treinadores especiais, sendo todos membros da comunidade do Alex e alguns convidados especiais (Special Guests as Trainers); -Gráficos no estilo da quarta e quinta geração (Graphics from Gen 4 and Gen 5); -Pokémons te seguindo, mesmo que alguns poucos não façam isso (Following Pokémon); -Músicas de vários jogos da série Pokémon, além de algumas de outros jogos (Music from Pokémon Series); -Você joga como Alexsandro Magalhães, embora seja possível escolher o próprio nome (You play as Alexsandro Magalhães, but can name yourself if you wish); -A possibilidade de dar Fast Foward, ao apertar a tecla "Q", tendo 3 modos de velocidade (Fast Foward); -História em PT-BR, mensagens de sistema em inglês (Texts in portuguese, menus in English); -E mais alguma coisa que eu devo estar esquecendo (And more, i guess). #PLOT: Você é encarregado de receber uma entrega para o professor local em outra cidade. Após receber seu parceiro Pokemon, Você deve viajar até a Cidade Pitanga para receber a encomenda, recebendo de presente do uma PokéDex e iniciando sua jornada, mas ao mesmo tempo, um grupo criminoso, conhecido como Equipe NAP, está invadindo um misterioso laboratório abandonado. Quais são os planos dessa tal Equipe NAP? Que segredos aguardam nosso protagonista? Será ele capaz de se tornar um Mestre Pokémon? "You have to deliver the Professor's Parcel from another city. After getting your own Pokemon, you have to go to Cidade Pitanga to receive the parcel, getting a PokéDex and starting the journey, but, at the same time, a mysterious team, named Team NAP, is in a abandoned laboratory. What's Team NAP plots? What secrets awaits? Can you become a Pokemon Master?" Made using: Pokemon Essentials v19.1 Download: Link
Are you ready for a new challenge? Defy the perils of Cradle Island in Pokémon: Salt & Shadow. Explore a vast, interconnected world with dozens of possible paths to the end. Be warned, the challenges ahead are unfair and some may seem truly impossible. 1. Summon the Legends The legendary Pokémon abandoned the world to ruin. Only offerings from those with the will to defy fate can bring them back. Catch specific sets of Pokémon to perform the summoning rituals, then call the legends to fight by your side. 2. No Grinding. Ever. Pokémon cannot be trained. They cannot gain XP from battle. The treachery of the former Champion ensured this. Players will have to use strategy to defeat powerful opponents in double battles with the Pokémon they have, making their way to higher level areas where they can catch a more powerful team. 3. Just 13 Days Remain Each time you rest to heal your fainted Pokémon, time advances one day. There are only 13 days left until the end of the world. Players will have to use their items, minimize damage, and make strategic sacrifices to get the most out of every day. 4. Non-Linear World Powerful trainers guard late-game areas; the moment you can defeat them you can go through. Even the Champion's throne room sits just above the starting area. 5. Unravel the Secrets of Cradle Isle Item descriptions and scattered journals slowly reveal the truth of the island's past. They also hint at hidden areas, secret objectives, and more. Quick Facts Playtime: ~10-20 hours. Uses Pokémon up through Gen 8 (Sword & Shield). TMs can be used on any Pokémon with a matching type! Some new movesets are available, strictly adding to existing ones. Run from trainer battles! Scout ahead and prepare for the foes to come. Created with Pokemon Essentials v19.1, featuring Generation 8 Project. Thundaga's Stream Thundaga streamed the first few hours of Salt & Shadow (formerly Perish Song) with the devs in chat. There are naturally some content spoilers, but Salt & Shadow was designed to be deeply replayable even with full knowlege. If you want to get a preview of what the game's about, check it out: How to Download Click the link above. The PkmnSalt&Shadow.zip file should download automatically. (If it doesn't, there should be a "Download" button you can press) Once the PkmnSalt&Shadow.zip file has been downloaded, open it and press the Extract All button. (You can also open your Downloads folder, right click it, and click "Extract All...") It will extract the game files into the location of your choice. In the location you chose (default is Downloads/PkmnSalt&Shadow), run Game.exe. If Windows SmartScreen tries to stop you, you may need to press "More Info" and then "Run anyway". Developer Discord Server Want to ask questions, leave feedback, or just chat with the devs? We'd love to have you. You can join the Salt & Shadow discord server here. Who the heck are you guys? We're a group of friends that did a game jam about "Pokémon meets Dark Souls" and it turned into a one-year-long project. We've had so much fun working on it, testing out all the various routes and finding new ways to overcome the game's many challenges. Each time we did, we made things a little harder. Credits Pokémon: Salt & Shadow: Pokemon Essentials v19.1: Generation 8 Project: Plugin Credits: Additional graphics:
Pokémon Eon Guardians is a Pokémon fangame developed in RPG Maker XP using the Pokémon Essentials v21.1 starter kit and MKXP. The game was created with Gen 4 graphics and includes all Pokémon from the first four generations! Jump into an unknown adventure full of challenges, secrets to discover and a lot of fun! Explore the Terre Region in over 50 hours of gameplay, earn the region's eight badges, and face the Titanium Plateau! Welcome to the Terre Region! Finally the day is here, the moment you've been waiting for so long has come: You start your own Pokémon journey! Growing up as a child in a humble mountain village in the peaks of Terre, you can't wait to discover the region's wonderful landscape together with your first own Pokémon. But which Pokémon will you choose? On your journey to become the Pokémon Master of Terre, you'll face several obstacles that need to be overcome. Not only the eight gym leaders of the region will make your life difficult. Other Pokémon trainers who pursue the same goal as you will stand in your way. And then there is also this mysterious Team Gaia, which have their very own views in terms of evolution and natural selection... The guardians of the Terre region, the Eon Pokémon Latias and Latios have been protecting the region since then. Will they also manage to protect the people and Pokémon Terre from this dangerous organization? Or will they need some help? Do you have what it takes to become a Pokémon Master? Then get ready for an unforgettable journey! Levels of difficulty Trainer classes and abilities Eternal Potion Switchable unreal time engine Day/Night encounters HM Items Item craft system Level caps Following Pokémon Randomizer Mode Nuzlocke Mode Adjusted movepools and stat values Quest system with over 50 side quests Rematchable Colosseum Combat Pillar Custom Pokéballs Custom EBDX move animations Challenging postgame New Game + Feel free to connect with other players who are adventuring through Pokémon Eon Guardians on the Discord server! Discord Wiki MediaFire Google Drive I hope you enjoy the game as much as I enjoyed developing it. Any kind of feedback is welcome and appreciated! Have fun playing Pokémon Eon Guardians!
The Wonderful World of Pokemon: Trial of the Hanged Man Disclaimer: This game is written in spanish but can be translated in real time to english by enabling the translate option in the options menu. Translations will be made using google translate, so quality won't be optimal. This option is included only as a test to know if a dialogue dense game could actually be translated without human supervision. If someone is interested in this script for their own projects I may consider publishing it. Disclaimer 2: This game was originally made in 5 days for the LibertyJam. Plot: Who are you? Can you hear me? Why have you come here? Hey... Tell me something. Have you ever had a dream but you weren't able to remember anything about it? Have you ever tried to remember one of those forgotten dreams? Hey... Have you come to...? Save me? Features: -The most non-Pokémon Pokémon fangame. -Combos and power ups -The fastest battles in a Pokémon game. -Includes an option to auto translate all the dialogues to english! Otherwise the game will be in spanish. -Bigger screen size -Some redesigned interfaces. Screenshots: Credits: [Main game] The doctor Polectron aka Buzzo [Graphics] xfixium Clara SonicSR71 pureazuure [Pokemon Essentials] Maruno Poccil Download Link: https://mega.nz/#!TphWWZLS!8FJmfNa1zME6IwH5SqQSMVYLDlOAZa7TsRVUwNM0ZL0
The strongest person you can become is yourself. Features: Transform using Metachangers! Ditto can transform into 40+ different Pokémon freely! Play the game in 2 languages: English and French! New characters! There are three Ditto in DITTO EDITION, who play a titular part to the story. A decent plot with many interactions! Sick beats! From Wii Sports to Mystery Dungeon, the game sounds good. Small features like inns and game overs make gameplay more difficult than your average game. Made using RPG Maker XP and Pokémon Essentials Team: Mantager, KNIGHTBRUH, Taquillastudios, Manovi Notes: None, really! Please enjoy! Resource Pack Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_puA9MpaJu2ZGJCRjhfR05ReG8/view
King_Waluigi presents... POKEMON NIMBUS! WELCOME TO THE ADYNE REGION! The Adyne Region is fairly new to hosting its own "Pokemon League." In fact, the introduction of Gyms in the region only happened about twenty or so years ago! The creation of the Elite Four happened only five years ago! You play as a young adult, preparing to begin your adventure by helping out as Professor Ilex's research assistant. Your old friend Layla is recruited as well, which sparks a rivalry between you two. Challenge Adyne's Pokemon League! The Gym Challenge consists of six balanced and difficult Gym Leaders, most of which don't have a specific type-specialty. Battle Team Cyclone! Adyne's criminal organization will stop at nothing to accomplish their goal... Calling forth the legendary "King of Storms," the ruler and protector of the Adyne Region! Discover the mysterious lore of the "King of Storms!" No one has seen their protector in hundreds of years... All that is left to suggest that he ever existed are two stones, the Heat and Cool Stone, and a worn name... "TH-ND-R-S..." FEATURES! -EBDX! Animated battlers and Mid-Battle Dialogue! -Custom Mega Evolutions! For Pokemon such as Emolga and Ludicolo! -A Quest System! Completing quests will reward you with some type of reward! -Harsh Level Caps! Pokemon Nimbus includes strict level caps, making it impossible to reach a level higher than a Gym Leader! -HM Items! No need for HMs anymore! Use items like the Surfboard to replace HMs! -Trainer Services at every Pokemon Center! Change your Pokemon's nickname, check it's friendship, relearn moves, or even check your Pokemon's Hidden Power power and type! SCREENSHOTS! CREDITS! Pokemon Essentials v18 was used to make this game! CURRENT DEX! THUNDAGA'S BETA TESTING LET'S PLAY! Join the Discord server for both Pokemon Nimbus AND Pokemon Guardians, Nimbus' SUPER UPDATED sequel! https://discord.gg/VEGgBu5uxs