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Team Elle DragonRodArt Beefy Made with PSDK. Introduction In the Pokemon RPGMaker XP and ROMhacking community, there is a long-standing tradition of modding Pokemon games into Digimon games. Whether it be a modded dex like "Digimon: Emerald Version" or a complete overhaul like in "Digimon: Your Digital Dream", whenever a new Digimon fangame comes out, nine times out of ten it is a Digimon x Pokemon game. Carrying on that tradition is "Digimon Story: Fate Gold", a Digimon-esque re-envisioning of the Johto games and its main region. The game uses a modified version of the story script of Pokemon Gold / Silver, but with most of the official characters swapped out with new ones and a second rival added to keep things interesting! Story Blurb You, the ever-silent and heroic protagonist, are invited to the "Johto Server" to test this replica of Johto in the Digital World. Along your adventure you will encounter many Digimon who make their home in this server, a hacker named "Silver", your assistant and rival "Miku", as well as the malicious and enigmatic tamers of "Rocket.EXE". Will you be able to stop them? Will you help save this digital Johto?! Only time will tell. Screenshots Features 700 Digimon to discover, battle and obtain! Unique evolution lines with some familiar faces and some unexpected ones! Player customization with sets of 3 diffferent genders, skin tones and outfit colors! An optional Easy Mode for casual players and a Hard Mode for everyone else! A new spin on the Johto region divided into many diverse biomes! All new types, moves and items to try out! New Gym Leaders, Rocket executives and new outfits for familiar faces! Dialogue portraits in a similar art style to Cyber Sleuth! Fogs, fogs and more fogs! Demo Progress Mapping 100% Complete Sprites 95% Complete Art Assets 60% Complete Programming 20% Complete The current plan it to have an alpha demo covering the first gym and include Baby to Rookie stages, to test out the early stages of balancing. I'll make some tweaks afterword, then make a second demo, including Champion stages, including Azalea gym. Hopefully that should be enough testing, then off to the first official version. Credits
Introduction It's a cozy evening. An old man is telling a bedtime story to his grandson. It's the story about a hero that saved Johto a long time ago. 150 years before the time of G/S/C, the Brass Tower in Ecruteak City burned down. But the reasons are not known to this day. Immerse into the world of Ancient Johto and learn about the events that would decide Johto's fate... Trailer Core Features Experience a detailed, realistic story based on true events outlined in G/S/C. Lean back and watch many cool cutscenes with real audio dialog. Travel with your companion Suicune and use his many skills. Easily catch Pokémon on the overworld or engage in battle. Fill the Pokébook by catching an assortment of ~200 Pokémon from all gens. Find out more about the phenomenom called Dynamic Typing. Climb the ancient towers of Johto and attempt difficult challenges. Try to complete all of the 60+ exciting side quests. Enjoy fast, modern gameplay thanks to PEv21.1 and a lot of additional scripting. Go through 15+ hours of gameplay (double that number if you're planning to do side quests). Release Full version planned for late summer of this year.
Welcome to the celestial land of Tenno! Known for its futuristic technology and advanced space program, the Tenno Region thrives thanks to the ambitions and benevolence of Team Planetary, an organization dedicated to the region's betterment. You start your Pokémon journey in the Tenno Region like many other trainers, but soon you and your childhood friend/rival witness a more sinister side of Team Planetary. They steal property and take Pokémon, all supposedly in the name of saving the region. Can the ends justify the means? As the only witnesses to these heinous acts in a region that idolizes the villains, it’s up to you to stop them while striving to become the Tenno Champion. Blast off on an out-of-this-world journey of astronomical proportions! Pokémon Sol Version is a fan project that aims to create a traditional Pokémon experience using Pokémon Essentials on RPG Maker XP. It is a part of the Cosmic Quest Project, and is technically the "third version" to the hypothetical Luna and Terra Versions. A playable beta test/demo is currently planned for a July 3rd, 2025 release date. Trailer Other Trailers Available Here Features 136 brand-new custom Pokémon (in addition to over 250 returning Pokémon from all generations) New Mega Evolutions New Regional Variants, Tennoan Forms Over 100 new moves and over 50 new abilities for new and old Pokémon alike An entire new region to explore, filled with a variety of unique locations A traditional Pokémon story, including a Pokémon League and evil team An expansive post-game story Light-Type Pokémon New mechanics, such as double abilities, combo-typed moves, and more Challenging boss battles against non-Pokémon entities and powerful Legendary Pokémon The Battle Final Frontier. It's the Battle Frontier, but in space The return of the Pokémon World Tournament, with more characters than ever before And so much more! Screenshots More Screenshots A part of Find Out More! For more updates and details, as well as further content from the land of Tenno, such as an anime-styled fan fiction based on the story of Sol Version, visit the Cosmic Quest Website!
Follow the project on Twitter/X : Twitter/X Join the Discord ! Lethalmon's Discord TikTok account (in french) : TikTok Presentation Lethalmon is a Pokémon fangame that take inspiration from Lethal Company and Pokémon Emerald Rogue with a little sprinkle of the "Safari Zone". The project started in march 2024, but i started to ponder about it's base principles after discovering Lethal Company in november 2023. My main goal with this fangame is to make sure that no playthrough is the same. Inspired (as its name suggest) by Rogue-like games, your main goal as a player will be to explore dungeons to capture Pokémon. Limited by a certain number of steps, you will have to show creativity in optimizing your explorations of the dungeons. The further you will go, the rarer and more powerful the Pokémon will become ! Your task is to become as powerful as possible! Explore the dungeons and collect the 8 badges that will grant you access to the Pokémon League. Plot Outline W.I.P. As it is not the most important aspect of Lethalmon, is it still under revision. This part of the thread will get updated as time goes on. Despite this, here is the sprite of the main character while exploring the dungeons! Credits : @Dracoyan2 Screenshots Here's some screenshots of the game. I will add some more in future updates! Features The Hub It's from here that you will start each of your explorations in the dungeons. Most of the features i will present will be available in here, making it essential in your future ventures in the dungeons! Selling your Pokémon The main way to gain money is by selling the Pokémon captured in the dungeons, the rarer the Pokémon, the more money you will get. And if it's shiny? It will multiply its value by five! You will likely face a dilemma, you have a super powerful Pokémon that could be even more powerful, but selling it would grant you a hefty sum of money which could be used to upgrade your other Pokémons... So? What will it be? That's for you to decide! Upgrading your Pokémon In a game where we sell our pokemons, everything has a cost! Changing its nature, upgrading your IVs, redistribute its EVs and others! Make the local economy flourish! Improving your Competence Increasing your number of steps, unique items to Lethalmon to ease your explorations... You will find a ton of objects to improve your character! Huge Replayability The arenas and dungeons will change everytime you start a new exploration and the Pokémon you encounters will depend on the number of badges you have acquired so far. The dungeons will be very varried in terms of themes and fauna, so i hope you're ready for it! Future Features And of course, even more features will be added in the future like a whole new fishing system which will be more fun and where you can improve your rod! Lethalmon's Team Flo Main Dev Dracoyan Main Pixel-Artist H3yllow English Translator Crqnchy Occasional Contributor Credits Made with RPG Maker XP and PSDK. Pastebin here Thank you for reading! And I hope you look forward to Lethalmon. My friends and I are hard at work to provide you with the best experience possible ! And if you ever join the Discord, feel free to let me know that you're coming from Eevee Expo!
Team: Elle Made with PSDK Overview: I've been working on various projects, as I always do, but I really wanted to post something, anything, before we got too deep into the beginning of summer. None of my projects -at the time of writing this- are close to being ready, so I thought I'd do a personal challenge, trying to make a game in 24-48 hours. What I managed to come up with was a simple rogue-lite in a desert-ruins re-envisioning of Lavender Town. There's no story, it's just a simple attempt to see how high up the tower you can climb and try to make it to the top alive. I will say, I'm a little concerned the difficulty may be a bit high, but we'll see how it goes. Screenshots: Features: -Overworld following Pokemon -Obtainable Pokemon from gen1 to gen6 -Gen4 assets mixed with beautiful fogs -No saving or running. -Choice of gender and skin tone -Simple Pokemon mechanics -Randomized encounters and randomized rewards -Special interactive cameo of Elle -Possible frustration Developer Notes: The only known bugs I know of is that sometimes the audio overlaps. My PC is a bit messed up right now, so I wasn't able to test the audio, and if you need to, just turn off your music. Some moves in PSDK don't have their descriptions, which is pretty normal, since I'm using an out-of-date version of PSDK. Other than that, I think that's it. If you notice any bugs, errors or something else broken, please let me know in the comments below. Download Link: Download Link
Created in Pokémon Essentials v18.1 (+MKXP) Plot It is by chance one day that you fall into the Honnis Underground, left to fend for yourself with only a single Pokéball. It is through a rather unusual series of events that you find yourself wrapped up in a conspiracy involving the beloved "Baker's Dozen"! Will you save the region from chaos? Will you uncover the secrets of the Honnis Region? Will you beat 8 gyms and the Pokémon League in the process? ...Probably. The Honnis Region The Honnis region is a sprawling and diverse land filled with countless different Pokémon and cities filled with all kinds of interesting people and places. Though it contains countless secrets of its own, its most interesting feature is undoubtedly the Honnis Underground, a vast network of cave systems containing hundreds of Pokémon that cannot be found anywhere else in the region. Pokémon within it are more active than their surface counterparts, and there are some individuals that have demonstrated unusual amounts of strength and aggression. It is said that the Pokémon within have the mysterious property of 'scaling' to the strength of your party! Features Treat Traits Special abilities granted upon consuming specific items, Traits come in a wide variety of effects that can be granted to any Pokémon! Grants varying stat boosts depending on a species' strength, allowing even weaker Pokémon to keep up with their evolved counterparts While a Pokémon possesses a Trait, it loses the ability to evolve via level-up, requiring it to be evolved through the party menu. Through the use of the EZ-Oven and some recipes, you can even craft your own Pokétreats at any time! New Forms and Evolutions The Honnis region contains an utterly massive amount of Pokémon, and depending on what part of the region you are in, some species will even take on entirely new forms. It appears that some Pokémon even possess entirely new evolutions. Yet what are the mysteries surrounding this mysterious 'Flux Stone'? New Moves and Abilities, and Rebalances Freeze has been changed to Frostbite, as seen in Legends Arceus Certain 'weaker' moves and abilities have had their effects strengthened in some form Many Pokémon have had their learnsets expanded, and certain species that lacked secondary or hidden abilities have now gained them There are also a variety of brand new moves, items, and abilities! Various QOL Touches NPCs that allow you to fast travel between previously visited towns and areas All trainer battles can be forfeited, rather than requiring a loss TMs can now be taught directly from the summary screen (and even in PC boxes) instead of requiring you to manually sift through your bag. Sun Dust and Moon Dust, held items that let you make time-based evolutions at any time Marks can also be acquired through defeating wild Pokémon instead of being limited to newly captured Pokémon HMs can now be used just by having them in your inventory IVs and EVs are visible on the summary screen Pokémon with hidden abilities have a 10% chance of appearing in the wild Egg Moves can now be taught at any Pokémon Center (costs Heart Scales) 'Shards', items that allow you to boost a Pokémon's IVs Happiness-based evolutions have a much more lenient threshold The PC-Link, a rechargeable machine that lets you heal and use the PC from anywhere. And Many More...! Including... 2v1 Boss Battles against particularly powerful Pokémon Two additional shiny variations for every Pokémon Secret Bases Over 250 obtainable TMs Multiple battle facilities Raid Dens A wide variety of sidequests with exclusive rewards and encounters Wild encounters have a 20% chance of starting as double battles when possible, you can capture Pokémon even with two opponents on the field Soft level caps that slow experience gain past a certain threshold, boosted with each badge Online Trading & Battling Team Mak Lead Dev, general stuff-doer Vendily Scripting AOZero2 Composing Demo Download Link coming some time in 2024 (probably)! Credits https://pastebin.com/k6mMZ7iD
Follow us on Twitter / X : @PKMNStarfall and join our dedicated Discord Server! Location and Story Welcome to the vibrant Hannan region, where adventure awaits at every turn! Get ready to embark on an epic quest through arid deserts and lush forests, from the highest peaks to the darkest caves, trainers will be able to visit bustling cities, charming villages and misterious ancient ruins, on the path to the yearly Hannan Pokémon League Tournament! In the ancient past a massive meteor shower hit the region, experts say that one of those falling stars hit what is now approprietly called Mt. Meteor, carving a hole in the mountain and spreading debris all over the region. Since that day, a mysterious energy of unknown origin permeates the region; some humans seek to harness this power, while some Pokémon have been sighted glowing and transforming into a much more powerful but uncontrollable state, these have been dubbed Zenith Forms. Characters Fill the shoes of the main character and start a new adventure in the Hannan Region! The night before starting your Pokémon journey you and your friends Linda and Oliver are sitting around a campfire near your hometown, while you all witness a rare sight: 3 shooting stars dash before your eyes and inspire you to race throughout the region to see who will become the next League Champion! Linda is a cheerful and easy-going girl who loves to battle and aims to become the strongest trainer ever! Oliver is a shy boy who is not very good at battling but he secretly aspires to become the greatest investigator the region has ever seen! These will not be the only friends you’ll have by your side on your journey, as you’ll meet many interesting people and you’ll always have your trusty (and chatty) PoryPhone 2.0 by your side! You will cross paths with challenging foes, Pokémon Hunters and Cult Members are just some of the factions you’ll have to spar with during your travels! Screenshots New Pokémon At the start of your journey you’ll meet Chromander, the Adaptable Pokémon! This Normal-type has the unique ability to change its own type and appearance based on its diet, in order to better adapt to new environments. The Professor is studying this Pokémon and has recently synthesized 3 flavors of candies that are able to turn Chromander into a Grass-, Fire- or Water-type! Chromander is also able to evolve differently depending on its typing, which candy will you choose? Meet plenty of other new Pokémon native to the Hannan region and form your dream team! (Box screen is still WIP) Make sure to follow our talented artist and fakemon designer Omerie on Instagram! Features Around 100 new Pokémon! New Hannanian regional variants! New Mega-Evolutions, Zenith Bosses and alternate forms! New moves, items and abilities! A whole new region to eplore! 8 gyms to challenge and many more strong trainers to face! A lot of new and returning characters to meet! All new item drop system! (drops can be sold for tokens) All new token shop to buy special items and teach powerful moves to your Pokémon! Many optional quests with special rewards! 3-speeds fast-forward system! Revised movesets, stats and evolutions for a lot of old Pokémon! Many other quality of life additions and tailor-made UIs and features! Development and Release This game is currently being developed (and we’ve been cooking for a while now) with Essentials v19.1. We are a small friend group from Italy that banded together hoping we can deliver a polished and fun experience from Pokémon fans to other Pokémon fans like you! We are putting our hearts into every detail while working on Starfall and, even though the game still needs some work, we will try and publish something like a Chapter 1 release as soon as it’s ready and tested. We want you! If you'd like to lend a hand, contact us at dev.pkmnstarfall@gmail.com and be sure to attach a portfolio-like collection of your experience! We are currently looking for someone to help us work on story and dialogue so being a fluent english speaker would help (familiarity with slangs and dialects is welcome). We would also be interested in working with someone who can produce gen5-style music for the game. Some help in the pixel-art department is always welcome! Credits
Socials Join our discord community for the latest updates ! Daemon Discord Follow me on Twitter/ X : @TwoTakuStudios Follow me on YouTube : YouTube Daemon is a completely brand new game made from scratch on the Unity Game Engine ! The game started two months ago and I've made tremendous progress ! The game focuses on the Fujian Region, with many Asian themes apparent throughout the game. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF DAEMON In the lush region of Fujian, where Pokémon and humans thrive in harmony, a legendary evil Pokémon know once threatened to plunge the land into darkness. However, centuries ago, a legendary hero, aided by their party of loyal Daemon, managed to seal away the evil Daemon and restore peace to Fujian. Now, as the region flourishes, a new threat emerges. The evil and powerful Daemon, was said to possess the ability to control the minds of other Daemon, bending them to its will. A radical group known as the Eclipse Sect emerges with the belief that Daemon should be free from human control and live as they did in ancient times, wild and untamed. Led by a charismatic leader named Eclipse, they seek to unseal the legendary evil Daemon and harness its power to liberate Daemon from human influence. To unseal the legendary Daemon , the Eclipse sect searches for ancient relics scattered across Fujian, each holding a fragment of the legendary Daemon's power. The protagonist must race against the Eclipse Sect to find and safeguard these relics before they can be used for nefarious purposes. Characters Leo is the male protagonist you can play as in the game ! Layla is the female protagonist ! Her sprite work is currently still under development ! Daemon Daemons are monsters that roam in the Fujian Region. Here are some that were created so far. Credits to zerumon for the concept arts @zerumon_ Hissear - Fire Starter Floofy - A normal rodent you will encounter early on Fighting bird ! No name yet though Concept Art for other Daemon's that need to be animated : Media Features Planned 184 Daemons on release Energy System in Combat for more tactical gameplay Generic Types but with the addition of Sound and Magic Removed Dragon / Bug Typing / Rock Planned Shiny Daemons ( Mutations ) Custom Idle Sprites for all Daemons Dynamic Day / Night and Weather System Quest System Relationship System similar to Persona based on choices Rogue Like end game content Multiplayer ( Having one person join your game ) QoL updates from old Pokémon Games Recruitment Anyone who is interested to join can send me a message on Discord ! Am currently looking for a mapper and concept artist if anyone is interested in contributing :) SOCIAL : Discord : https://discord.gg/pDDP6W7jMm Twitter : https://twitter.com/TwOtakuStudios Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCAXmzTTOr7UncqmP11wJqQ
A Pokémon fangame made using RPG Maker and Pokémon Essentials Join our discord for Updates, Information, and Help {Pokémon Deception Server} Story & Location What do you do when everyone around you is out to get you? Are your friends really your friends? The people who served you coffee, are they out to get you? Welcome to the ... Region. Well actually its 4 separate regions. Orion the biggest and poorest filled with violence and an unknown gang named Team Flush whose power is far stronger than you'll ever understand. Osiris the richest and a massive hub for research and development of Pokémon lead by the Splicer Foundation. Apollo a snowy and mountains region similar to its sister region Lyris a heavily mountains region Features New and Powerful fake Mon across each region (Over 100+) All gimmicks from past games (Dynamax, Mega, Z-crystals, Tera) New moves, items, and abilities 4 Big regions to discover New Type, Sound 19 Gyms A massive and interactive story Field effects (Custom and revised from Reborn/Rejuv) Side Quests and a whole lot more Screenshots More Screenshots will be down as devolvement continues. Notice: this game will follow the structure of episodic releases.
Pokemon Orphan A project using RpgMaker XP and Pokemon Essentials v21.1 Download Link Howdy Y'all this is my first game, using Essentials and it is very much still in development, but I have up to the second gym all sorted and available for play. Feedback as always is appreciated. This is a pretty basic pokemon fangame, just a little bit harder than a mainline game. Plot Outline Following the tragic loss of your parents, and with no immediate or extended family to stay with, our protagonist finds themselves sent to an orphanage to stay until they turn 18. But as a twist of fate would have it, the orphanage is full and has no room for anyone else. With few options, our protagonist finds themselves setting off on a pokemon journey with their very own partner pokemon. A practice that has since become less common and fallen out of favor with the public at large. Reopen the closed pokemon gyms, and challenge the retired leaders to battle for their badges, and eventually challenge the league! The odds are stacked against you, but with your partner pokemon (and a little grinding) you can overcome anything. Features Like I said above this is my first game, so there aren't any unique or game changing features, but this is what I have. A sense of humor: There are a lot of jokes, that I have hidden throughout the game, with more planned for the future. I hope I can make you laugh at least once! Quests : I've got a few basic quests programmed in with more planned for the future. Pokemon Fight Club: In Celedive City there's an illegal pokemon fighting ring, where the trainers play for keeps. Bigger prize pools, and the winner gets to keep one of the losers pokemon. Screen shots. Credits
Pokemon Super Yellow Gameplay Edition Super Yellow Gameplay Edition V1.0.1 Google Drive Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1m-pZN3pkee6Gmp1x4LC_C1b0ku1pzrI-?usp=sharing Super Yellow Gameplay Edition V1.0.1 Internet Archive Link: https://archive.org/details/sy-v-1.0.1-build Super Yellow Gameplay Edition V1.0.1 MEGA Link: https://mega.nz/folder/UmkEyDBS#WqUtr7jVTlnNoDJy9nZ-gA Pokemon Super Yellow team Hazy Crazy/4AllNighterGrinder64/OrgeDevil632 (Aka, me who made this game) Features 30+ trainer battles and more in future updates All tools for fully training a Pokemon team All 1025 Pokemon, from Gen 1 to Gen 9, and every tool needed to obtain specific forms All battle gimmicks, from Mega Evolution to Terastallization Regional form trading via the Form Trader resource by drdoom76: https://eeveeexpo.com/resources/1425/ All public resources Super Yellow uses are listed in the Credits Compendium, embedded into this thread, and come with the download for Pokemon Super Yellow Gameplay Edition Pokemon Essentials V21.1 by Flameguru, Poccil (Peter O.), Maruno With contributions from AvatarMonkeyKirby, Marin, Boushy MiDas Mike, Brother1440, Near Fantastica FL., PinkMan, Genzai Kawakami Popper, help-14, Rataime IceGod64, SoundSpawn, Jacob O. Wobbrock the__end, KitsuneKouta, Venom12 Lisa Anthony, Wachunga, Luka S.J. Pokémon Essentials Deluxe Battle Kit Suite Lucidious89 MKXP by Roza "RPG Maker XP" by: Enterbrain Pokémon is owned by: The Pokémon Company Nintendo Affiliated with Game Freak This is a non-profit fan-made game. No copyright infringements intended. Please support the official games! Super Yellow Gameplay Edition Credits Compendium, pre-rewrite (Embedded into the download, because I am stressed out and don't know how the paragraph tools work) Credits compendium list #===================================================================== Pokemon Essentials Engine and V21.1 Hotfixes #===================================================================== Maruno Stock Essentials Website = https://github.com/Maruno17/pokemon-essentials Essentials is made by: Flameguru, Poccil (Peter O.), Maruno With contributions from: AvatarMonkeyKirby, Marin, Boushy MiDas Mike, Brother1440, Near Fantastica FL., PinkMan, Genzai Kawakami Popper, help-14, Rataime IceGod64, SoundSpawn, Jacob O. Wobbrock the__end, KitsuneKouta, Venom12 Lisa Anthony, Wachunga, Luka S.J. Pokémon Essentials Deluxe Battle Kit Suite Lucidious89 #===================================================================== Generation 9 Resources Pack #===================================================================== Scripts: -Caruban -Lucidious89 -Eskiss (Legend Plate script based on) -StCooler (Original PLA Expansion script for Gen 8 Project in v18 and Status sprites) -PorousMist and curryofthepast (Adapting the PLA Expansion script script for v19.1 use) PBS: -Caruban -Lucidious89 -PorousMist (Updated the abilities, items, and moves description) -DJChaos (TM Items) -Futuresushi (Shortened abilities and moves description) Pokemon Battler Sprites: -Gen 1-5 Pokemon Sprites - veekun -Gen 6 Pokemon Sprites - All Contributors To Smogon X/Y Sprite Project -Gen 7 Pokemon Sprites - All Contributors To Smogon Sun/Moon Sprite Project -Gen 8 Pokemon Sprites - All Contributors To Smogon Sword/Shield Sprite Project -PLA Pokemon Sprites - Smogon Gen8 Sprite Project (https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/smogon-sprite-project.3647722/) Blaquaza, KingOfThe-X-Roads, KattenK, Travis, G.E.Z., SpheX, Hematite, SelenaArmorclaw -Gen 9 Pokemon Sprites - KingOfThe-X-Roads, Mak, Caruban, jinxed, leParagon, Sopita_Yorita, Azria, Mashirosakura, JordanosArt, Abnayami, OldSoulja, Katten, Divaruta 666, Clara, Skyflyer, AshnixsLaw, ace_stryfe -Gen 9 Vanilla style sprites - KingOfThe-X-Roads, Mak, Caruban, jinxed, leParagon, Sopita_Yorita, Azria, Mashirosakura, JordanosArt, Scept, NanaelJustice, SoyChim, KRLW890, AnonAlpaca, PokeJminer, Red7246, Carmanekko, Eduar, Lykeron, GriloKapu10, Mesayas, Erkey830, QDylm, PorousMist, OldSoulja, AlexandreV2.0, Z-nogyroP, lennybitao, Ruben1986, GRAFAIAIMX Blaquaza, KattenK, Travis, G.E.Z., SpheX, Hematite Pokemon Icon Sprites: -Gen 1-6 Pokemon Icon Sprites - Alaguesia, harveydentmd -Gen 7 Pokemon Icon Sprites - Marin, MapleBranchWing, Contributors to the DS Styled Gen 7+ Repository -Gen 8 Icon Sprites - Larry Turbo, Leparagon -Shiny Icon Sprites - StarrWolf, Pokemon Shattered Light Team -PLA Pokemon Icon Sprites - LuigiTKO -Shiny PLA Pokemon Icon Sprites - StarrWolf (recolored from LuigiTKO icons) -Gen 9 Icon Sprites - ezerart, JordanosArt -Shiny Gen 9 Icon Sprites - ezerart, JordanosArt -PLA Vanilla Icon Sprites - LuigiTKO, Pikafan2000, Cesare_CBass, Vent, Cesare_Cbass, MultiDiegoDani, leParagon, JWNutz and thanks for Pokémon Icons Act 2.9 - Teracristalizando (https://whackahack.com/foro/threads/pokemon-icons-act-2-9-teracristalizando-07-08-2022.63896/) -Gen 9 Vanilla Icon Sprites - Vent, Katten, leParagon, Cesare_CBass, AlexandreV2.0, Carmanekko, GRAFAIAIMX also thanks to Axel Loquendo, CarmaNekko, Divaruta 666, Okyo, JLauz735, and ClaraDragon for Iconos 9na Gen gba completos (https://whackahack.com/foro/threads/iconos-9na-gen-gba-completos-act-04-03-2023.67908/) Pokemon Gen 9 Overworld sprites: -Gen 1-5 Pokemon Overworlds - MissingLukey, help-14, Kymoyonian, cSc-A7X, 2and2makes5, Pokegirl4ever, Fernandojl, Silver-Skies, TyranitarDark, Getsuei-H, Kid1513, Milomilotic11, Kyt666, kdiamo11, Chocosrawlooid, Syledude, Gallanty, Gizamimi-Pichu, 2and2makes5, Zyon17,LarryTurbo, spritesstealer, LarryTurbo -Gen 6+ Berry Tree Overworlds - Anarlaurendil -Gen 6 Pokemon Overworlds - princess-pheonix, LunarDusk, Wolfang62, TintjeMadelintje101, piphybuilder88 -Gen 7 Pokemon Overworlds - Larry Turbo, princess-pheonix -Gen 8 Pokemon Overworlds - SageDeoxys, Wolfang62, LarryTurbo, tammyclaydon -PLA Pokemon Overworlds - Boonzeet, DarkusShadow, princess-phoenix, Ezeart, WolfPP -Gen 9 Pokemon Overworlds - Azria, DarkusShadow, EduarPokeN, Carmanekko, StarWolff, Caruban Pokemon Footprints : -Gen PLA-9 Pokemon Footprints - Caruban Pokemon Cries: -Gen 1-6 Pokemon Cries - Rhyden -Gen 7 Pokemon Cries - Marin, Rhyden -Gen 8 Pokemon Cries - Zeak6464 -PLA Pokemon Cries - Morningdew -Gen 9 Pokemon Cries - Edited from Lightblade's Absol Gen 9 Cries compilation video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KV6k3G62oT0 Edited from HeroLinik's Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - Walking Wake and Iron Leaves Cries video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weH2W3mQ35Y Edited from HeroLinik's Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - All Teal Mask Cries video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQr9z4ryE40 Edited from Joya in UK's Indigo Disk Cries video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Qqr9IzgcKE Item sprites: -Gen 9 item sprites - lichenprincess, Caruban, jinxed -PLA item sprites - AztecCroc, 3DJackArt, Caruban, lichenprincess Pokeballs battle animation and summary icon: -Caruban -WolfPP (Beast ball battle animation) Compilation of Resources: -Gen 9 Pack - Caruban -Gen 8/9 Resized Sprites- http404error -Gen 8 Pack - Golisopod User, UberDunsparce Full PLA-Gen 9 Sprites Credit List: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1T-KC-4XDOeFKq0Z6tfN6Sz4JIlpaK7B8A0lbmBg9fNY/edit?usp=sharing #===================================================================== Full Deluxe Battle Kit + Add-Ons #===================================================================== Lucidious89 Deluxe Battle Kit Website Guide = https://lucidious89-tutorials.gitbook.io/deluxe-battle-kit-tutorial The Full Deulxe Battle Kit consists of: Deluxe Battle Kit (Covers Mega Evolution and various under the hood changes to Pokemon Essentials) Modular UI Scenes Enhanced Pokemon UI Enhanced Battle UI Pokedex Data Page Z-Power SOS Battles Dynamax Terastallization Improved Field Skills As of the 24th April 2024, the Raid Battles Add-On has not been released. #===================================================================== EVs and IVs From Party #===================================================================== Internet Name: Hazy Crazy Relic Castle/Eevee Exo Name: 4AllNighterGrinder64 Poke Community Name: OrgeDevil632 The Plugin itself is just taking existing Debug code in stock Pokemon Essentials and allowing a player to freely change EVs and IVs directly from the Party Menu. The plugin has not been tweaked to remove the Randomise pID feature. But what that does for 99.9% of players is inconsequential. Let them mess around with it if they want. Plugin code block: MenuHandlers.add(:party_menu, :hidden_values, { "name" => _INTL("Change EVs/IVs"), "order" => 60, "parent" => :level_stats, "effect" => proc { |screen, party, party_idx| cmd = 0 loop do pkmn = $player.party[party_idx] persid = sprintf("0x%08X", pkmn.personalID) cmd = screen.pbShowCommands(_INTL("Personal ID is {1}.", persid), [_INTL("Set EVs"), _INTL("Set IVs"), _INTL("Randomise pID")], cmd) break if cmd < 0 case cmd when 0 # Set EVs cmd2 = 0 loop do totalev = 0 evcommands = [] ev_id = [] GameData::Stat.each_main do |s| evcommands.push(s.name + " (#{pkmn.ev[s.id]})") ev_id.push(s.id) totalev += pkmn.ev[s.id] end evcommands.push(_INTL("Randomise all")) evcommands.push(_INTL("Max randomise all")) cmd2 = screen.pbShowCommands(_INTL("Change which EV?\nTotal: {1}/{2} ({3}%)", totalev, Pokemon::EV_LIMIT, 100 * totalev / Pokemon::EV_LIMIT), evcommands, cmd2) break if cmd2 < 0 if cmd2 < ev_id.length params = ChooseNumberParams.new upperLimit = 0 GameData::Stat.each_main { |s| upperLimit += pkmn.ev[s.id] if s.id != ev_id[cmd2] } upperLimit = Pokemon::EV_LIMIT - upperLimit upperLimit = [upperLimit, Pokemon::EV_STAT_LIMIT].min thisValue = [pkmn.ev[ev_id[cmd2]], upperLimit].min params.setRange(0, upperLimit) params.setDefaultValue(thisValue) params.setCancelValue(thisValue) f = pbMessageChooseNumber(_INTL("Set the EV for {1} (max. {2}).", GameData::Stat.get(ev_id[cmd2]).name, upperLimit), params) { screen.pbUpdate } if f != pkmn.ev[ev_id[cmd2]] pkmn.ev[ev_id[cmd2]] = f pkmn.calc_stats screen.pbRefreshSingle(party_idx) end else # (Max) Randomise all evTotalTarget = Pokemon::EV_LIMIT if cmd2 == evcommands.length - 2 # Randomize all (not max) evTotalTarget = rand(Pokemon::EV_LIMIT) end GameData::Stat.each_main { |s| pkmn.ev[s.id] = 0 } while evTotalTarget > 0 r = rand(ev_id.length) next if pkmn.ev[ev_id[r]] >= Pokemon::EV_STAT_LIMIT addVal = 1 + rand(Pokemon::EV_STAT_LIMIT / 4) addVal = addVal.clamp(0, evTotalTarget) addVal = addVal.clamp(0, Pokemon::EV_STAT_LIMIT - pkmn.ev[ev_id[r]]) next if addVal == 0 pkmn.ev[ev_id[r]] += addVal evTotalTarget -= addVal end pkmn.calc_stats screen.pbRefreshSingle(party_idx) end end when 1 # Set IVs cmd2 = 0 loop do hiddenpower = pbHiddenPower(pkmn) totaliv = 0 ivcommands = [] iv_id = [] GameData::Stat.each_main do |s| ivcommands.push(s.name + " (#{pkmn.iv[s.id]})") iv_id.push(s.id) totaliv += pkmn.iv[s.id] end msg = _INTL("Change which IV?\nHidden Power:\n{1}, power {2}\nTotal: {3}/{4} ({5}%)", GameData::Type.get(hiddenpower[0]).name, hiddenpower[1], totaliv, iv_id.length * Pokemon::IV_STAT_LIMIT, 100 * totaliv / (iv_id.length * Pokemon::IV_STAT_LIMIT)) ivcommands.push(_INTL("Randomise all")) cmd2 = screen.pbShowCommands(msg, ivcommands, cmd2) break if cmd2 < 0 if cmd2 < iv_id.length params = ChooseNumberParams.new params.setRange(0, Pokemon::IV_STAT_LIMIT) params.setDefaultValue(pkmn.iv[iv_id[cmd2]]) params.setCancelValue(pkmn.iv[iv_id[cmd2]]) f = pbMessageChooseNumber(_INTL("Set the IV for {1} (max. 31).", GameData::Stat.get(iv_id[cmd2]).name), params) { screen.pbUpdate } if f != pkmn.iv[iv_id[cmd2]] pkmn.iv[iv_id[cmd2]] = f pkmn.calc_stats screen.pbRefreshSingle(party_idx) end else # Randomise all GameData::Stat.each_main { |s| pkmn.iv[s.id] = rand(Pokemon::IV_STAT_LIMIT + 1) } pkmn.calc_stats screen.pbRefreshSingle(party_idx) end end when 2 # Randomise pID pkmn.personalID = rand(2**16) | (rand(2**16) << 16) pkmn.calc_stats screen.pbRefreshSingle(party_idx) end end next false } }) #===================================================================== Super Yellow Resource Pack #===================================================================== Internet Name: Hazy Crazy Relic Castle Name: 4AllNighterGrinder64 Poke Community Name: OrgeDevil632 #===================================================================== Generation 9 Animation Project #===================================================================== Project Host: KRLW890 Website = https://www.pokecommunity.com/threads/the-gen-9-move-animation-project.526189/ Thanks to the Reborn team for letting people use their resources. You are awesome. Gen 8 Animation Project lead by StCooler, with additional contributions by DarrylBD99, WolfPP, ardicoozer, riddlemeree Thanks to BellBlitzKing for his Pokemon Sound Effects Pack: Gen 1 to Gen 7 - All Attacks SFX. Gen 9 Animation Project led by KRLW890 and Nut0066, with additional contributions by Toxillian, QuahogTheCreator, Lcorp, and Shashu-Greninja #===================================================================== Independent Hidden Power Type (Adapted for V21.1) #===================================================================== DemICE #===================================================================== Legends Arceus Move Relearner #===================================================================== Kotaro,IndianAnimator #===================================================================== Normal-Type Attacks without STAB match your first Type instead #===================================================================== Jason Godwyn Code Block: pbCalcType(user) orginal code: def pbCalcType(user) @powerBoost = false ret = pbBaseType(user) if ret && GameData::Type.exists?(:ELECTRIC) if @battle.field.effects[PBEffects::IonDeluge] && ret == :NORMAL ret = :ELECTRIC @powerBoost = false end if user.effects[PBEffects::Electrify] ret = :ELECTRIC @powerBoost = false end end return ret end pbCalcType(user) changed code: def pbCalcType(user) @powerBoost = false type = @calcType userTypes = user.pbTypes(true) ret = pbBaseType(user) if ret == :NORMAL && !user.pbHasType?(:NORMAL) ret = userTypes[0] end if ret && GameData::Type.exists?(:ELECTRIC) if @battle.field.effects[PBEffects::IonDeluge] && ret == :NORMAL ret = :ELECTRIC @powerBoost = false end if user.effects[PBEffects::Electrify] ret = :ELECTRIC @powerBoost = false end end return ret end #===================================================================== Type Icons in Battle #===================================================================== Golisopod User, Hubercioch #===================================================================== Type Matchup UI #===================================================================== ThatWelshOne_ #===================================================================== Pokemon Form Trader #===================================================================== Dr.Doom76 #===================================================================== User's Speed is used instead of user's Attack for this move's calculations #===================================================================== Jason Godwyn Code Block: #=============================================================================== # User's Speed is used instead of user's Attack for this move's calculations. # (Aerial Ace) #=============================================================================== class Battle::Move::MySpeedIsMyAttack < Battle::Move def pbGetAttackStats(user, target) return user.speed, target.stages[:SPEED] + Battle::Battler::STAT_STAGE_MAXIMUM end end #=============================================================================== Sparling Vial #=============================================================================== Apples, Asforcia, BigFriv PBS and Code Block: #------------------------------- [SPARKLINGVIAL] Name = Sparkling Vial NamePlural = Sparkling Vials Pocket = 2 Price = 20000 SellPrice = 10000 FieldUse = OnPokemon Description = A vial of red liquid that sparkles extremely bright in the gleam of sunlight. #------------------------------- ItemHandlers::UseOnPokemon.add(:SPARKLINGVIAL, proc { |item, qty, pkmn, scene| if pkmn.shiny? == false pbSEPlay('Item Used', 100, 100) pbMessage(_INTL("The sparkling essence has altered your Pokémon!")) pkmn.shiny = true elsif pkmn.shiny? == true pbMessage(_INTL("The sparkling essence seems to have no effect.")) next false end }) #=============================================================================== Near Universial TMs #=============================================================================== FL Near Universial Tms Code Block: Name = Near Universal TMs by FL Version = 1.0 Essentials = 21.1 #=============================================================================== # * Near-Universal TMs - by FL (Credits will be apreciated) #=============================================================================== # # This script is for Pokémon Essentials. It makes all pokémon, except a few # specific ones, learn the near universal moves as TM/TR/HM/Tutor, so it's not # necessary to add the move to the PBS learnset. # #== INSTALLATION =============================================================== # # Put it above main OR convert into a plugin. No need to add/remove anything # from PBS. # #=============================================================================== if !PluginManager.installed?("Near-Universal TMs") PluginManager.register({ :name => "Near-Universal TMs", :version => "1.0", :link => "https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=492298", :credits => "FL" }) end NEAR_UNIVERSAL_TUTOR_MOVES = [ :ATTRACT,:BIDE,:CAPTIVATE,:CONFIDE,:CURSE,:DOUBLETEAM,:DOUBLEEDGE,:ENDURE, :FACADE,:FRUSTRATION,:HEADBUTT,:HELPINGHAND,:HIDDENPOWER,:MIMIC,:NATURALGIFT, :PROTECT,:RAGE,:REST,:RETURN,:ROUND,:SECRETPOWER,:SLEEPTALK,:SNORE, :SUBSTITUTE,:SWAGGER,:TAKEDOWN,:TERABLAST,:TOXIC ] # Ignores forms NEAR_INCOMPATIBLE_TUTOR_SPECIES = [ :CATERPIE,:METAPOD,:WEEDLE,:KAKUNA,:MAGIKARP,:DITTO,:UNOWN,:WOBBUFFET, :SMEARGLE,:WURMPLE,:SILCOON,:CASCOON,:WYNAUT,:BELDUM,:KRICKETOT,:BURMY, :COMBEE,:TYNAMO,:SCATTERBUG,:SPEWPA,:COSMOG,:COSMOEM,:BLIPBUG,:APPLIN ] class Pokemon alias :_compatible_with_move_FL_near :compatible_with_move? def compatible_with_move?(move_id) if ( NEAR_UNIVERSAL_TUTOR_MOVES.include?(move_id) && !NEAR_INCOMPATIBLE_TUTOR_SPECIES.include?(@species) ) return true end return _compatible_with_move_FL_near(move_id) end end #=============================================================================== Any Nature Mint #=============================================================================== Appletun's Apples Code and PBS Block: Item_Effects ItemHandlers::UseOnPokemon.add(:SPECIALMINT, proc { |item, qty, pkmn, scene| scene.pbDisplay(_INTL("Select a new nature for {1}.", pkmn.name)) commands = [] ids = [] GameData::Nature.each do |nature| next if pkmn.nature == nature.id commands.push(_INTL("{1}", nature.name)) ids.push(nature.id) end commands.push(_INTL("Cancel")) msg = _INTL("{1}'s nature: {2}", pkmn.name, pkmn.nature.name) cmd = scene.pbShowCommands(_INTL("Give which nature?\n#{msg}", pkmn.name), commands, 0) next false if cmd < 0 || cmd >= commands.length - 1 pkmn.nature = ids[cmd] pkmn.calc_stats scene.pbRefresh scene.pbDisplay(_INTL("{1} was given the {2} nature.", pkmn.name, pkmn.nature.name)) next true }) #------------------------------- [SPECIALMINT] Name = Special Mint NamePlural = Special Mints Pocket = 2 Price = 20 FieldUse = OnPokemon Flags = Fling_10 Description = When a Pokémon smells this mint, its nature can be changed to what it desires. #------------------------------- #=============================================================================== # Automatic Level Scaling #=============================================================================== Benitex, Joltik, Umbreon #=============================================================================== # Automatic Level Scaling #=============================================================================== LinKazamine, Lucidious89 #=============================================================================== # Leaf - Sprite Overworld #=============================================================================== Wolfang62: https://www.deviantart.com/wolfang62/art/Leaf-Sprite-Overworld-887602743 #=============================================================================== # Various Gen 4 Art Style trainer and overworld sprites #=============================================================================== Kyledove: https://pokengine.org/trainers/017gkf02/Brock Kyledove: https://pokengine.org/trainers/018np8rv/Misty?collection=105var2c Kyledove: https://pokengine.org/trainers/01hf2258/Leaf?collection=105var2c Brumirage: https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/sprites/trainers/agatha-lgpe.png Brumirage: https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/sprites/trainers/lorelei-lgpe.png hyo-oppa: https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/sprites/trainers/brendan.png hyo-oppa: https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/sprites/trainers/may.png Beliot: https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/sprites/trainers/beauty-gen7.png Brumirage: https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/sprites/trainers/marnie.png And numberous more by Kyledove, Brumirage, Hypo-oppa, Beliot, Brumirage. I hate having short term memory issues, I don't know where to find the source to verify if all of this resource pack is good to use for public use. Please don't kill me Eevee Exo. I'm overwhelmed, I can't remember who's resource is approved for public use. Just please let me know if I fucked up and what I have to get rid of, so it's no longer a problem. #=============================================================================== # Various music pieces from Offical Pokemon games #=============================================================================== ENLS’s Pre-Looped Music Library Looped and compiled by: @ENLS @Thundaga @KrakerwatYT @Sulucnal @FrivolousAqua #=============================================================================== # Ethically-Sourced Handmade Alternate Trainer Spritepack r3.2.18.24 #=============================================================================== Muffyang #=============================================================================== # Random Trainer Graphic Resources #=============================================================================== deoxysacid #=============================================================================== # Ga-Olé Trainer Classes #=============================================================================== kyledove #=============================================================================== # Pokémon Battle Revolution - Colosseum Leader Front Sprites #=============================================================================== jinxed #=============================================================================== # "Nidothing" Trainer Sprites #=============================================================================== jinxed #=============================================================================== # Gen 4 and 5 Trainer sprites and PBS #=============================================================================== Mr. Gela #=============================================================================== # Taiga´s Trainer Collections #=============================================================================== Taiga DiegoWT Neo-Spriteman Vanilla Sunshine AtomicReactor PizzaSun Tebited #=============================================================================== # Offical games Trainer Classes #=============================================================================== Kyledove #=============================================================================== # Pokemon Clover - Culmination (VS. Champion) #=============================================================================== Jim Clover Poclo Sound Team Le Ruse Bird aaaa Dimbus Maximus CCChiptunes Mammothplant Coraldev DSAI-Qaeda Gameonion TheLostRune Kottbullar Squeetz Starmagician Turqouise Anonymous and more from 4-Chan Recorded by Squeetz poclo.bandcamp.com poclo.net #=============================================================================== # Pokémon Clover - Culmination (VS. Champion) OR/AS Style #=============================================================================== thelostrune / Le Ruse Bird: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbLWCqshDFU #=============================================================================== # Fan made Pokemon Trainer sprites + overworlds or Offical Trainer sprites + overworlds #=============================================================================== Countless artists from Pokemon Showdown Countless artists from Pokengine.org Numerous resource packs on Eevee Exo/Pokecommunity It's a likely possibility that dispite my best efforts, I forgot to credit someone because of the sheer quantity. It's important to note that Super Yellow does not use every offical character design art into a Gen 4 pixel art format. By the time I assembled this Credits Compendium on the 20th May 2024, 5 days before the game jam I plan to attend would happen, it's a blank for me if specfic sprites such as the LGPE and SWSH sprites are good to use for public use. And if it turns out there not after the fact, then I will get rid of them. I'm aware that your are expected to never use an asset in the first place, if you don't know if it is or isn't a public resource. Once again, Super Yellow Gameplay Edition was rushed out the door. I'm afraid I unknowingly set myself up to cause my own problems with even allowing Super Yellow Gameplay Edition to exist. And I could have avoided this issue if I was not in a rush. I'm going to stop being a dumb fuck rat now. Tell me if I fucked up and need to be punished for my crimes. I don't even care if I deserve to die for it. As Relic Castle/Eevee Exo states: NOT CREDITING SOMEONE FOR SOMETHING THEY CREATED IS CONSIDERED CONTENT THEFT AND IS A VERY SERIOUS OFFENSE. And I wasn't expecting to get a heart attack at the very end of making Super Yellow Gameplay Edition. Scared for my life that I am going to stumble into trouble. All because I missed, flat out forgot or can't find a contact for an exact artist to confirm if their thing is a public resource. #=============================================================================== # Jason Godwyn Poke Editor #=============================================================================== Poke Editor Code Blocks: Will you lose your lunch if you have to farm any more Heart Scales? Are you sick of catching/breeding countless Pokemon of the same species hoping for one with the right Nature and Ability, only to spend ages getting the right Moves/Egg Moves/TMs? Do you hate the idea of event-exclusive moves that break the game almost as much as you hate the Canon Pokemon Series's habit of only letting certain Pokemon learn certain moves in certain games, often from single-use-only Move Tutors to encourage every player to buy as many games as possible even if they only want to compete in the most modern one? Hi, I'm Jason Godwyn, and I have a solution to all your problems! Okay, for these specific problems. First add the following code to a newly inserted Script in the Script Editor called JasonGodwynsTools! Code: ##Jason Godwyn's Nature Changer for Pokeditor def pbChangeNature commands = [] ids = [] $player.party.each do |pokemon| next if pokemon.egg? commands.push("#{pokemon.name} (#{GameData::Nature.get(pokemon.nature).real_name})") ids.push(pokemon) end commands.push(_INTL("[Cancel]")) cmd = -1 loop do msg = _INTL("Choose a Pokémon to change its nature.") cmd = pbMessage(msg, commands, -1) break if cmd < 0 || cmd >= commands.length - 1 pokemon = ids[cmd] nature_commands = [] nature_ids = [] GameData::Nature.each do |nature| if nature.stat_changes.empty? nature_commands.push(_INTL("{1} (---)", nature.real_name)) else plus_text = "" minus_text = "" nature.stat_changes.each do |change| if change[1] > 0 plus_text += "/" if !plus_text.empty? plus_text += GameData::Stat.get(change[0]).name_brief elsif change[1] < 0 minus_text += "/" if !minus_text.empty? minus_text += GameData::Stat.get(change[0]).name_brief end end nature_commands.push(_INTL("{1} (+{2}, -{3})", nature.real_name, plus_text, minus_text)) end nature_ids.push(nature.id) end nature_commands.push(_INTL("[Reset]")) nature_commands.push(_INTL("[Back]")) loop do nature_cmd = pbMessage("Select a nature", nature_commands, 0) break if cmd < 0 || cmd >= commands.length - 1 if nature_cmd >= 0 && nature_cmd < nature_commands.length - 2 # Set nature pokemon.nature = nature_ids[nature_cmd] pbMessage(_INTL("{1}'s nature is set to {2}.", pokemon.name, GameData::Nature.get(pokemon.nature).real_name)) # Update the Pokémon's name and nature in the commands array commands[cmd] = "#{pokemon.name} (#{GameData::Nature.get(pokemon.nature).real_name})" break elsif nature_cmd == nature_commands.length - 2 # Reset pokemon.nature = nil pbMessage(_INTL("{1}'s nature has been reset.", pokemon.name)) # Update the Pokémon's name and nature in the commands array commands[cmd] = "#{pokemon.name} (#{GameData::Nature.get(pokemon.nature).real_name})" break elsif nature_cmd == nature_commands.length - 1 # Back button break end end end end def pbGetRelearnableMoves(pokemon) return [] if !pokemon || pokemon.egg? || pokemon.shadowPokemon? moves = [] # Add moves from level-up moves pokemon.getMoveList.each do |move| move_id = move[1] next if move[0] > pokemon.level || pokemon.hasMove?(move_id) moves << move_id if !moves.include?(move_id) end # Add moves from TMs and HMs tm_moves = pokemon.species_data.moves if tm_moves if tm_moves.is_a?(Array) moves.concat(tm_moves.select { |move| move[0] == :TM && !pokemon.hasMove?(move[1]) }.map { |move| move[1] }) else moves << tm_moves[1] if tm_moves[0] == :TM && !pokemon.hasMove?(tm_moves[1]) end end # Add moves from tutor moves tutor_moves = pokemon.species_data.tutor_moves if tutor_moves if tutor_moves.is_a?(Array) moves.concat(tutor_moves.reject { |move_id| pokemon.hasMove?(move_id[1]) }) else moves << tutor_moves if !pokemon.hasMove?(tutor_moves) end end # Add moves from egg moves egg_moves = pokemon.species_data.egg_moves if egg_moves if egg_moves.is_a?(Array) moves.concat(egg_moves.reject { |move_id| pokemon.hasMove?(move_id[1]) }) else moves << egg_moves if !pokemon.hasMove?(egg_moves) end end moves.uniq! moves.sort_by! { |move_id| GameData::Move.get(move_id).name } moves end # https://www.youtube.com/@JasonGodwin69 ##Jason's Move Teacher def pbTeachMovePokedit commands = [] pokemon_list = [] $player.party.each do |pokemon| next if pokemon.egg? moves = pbGetRelearnableMoves(pokemon) next if moves.empty? commands << "#{pokemon.name} (Level #{pokemon.level})" pokemon_list << pokemon end commands << _INTL("[Cancel]") cmd = -1 loop do msg = _INTL("Choose a Pokémon to teach a move.") cmd = pbMessage(msg, commands, -1) break if cmd < 0 || cmd >= commands.length - 1 pokemon = pokemon_list[cmd] moves = pbGetRelearnableMoves(pokemon) move_commands = moves.map { |move_id| pbGetMoveName(move_id) } move_commands << _INTL("[Back]") loop do move_cmd = pbMessage("Select a move to teach.", move_commands, 0) break if move_cmd == move_commands.length - 1 # Back button next if move_cmd < 0 || move_cmd >= move_commands.length - 1 move_id = moves[move_cmd] if move_id && GameData::Move.exists?(move_id) pbLearnMove(pokemon, move_id) else pbMessage("Invalid move ID: #{move_id}") end break end end end def pbGetMoveName(move_id) move_data = GameData::Move.try_get(move_id) return "Unknown Move (ID: #{move_id})" unless move_data return move_data.name end ##Jason Godwyn's Pokeditor Ability Changer def pbChangeAbilityJason commands = [] ids = [] $player.party.each do |pokemon| next if pokemon.egg? commands.push("#{pokemon.name} (Ability: #{ability_name(pokemon.ability)})") ids.push(pokemon) end commands.push(_INTL("[Cancel]")) cmd = -1 loop do msg = _INTL("Choose a Pokémon to change its ability.") cmd = pbMessage(msg, commands, -1) break if cmd < 0 || cmd >= commands.length - 1 pokemon = ids[cmd] ability_commands = [] ability_ids = [] # Retrieve the list of abilities the Pokémon can learn based on species ability_list = pokemon.species_data.abilities # Append Hidden Ability to the list if available hidden_ability = GameData::Ability.get(pokemon.species_data.hidden_abilities[0]) if pokemon.species_data.hidden_abilities.length > 0 ability_list.push(hidden_ability) if hidden_ability ability_list.each do |ability_id| ability = GameData::Ability.get(ability_id) ability_name = ability_name(ability.id) next if ability_ids.include?(ability.id) # Skip duplicate abilities ability_commands.push(_INTL("{1}", ability_name)) ability_ids.push(ability.id) # Add the ability ID to the array end ability_commands.push(_INTL("[Reset]")) ability_commands.push(_INTL("[Back]")) loop do ability_cmd = pbMessage("Select an ability.", ability_commands, 0) break if ability_cmd < 0 || ability_cmd >= ability_commands.length - 1 if ability_cmd >= 0 && ability_cmd < ability_commands.length - 2 # Set ability pokemon.ability = ability_ids[ability_cmd] # Retrieve the ability ID from the array pbMessage(_INTL("{1}'s ability is set to {2}.", pokemon.name, ability_name(pokemon.ability))) # Update the Pokémon's name and ability in the commands array commands[cmd] = "#{pokemon.name} (Ability: #{ability_name(pokemon.ability)})" break elsif ability_cmd == ability_commands.length - 2 # Reset pokemon.ability = nil pbMessage(_INTL("{1}'s ability has been reset.", pokemon.name)) # Update the Pokémon's name and ability in the commands array commands[cmd] = "#{pokemon.name} (Ability: #{ability_name(pokemon.ability)})" break elsif ability_cmd == ability_commands.length - 1 # Back button break end end end end def ability_name(ability_id) return ability_id ? GameData::Ability.get(ability_id).name : "---" end Then get any NPC, Key Item, or Common Event to run "pbChangeNature", "pbTeachMovePokedit", or "pbChangeAbilityJason" or allow the player to choose from any of these three scripts to execute! Now your Pokemon player can freely edit their Pokemon's Nature, Ability, and Moves without needing to grind or hack their save files for cash and Heart Scales! Credits Jason Godwyn - https://www.youtube.com/@JasonGodwin69 #=============================================================================== # NPB's Battle UI #=============================================================================== No pro bro,BiggusWeeabus,Taiga,Ardicoozer(for v21.1 script) #=============================================================================== # Fancy looking type icons and Tera-Type Icons made Sol Emeralds #=============================================================================== Eevee Exo/Relic Castle: Sonicover Deviantart: Banjo2015 #=============================================================================== # Various Pixel Art asset designs from other fan games #=============================================================================== Pokemon Party menu background from Pokemon Insurgence Pokemon Insurgence artists: SleepLate AtlusAbound EchoTheThird ZeroBreaker FluffyChikorita Skurleton Nico Rune_Script Selena #=============================================================================== # Trainer Transitions #=============================================================================== Wes by Meme Galactic: https://tumblunni.tumblr.com/post/132880703981/im-trying-to-make-some-wes-sprites-and-i-found-a Leaf by Nyjee: https://www.deviantart.com/nyjee/art/VS-Trainer-SPECIAL-Portrait-165669863 Red by iTheRealPikachuV2: https://www.deviantart.com/itherealpikachuv2/art/Pokemon-Vs-Red-Mugshot-213466606 Breandan by hyo-oppa: https://www.deviantart.com/hyo-oppa/art/Pokemon-ORAS-Brendan-DPPt-HGSS-Gen-IV-Sprite-Sheet-681502142 May by skyin2020: https://www.deviantart.com/skyin2020/art/Pokemon-Female-Trainers-VS-Sprite-788731786 #=============================================================================== # Character Selection By FL #=============================================================================== Made by FL Script.rb code block: #=============================================================================== # * Character Selection - by FL (Credits will be apreciated) #=============================================================================== # # This script is for Pokémon Essentials. It's a character selection screen # suggested for player selection or partner selection. # #== INSTALLATION =============================================================== # # To this script works, put it above main OR convert into a plugin. Put a 32x32 # background at "Graphics/Pictures/character_selection_tile" (may works with # other sizes). # #== HOW TO USE ================================================================= # # Call 'startCharacterSelection(overworld,battle)' passing two arrays with the # same size as arguments: # # - The first include overworld graphics names (from # "Graphics/Pictures/Characters"). # - The second include battler/front graphics names (from # "Graphics/Pictures/Trainers" or "Graphics/Pictures/Characters"). # # The return is the player selected index, starting at 0. # #== EXAMPLES =================================================================== # # An example that initialize the player: # # overworld = ["trainer_POKEMONTRAINER_Red","trainer_POKEMONTRAINER_Leaf", # "trainer_POKEMONTRAINER_Brendan","trainer_POKEMONTRAINER_May"] # battle = ["POKEMONTRAINER_Red","POKEMONTRAINER_Leaf", # "POKEMONTRAINER_Brendan","POKEMONTRAINER_May"] # result = startCharacterSelection(overworld,battle) # pbChangePlayer(result+1) # #=============================================================================== if defined?(PluginManager) && !PluginManager.installed?("Character Selection") PluginManager.register({ :name => "Character Selection", :version => "1.1", :link => "https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=338481", :credits => "FL" }) end class CharacterSelectionScene BACKGROUND_SPEED = 3 ANIMATION_FRAME_INTERVAL = 4 # Increase for slower animation. FRAMES_TO_TURN = 128 def pbStartScene(overworld,battle) @overworld = overworld @battle = battle @sprites={} @viewport=Viewport.new(0,0,Graphics.width,Graphics.height) @viewport.z=99999 @sprites["bg"]=CharacterSelectionPlane.new( BACKGROUND_SPEED,FRAMES_TO_TURN,@viewport) @sprites["bg"].setBitmap("Graphics/Pictures/character_selection_tile") @sprites["arrow"]=IconSprite.new(@viewport) @sprites["arrow"].setBitmap("Graphics/Pictures/selarrow") @sprites["battlerbox"]=Window_AdvancedTextPokemon.new("") @sprites["battlerbox"].viewport=@viewport pbBottomLeftLines(@sprites["battlerbox"],5) @sprites["battlerbox"].width=256 @sprites["battlerbox"].x=Graphics.width-@sprites["battlerbox"].width @sprites["battlerbox"].z=0 @sprites["battler"]=IconSprite.new(384,284,@viewport) # Numbers for coordinates calculation lines = 2 totalWidth = 512 totalHeight = 232 marginX = totalWidth/((@overworld.size/2.0).ceil+1) marginY = 72 for i in 0...@overworld.size @sprites["icon#{i}"]=AnimatedChar.new( "Graphics/Characters/"+@overworld[i],4, [ANIMATION_FRAME_INTERVAL-1,0].max, FRAMES_TO_TURN, @viewport) @sprites["icon#{i}"].x = marginX*((i/2).floor+1) @sprites["icon#{i}"].y = marginY+(totalHeight - marginY*2)*(i%lines) @sprites["icon#{i}"].start end updateCursor @sprites["messagebox"]=Window_AdvancedTextPokemon.new( _INTL("Choose your character.")) @sprites["messagebox"].viewport=@viewport pbBottomLeftLines(@sprites["messagebox"],5) @sprites["messagebox"].width=256 pbFadeInAndShow(@sprites) { update } end def updateCursor(index=nil) @index=0 if index pbPlayCursorSE @index=index end @sprites["arrow"].x=@sprites["icon#{@index}"].x-32 @sprites["arrow"].y=@sprites["icon#{@index}"].y-32 @sprites["battler"].setBitmap(trainerBitmapPath(@battle[@index])) @sprites["battler"].ox=@sprites["battler"].bitmap.width/2 @sprites["battler"].oy=@sprites["battler"].bitmap.height/2 end def trainerBitmapPath(spriteName) ret = pbResolveBitmap("Graphics/Trainers/"+spriteName) return ret if ret ret = pbResolveBitmap("Graphics/Characters/"+spriteName) return ret end def pbMidScene loop do Graphics.update Input.update self.update if Input.trigger?(Input::C) pbPlayDecisionSE if pbDisplayConfirm(_INTL("Are you sure?")) pbPlayDecisionSE return @index else pbPlayCancelSE end end lines=2 if Input.repeat?(Input::LEFT) updateCursor((@index-lines)>=0 ? @index-lines : @overworld.size-lines+(@index%lines)) end if Input.repeat?(Input::RIGHT) updateCursor((@index+lines)<=(@overworld.size-1) ? @index+lines : @index%lines) end if Input.repeat?(Input::UP) updateCursor(@index!=0 ? @index-1 : @overworld.size-1) end if Input.repeat?(Input::DOWN) updateCursor(@index!=@overworld.size-1 ? @index+1 : 0) end end end def update pbUpdateSpriteHash(@sprites) end def pbDisplayConfirm(text) ret=-1 oldtext=@sprites["messagebox"].text @sprites["messagebox"].text=text using(cmdwindow=Window_CommandPokemon.new([_INTL("Yes"),_INTL("No")])){ cmdwindow.z=@viewport.z+1 cmdwindow.visible=false pbBottomRight(cmdwindow) cmdwindow.y-=@sprites["messagebox"].height loop do Graphics.update Input.update cmdwindow.visible=true if !@sprites["messagebox"].busy? cmdwindow.update self.update if Input.trigger?(Input::B) && !@sprites["messagebox"].busy? ret=false end if (Input.trigger?(Input::C) && @sprites["messagebox"].resume && !@sprites["messagebox"].busy?) ret=(cmdwindow.index==0) break end end } @sprites["messagebox"].text=oldtext return ret end def pbEndScene pbFadeOutAndHide(@sprites) { update } pbDisposeSpriteHash(@sprites) @viewport.dispose end class CharacterSelectionPlane < AnimatedPlane LIMIT=16 def initialize(speed, turnTime, viewport) super(viewport) @speed = speed @turnTime = turnTime end def update super @frame=0 if !@frame @frame+=1 @direction=0 if !@direction if @frame==@turnTime @frame=0 @direction+=1 @direction=0 if @direction==4 end case @direction when 0 #down self.oy+=@speed when 1 #left self.ox-=@speed when 2 #up self.oy-=@speed when 3 #right self.ox+=@speed end self.ox=0 if self.ox==-LIMIT || self.ox==LIMIT self.oy=0 if self.oy==-LIMIT || self.oy==LIMIT end end class AnimatedChar < AnimatedSprite def initialize(*args) @realframeschar=0 @direction=0 @turnTime=args[3] super([args[0],args[1],args[2],args[4]]) @frameheight=@animbitmap.height/4 if @animbitmap.width%framecount!=0 raise _INTL("Bitmap's width ({1}) is not a multiple of frame count ({2}) [Bitmap={3}]",@animbitmap.width,@framewidth,@animname) end @playing=false self.src_rect.height=@frameheight self.ox=@framewidth/2 self.oy=@frameheight end def frame=(value) @frame=value @realframes=0 self.src_rect.x=@frame%@framesperrow*@framewidth end def update super if @playing @realframeschar+=1 if @realframeschar==@turnTime @realframeschar=0 @direction+=1 @direction= 0 if @direction==4 #Spin if @direction==2 dir=3 elsif @direction==3 dir=2 else dir=@direction end self.src_rect.y=@frameheight*dir end end end end end class CharacterSelectionScreen def initialize(scene) @scene=scene end def pbStartScreen(overworld,battle) @scene.pbStartScene(overworld,battle) ret = @scene.pbMidScene @scene.pbEndScene return ret end end def startCharacterSelection(overworld,battle) ret = nil pbFadeOutIn(99999) { scene=CharacterSelectionScene.new screen=CharacterSelectionScreen.new(scene) ret=screen.pbStartScreen(overworld,battle) } return ret end #=============================================================================== # Gen 5 VS Sprite Pack #=============================================================================== BW VS rips came from Barubary on spriters-resource B2W2 VS rips came from redblueyellow on spriters-resource VS bars came from TechSkylander1518 #=============================================================================== # Music from other media #=============================================================================== Tekken 2 - Morning Field (Jun's Theme) Pokemon Uranium - Decisive Battle by Emdasche/Electric Mudkip Pokemon Uranium - Elite Battle by Emdasche/Electric Mudkip Pokemon Reborn - Marnie Battle Theme ft. Scottay (Remix by GlitchxCity) Pokémon Kanto Gym Leader Battle Theme (FRLG Ver.) Remix by KokiRemix Slame of the Northstar - Quad City DJs vs Crystal Kings by GAR Gigachad Theme Hans Zimmer Can you Feel My Heart by Carameii Please Help I've Imagined Too Many Dragons by William Maranci Mashups Sonic And the Fallen Star Subspace Distortion Supernova Mix Special Stage by Hollie Taylor Big Iron But it's Been Shagged by an Audiophile and Rendered Using a Biscuit Tin By DominantChris Man with a Mission - When My Devil Rises Yu Go Oh Duel Links Gong Strong ARC V Theme Main Theme Sonic Adventure 3 SilvaGunner If it turns out music from other media is a big no no with Pokemon fan games, I'm seriously sorry. I didn't want the stock Pokemon music tones, and for some music pieces, I wanted to use them cause they were funny. I'm more than ready to purge these from Super Yellow if I have to. First time ever I made a Pokemon fan game, so I don't know what the big no no's are. I saw that Pokemon Bushido used Naruto Shikamaru Theme and Breath of The Wild Ganon music, so if it turns out Bushido led me down the wrong path, than that's my own fault. #=============================================================================== # GSC Kris Gen 4 Sprites (Artist has given permission for the character sprites to be used in Super Yellow Gameplay Edition, evidence is in the Misc Folder) #=============================================================================== SirPeaches: https://www.deviantart.com/sirpeaches/art/HeartGold-SoulSilver-Kris-Ver-2-555601343 #=============================================================================== # DeigoWT Character sprites #=============================================================================== Wes: https://www.deviantart.com/diegowt/art/Wes-Sprite-Pack-842134086 ORAS May: https://www.deviantart.com/diegowt/art/Sprite-Pack-ORAS-May-976413120 ORAS Bredan: https://www.deviantart.com/diegowt/art/Sprite-Pack-ORAS-Brendan-976412704 #=============================================================================== # Mid117 #=============================================================================== Wes backsprite: https://www.deviantart.com/mid117/art/Commission-PKMN-Colosseum-Wes-Backsprite-842604661 #=============================================================================== # neosth2001 #=============================================================================== Wes Gen 4 trainer sprite (Source links to a 404 Deviant Art page. Source link currently unknown) https://www.deviantart.com/neosth2001/art/Wes-Pokemon-Cobalt-364693531 #=============================================================================== # hyo-oppa #=============================================================================== Pokemon Trainer Battle Sprite Collection: https://www.deviantart.com/hyo-oppa/art/Hyo-s-Pokemon-Trainer-Battle-Sprite-Collection-878566572 Pokemon ORAS Brendan DPPt/HGSS Gen IV Sprite Sheet: https://www.deviantart.com/hyo-oppa/art/Pokemon-ORAS-Brendan-DPPt-HGSS-Gen-IV-Sprite-Sheet-681502142 #=============================================================================== # skyin2020 #=============================================================================== Pokemon Female Trainers VS Sprite: https://www.deviantart.com/skyin2020/art/Pokemon-Female-Trainers-VS-Sprite-788731786 #=============================================================================== # Solo993 #=============================================================================== PUBLIC OrAs Protagonists Gba back front sprites: https://www.deviantart.com/solo993/art/PUBLIC-OrAs-Protagonists-Gba-back-front-sprites-491737986 #=============================================================================== # PKMNTrainerRick #=============================================================================== POKEMON RED DPP BACK SPRITE: https://www.deviantart.com/pkmntrainerrick/art/POKEMON-RED-DPP-BACK-SPRITE-918844486 POKEMON LEAF DPP BACK SPRITE: https://www.deviantart.com/pkmntrainerrick/art/POKEMON-LEAF-DPP-BACK-SPRITE-918844468 #=============================================================================== # Tales of The Outskirt Stand Resources #=============================================================================== Rider Willie Gen 4 Trainer + Overworld Sprite Tales of the Outskirt Stand Credits: ### POKEMON ESSENTIALS ### Flameguru Poccil (Peter O.) Maruno With contributions from: AvatarMonkeyKirby Marin Boushy MiDas Mike Brother1440 Near Fantastica FL. PinkMan Genzai Kawakami Popper help-14 Rataime IceGod64 SoundSpawn Jacob O. Wobbrock the__end KitsuneKouta Venom12 Lisa Anthony Wachunga Luka S.J. #### Scripts #### # Fly Menu Screen # Creg #### Plugins #### # Pokémon Essentials Deluxe # Lucidious89 # Bag Screen with Interactable Party # DiegoWT #Pokemon BW Party Screen # DeepBlue PacificWaves Shashu-Greninja Golisopod User # Improved Battle AI for Essentials v20.1 # KRLW890 # Better Battle Animation Editor # KRLW890 #### Tilesets #### # Water autotile # Slaqueen Zeo254 # Indoor Tileset PC and Mart Pokemon Forever Lost (yes its public look at the comments) # WesleyFG GavZxHayley kaitodesign Kymotonian Dewitty # Tileset ver.3 [Free*] # Magiscarf # Mishmash of tropical tiles # princess-phoenix # Swampy Gatehouse Tileset # princess-phoenix # The Home of Excello Village Tileset # princess-phoenix # The Messy Room of a Random Galar Zigzagoon Fan # princess-phoenix # Waterfall Autotile v1 # Hek-el-grande PandaInDaGame # Agate Village (Tileset) # KingTapir # Evolina Mountains # Phyromatical EVoLiNa zetavares852 # Mixed Cave-Tileset # Phyromatical zetavares852 # Desert tiles # KingTapir # Underwater Tiles # Kyle-dove Manuxd789 #Desert Tileset # BlackPokeNinja DaNerdyDude Kymotonian Hek-El-Grande ForeverXShoddyBattle #Puddle Tiles # Phyromatical zetavares852 DarkDragonn # Yet another water autotile # Slaqueen Zeo254 # Indoor Tileset PC and Mart Pokemon Forever Lost (yes it is public now) # WesleyFG GavZXHayley kaitodesign Kymotonian Dewitty #### Graphics #### # Ultra Wormhole # Ulithium_Dragon # Pokemon Colosseum/XD trainer sprites # https://www.deviantart.com/akuma-tsubasa/art/Sprite-Commission-LightningKillua15-4-843105484 https://www.deviantart.com/akuma-tsubasa/art/Sprite-Commission-LightningKillua15-5-856465249 Akuma-Tsubasa LightningKillua15 # Orre-Exclusive Items # KingTapir # The DPPt Style Gen VI and Beyond Backsprite Resource # @ Dreadwing93: *All Unova Pokemon (Victini-Genesect)(repubished by Aki) *Most Kalos Pokemon: -Chespin line -Fennekin line -Froakie line -Bunnelby line -Fletchling line -Scatterbug line -Vivillon forms -Litleo line -Flabebe line + colors -Honedge line -Spritzee -Inkay line -Skrelp line -Helioptile line -Tyrunt line -Amaura line -Carbink @ Prodigal96: *Some Alolan Forms: -Alolan Raticate -Alolan Meowth -Alolan Grimer line *Some Galarian Forms: -Galarian Meowth -Galarian Slowpoke line *Some Galar Pokemon: -Gossifleur line -Yamper line -Arrokuda -Grimmsnarl -Stonjourner -Eiscue forms -Indeedee forms -Copperajah -Eternatus -Zarude forms *Some Alola Pokemon: -Wishiwashi -Bruxish -Bewear -Buzzwole -Pheromosa *Some Megas: -Mega Venusaur -Mega Charizard X + Y -Mega Blastoise -Mega Beedrill -Mega Pidgeot -Mega Alakazam -Mega Gengar -Mega Kangaskhan -Mega Pinsir -Mega Gyarados -Mega Aerodactyl -Mega Mewtwo X + Y -Mega Ampharos -Mega Scizor -Mega Houndoom -Mega Sceptile -Mega Blaziken -Mega Swampert -Mega Manectric -Mega Altaria -Mega Banette -Mega Absol -Primal Kyogre -Primal Groudon *Some Gigantamax Forms: -Gigantamax Venusaur -Gigantamax Charizard -Gigantamax Blastoise -Gigantamax Butterfree -Gigantamax Pikachu -Gigantamax Meowth -Gigantamax Machamp -Gigantamax Gengar -Gigantamax Kingler -Gigantamax Lapras -Gigantamax Eevee -Gigantamax Snorlax -Gigantamax Grimmsnarl -Gigantamax Copperajah *Barbaracle edits @ MM980: *Some Alola Pokemon: -Dartrix -Decidueye *Some Kalos Pokemon: -Ash-Greninja -Eternal Flower Floette -Barbaracle -Goodra -Trevenant -Noivern -Xerneas -Yveltal -Zygarde Forms -Volcanion *Galarian Yamask *Mega Gardevoir @ 44tim44: *Sylveon @ Gnomowladny: *Some Megas: -Mega Sableye -Mega Mawile -Mega Glalie -Mega Lopunny -Mega Audino *Some Alolan Pokemon: -Rowlet -Mimikyu @ MetalFlygon (republished by Zygoat): *Some Alola Pokemon: -Rockruff line -Salandit line -Meltan *Some Galar Pokemon: -Nickit line -Clobbopus line -Sirfetch'd -Mr. Rime *Some Alolan Forms: -Alolan Ratatta -Alolan Raichu -Alolan Sandshrew line -Alolan Vulpix line -Alolan Diglett line -Alolan Persian -Alolan Geodude line -Alolan Exeggutor -Alolan Marowak *Some Galarian Forms: -Galarian Ponyta line -Galarian Farfetch'd -Galarian Weezing -Galarian Mr. Mime -Galarian Corsola @ Zygoat: *Some Megas: -Mega Heracross -Mega Medicham -Mega Garchomp -Mega Lucario *Some Galar Pokemon: -Obstagoon -Alcremie *Pikachu Libre *Galarian Zigzagoon and Linoone @ WolfPP: *Some Galarian Pokemon: -Kubfu line -Dreepy -Inteleon -Galarian Zapdos -Galarian Moltres @ lichenprincess: *Some Galarian Pokemon: -Thwackey -Raboot -Drizzile -Hatterene -Drakloak -Dragapult -Regieleki *Galarian Articuno *Dhelmise @ BiggusWeeabus: *Rookidee line @ ChromusSama: *Phantump @ briochee *Litten *Incineroar *Popplio line *Pikipek line *Yungoos line *Grubbin line *Morelull *Jangmo-o line @ Mak: *Skiddo *Some Alola Pokemon -Crabrawler -Mudbray line -Dewpider line *Some Galar Pokemon -Sizzlipede line -Sinistea -Impidimp -Morgrem -Frosmoth *Galarian Stunfisk *Goomy and Sliggoo forms @ Loafus022: *Basculegion forms @ Sopita_Yorita: *Hisuian Growlithe @ lennybitao: *Rillaboom *Hisuian Arcanine *Hoopa (Unbound) @ Scept: *Gen 9 Starters -Sprigatito -Fuecoco -Quaxly @ Travis: *Some Hisui Pokemon -Sneasler -Overqwil @ MrEoncito: *Some Galar Pokemon -Grookey -Scorbunny -Cinderace -Sobble *Some Megas: -Mega Latias -Mega Latios -Mega Gallade *Silvally @ IDesbas/Angy: *Some Megas: -Mega Steelix -Mega Tyranitar *Kleavor @ MarcStuts08: *Pangoro @ PorousMist326: *Runerigus *Marshadow *Gigantamax Inteleon *Galarian Darumaka line *Fairy-type Arceus *HOME Shiny Castform forms *Sandyghast line *Cutiefly *Binacle *Hoopa *Mega Sharpedo *Pikachu Forms: -Black Tip -Partner Pikachu *Eevee Forms: -Female Eevee -Partner Eevee *Hisuian Qwilfish *White-striped Basculin *Missing shinies *Recolor edits *Compiling of sprites ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Special thanks to the following: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ @ leParagon: *Inspiration and bases of many sprites @ DS-style Gen VII and Beyong Pokemon Sprite Repository: *Inspiration and bases of many sprites @ Smogon Art Projects: *Inspiration and bases of many sprites ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DS-style Gen VII and Beyond Pokemon Sprite Repository (Inspiration and bases of many sprites here) https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=368703 leParagon (Inspiration and bases of many sprites here) https://www.deviantart.com/leparagon #### Music #### # ENLS’s Pre-Looped Music Library # @ENLS @Thundaga @KrakerwatYT @Sulucnal @FrivolousAqua # Sound Effects # https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/sound-effects-pack-ogg-the-match-makers.73381/ Osabisi # Crystal Cave: Remastered (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4yjALpgADU) # Zame #### Animations #### # Pokemon Reborn Animations # Amethyst Jan Inuki Smeargletail Mde Koyo Vulpes Draconis andracass # Pokemon Gen 8 Animation Project # StCooler DarryBD99 WolfPP ardicoozer riddlemeree ##### Pokemon Essentials Gen 9 Project ##### Script Gen 9 and Adapting PLA for v20: -Caruban -Lucidious89 -Eskiss (Legend Plate script based on) PBS for Gen 9: -Caruban -PorousMist (Updated the abilities, items, and moves description) -DJChaos (TM Items) -Futuresushi (Shortened abilities and moves description) Pokemon Gen 9 Battler Sprites: KingOfThe-X-Roads, Mak, Caruban, jinxed, leParagon, Sopita_Yorita, Azria, Mashirosakura, JordanosArt, Abnayami, OldSoulja, Katten, Divaruta 666, Clara, Skyflyer, AshnixsLaw Pokemon Gen 9 icons: ezerart, JordanosArt Pokemon Gen 9 Followers: Azria, DarkusShadow, EduarPokeN, Carmanekko, StarWolff, Caruban Pokemon PLA and Gen 9 Footprints : Caruban Pokemon Gen 9 Cries: Edited from Lightblade Absol Gen 9 Cries compilation video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KV6k3G62oT0 Edited from HeroLinik Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - Walking Wake and Iron Leaves Cries video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weH2W3mQ35Y Gen 9 item icons: -lichenprincess (Tera Orb, Bamboos, Tera Shards, Mirror Herb, Loaded Dice, Leader Crest, and Kubfu Scrolls, Booster Energy, Gimmighoul coin, TM Material, Kofu's Wallet, Sandwich, Herba Mysticas) -Caruban (Punching Glove, Auspicious Armor, Malicious Armor, Ability Shield, Clear Amulet, Covert Cloak, Scarlet&Violet Book) Original Pokémon: Legends Arceus Expansion Script : -StCooler (Original script for Gen 8 Project in v18 and Status sprites) -PorousMist and curryofthepast (Adapting the script for v19.1 use) PLA item icons : AztecCroc, 3DJackArt, Caruban, lichenprincess Pokemon cries ripped: -Morningdew Pokeballs battle animation and summary icon: -Caruban -WolfPP (Beast ball battle animation) PLA Pokémon icons: LuigiTKO PLA Followers: Boonzeet, DarkusShadow, princess-phoenix, Ezeart, WolfPP PLA Sprites from Smogon Gen8 Sprite Project : (https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/smogon-sprite-project.3647722/) Blaquaza, KingOfThe-X-Roads, KattenK, Travis, G.E.Z., SpheX, Hematite, SelenaArmorclaw Vanilla Style Version Pokémon sprites: KingOfThe-X-Roads, Mak, Caruban, jinxed, leParagon, Sopita_Yorita, Azria, Mashirosakura, JordanosArt, Scept, NanaelJustice, SoyChim, KRLW890, AnonAlpaca, PokeJminer, Red7246, Carmanekko, Eduar, Lykeron, GriloKapu10, Mesayas, Erkey830, QDylm, PorousMist, OldSoulja, AlexandreV2.0, Z-nogyroP, lennybitao, Ruben1986 Blaquaza, KattenK, Travis, G.E.Z., SpheX, Hematite Gen 9 Icons: Vent, Katten, leParagon, Cesare_CBass, AlexandreV2.0, Carmanekko PLA Icons: LuigiTKO, Pikafan2000, Cesare_CBass, Vent, Cesare_Cbass, MultiDiegoDani, leParagon, JWNutz and thanks for Pokémon Icons Act 2.9 - Teracristalizando (https://whackahack.com/foro/threads/pokemon-icons-act-2-9-teracristalizando-07-08-2022.63896/) Full Sprites Credit List: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1T-KC-4XDOeFKq0Z6tfN6Sz4JIlpaK7B8A0lbmBg9fNY/edit?usp=sharing #### Pokemon Essentials Gen 8 Project #### Battler Sprites: Gen 1-5 Pokemon Sprites - veekun Gen 6 Pokemon Sprites - All Contributors To Smogon X/Y Sprite Project Gen 7 Pokemon Sprites - All Contributors To Smogon Sun/Moon Sprite Project Gen 8 Pokemon Sprites - All Contributors To Smogon Sword/Shield Sprite Project Overworld Sprites Gen 6+ Berry Tree Overworlds - Anarlaurendil Gen 6 Pokemon Overworlds - princess-pheonix, LunarDusk, Wolfang62, TintjeMadelintje101, piphybuilder88 Gen 7 Pokemon Overworlds - Larry Turbo, princess-pheonix Gen 8 Pokemon Overworlds - SageDeoxys, Wolfang62, LarryTurbo, tammyclaydon Gen 1-5 Pokemon Overworlds - MissingLukey, help-14, Kymoyonian, cSc-A7X, 2and2makes5, Pokegirl4ever, Fernandojl, Silver-Skies, TyranitarDark, Getsuei-H, Kid1513, Milomilotic11, Kyt666, kdiamo11, Chocosrawlooid, Syledude, Gallanty, Gizamimi-Pichu, 2and2makes5, Zyon17,LarryTurbo, spritesstealer, LarryTurbo Icon Sprites Gen 1-6 Pokemon Icon Sprites - Alaguesia, harveydentmd Gen 7 Pokemon Icon Sprites - Marin, MapleBranchWing, Contributors to the DS Styled Gen 7+ Repository Gen 8 Icon Sprites - Larry Turbo, Leparagon Shiny Icon Sprites - StarrWolf, Pokemon Shattered Light Team Cry Credits: Gen 1-6 Pokemon Cries - Rhyden Gen 7 Pokemon Cries - Marin, Rhyden Gen 8 Pokemon Cries - Zeak6464 Script Credits: Golisopod User, Luka S.J. Compilation of Resources: Golisopod User, UberDunsparce #=============================================================================== # Pokemon Super Yellow V1.0.0 Plugin Resources #=============================================================================== [DBK_000] Deluxe Battle Kit Name = Deluxe Battle Kit Version = 1.1.4 Essentials = 21.1 Requires = v21.1 Hotfixes,1.0.9 Optional = Generation 9 Pack,3.2 Optional = Generation 8 Pack Scripts,1.0 Optional = Bag Screen w/int. Party,2.5 Optional = Customizable Battle UI,1.0 Optional = Modular UI Scenes,2.0.3 Conflicts = Essentials Deluxe,1.0 Conflicts = Mid Battle Dialogue,1.0 Conflicts = Elite Battle: DX,1.0 Conflicts = SOS Battles,1.0 Website = https://www.pokecommunity.com/threads/deluxe-battle-kit-v21-1.525780/ Credits = Lucidious89 [DBK_001] Enhanced Battle UI Name = [DBK] Enhanced Battle UI Version = 2.0 Essentials = 21.1 Requires = Deluxe Battle Kit,1.1.4 Website = https://www.pokecommunity.com/threads/enhanced-battle-ui-dbk-add-on-v21-1.525837/ Credits = Lucidious89 [DBK_002] SOS Battles Name = [DBK] SOS Battles Version = 1.0.4 Essentials = 21.1 Requires = Deluxe Battle Kit,1.1.2 Website = https://www.pokecommunity.com/threads/sos-battles-dbk-add-on-v21-1.525882/ Credits = Lucidious89 [DBK_004] Z-Power Name = [DBK] Z-Power Version = 1.0.3 Essentials = 21.1 Requires = Deluxe Battle Kit,1.0.8 Website = https://reliccastle.com/resources/1478/ Credits = Lucidious89 [DBK_005] Dynamax Name = [DBK] Dynamax Version = 1.0.4 Essentials = 21.1 Requires = Deluxe Battle Kit,1.1.1 Website = https://www.pokecommunity.com/threads/dynamax-dbk-add-on-v21-1.526509/ Credits = Lucidious89 [DBK_006] Terastallization Name = [DBK] Terastallization Version = 1.0.7 Essentials = 21.1 Requires = Deluxe Battle Kit,1.0.9 Website = https://reliccastle.com/resources/1476/ Credits = Lucidious89 [MUI_000] Modular UI Scenes Name = Modular UI Scenes Version = 2.0.4 Essentials = 21.1 Requires = v21.1 Hotfixes,1.0.6 Optional = Generation 8 Pack Scripts,1.0 Optional = Generation 9 Pack,2.0 Website = https://reliccastle.com/resources/1325/ Credits = Lucidious89 [MUI_002] Pokedex Data Page Name = [MUI] Pokedex Data Page Version = 2.0 Essentials = 21.1 Requires = Modular UI Scenes,2.0.4 Website = https://www.pokecommunity.com/threads/in-depth-pokedex-data-page-v21-1.500459/ Credits = Lucidious89 [MUI_004] Improved Field Skills Name = [MUI] Improved Field Skills Version = 1.0.1 Essentials = 21.1 Requires = Modular UI Scenes,2.0.4 Website = https://www.pokecommunity.com/threads/improved-field-skills-use-hms-without-knowing-the-move-v21-1.501989/ Credits = Lucidious89 Automatic Level Scaling Name = Automatic Level Scaling Version = 1.5.1 Essentials = 20, 20.1, 21, 21.1 Website = https://github.com/Benitex/Automatic-Level-Scaling Credits = Benitex, Joltik, Umbreon #=============================================================================== # Instalation #=============================================================================== # To install this plugin, extract the zip file into your game root folder. # Then, you should check if you"re already using variables 99 and 100 in your game. # These are the variables that control trainer and wild pokemon difficulty, respectively. # # If you are already using these variables, go to the Settings.rb script and change # the value to whichever variable you want to use to change the difficulty. # # In "Settings.rb", you can also change some options, create other difficulty options, # and enable more complex conditions for level scaling. This is everything you need to do # to install the script, but you should also activate it by selecting a difficulty. # #=============================================================================== # How to use #=============================================================================== # Selecting a difficulty: # # In order to change the difficulty, you should use an event to change the variable # value according to the pre-defined difficulties. If you want to disable automatic # level scaling, just set the variable value to 0. By default, all variable values are 0, # so levels are not balanced unless you set these variables to one of the difficulties ids. # # Selecting a difficulty: # # In order to change the difficulty, you should use an event to change the variable # value according to the pre-defined difficulties. If you want to disable automatic # level scaling, just set the variable value to 0. By default, all variable values are 0, # so levels are not balanced unless you set these variables to one of the difficulties ids. # # Setting up gift pokemon, trades, fixed encounters: # # Whenever you find a field where you should insert a pokemon level (except for PBS), # you can use the function "AutomaticLevelScaling.getScaledLevel" and the level will be # automatically defined according to the currently selected difficulty. # # Creating new difficulties: # # There are three pre-defined difficulties, but you can add your own new ones by using the function # "Difficulty.new(random_increase, fixed_increase)" in the DIFFICULTIES Hash in Settings.rb. # "fixed_increase" is a pre-defined value that increases the pokemon level # "random_increase" is a randomly selected value between 0 and the value provided # Note that these variables can also store negative values. # Setting them to 0 would have the same effect of calling "pbBalancedLevel($player.party)" # and removing two from the avarage. # # Changing settings for a specific battle: # # You can use the function "AutomaticLevelScaling.setTemporarySetting(setting, value)" to apply a # temporary change to a setting for a specific battle, all changes will be reverted after the battle. # This is a new way to change settings in v1.4, based on Essentials "setBattleRule" function. # You can simply insert the setting name in the first parameter and the value defined in the second, # you should call it multiple times if you want to apply multiple settings. You can still use the older # "AutomaticLevelScaling.setSettings" function if you prefer though. # # "AutomaticLevelScaling.setSettings" does not automatically revert changes after the next battle and # they will be permanent until the game is closed or new changes are made. You can use the "temporary" # parameter to revert the changes after the battle. If you don"t use it, don"t forget to change them # back to the original settings after the battle or series of battles. All arguments are optional and # can be positioned in any order, use a value of the type indicated after the parameter name. # # AutomaticLevelScaling.setSettings( # update_moves: boolean, # automatic_evolutions: boolean, # include_previous_stages: boolean, # proportional_scaling: boolean, # only_scale_if_higher: boolean, # only_scale_if_lower: boolean, # first_evolution_level: Integer, # second_evolution_level: Integer # ) # # Setting Description # "updateMoves" Set to false if you want to use the pre-defined moves in the PBS. # "proportionalScaling" When true, Takes original level differences from the PBS into consideration when scaling levels. # "automaticEvolutions" Set to false if you don't want pokemon automatically evolving. # "includeNonNaturalEvolutions" Set to false if you want to disable evolution for pokemon that evolve with evolution stones, happiness, etc. # "includePreviousStages" When true, returns pokemon to their previous evolution stages if they did not reach their evolution level. # "includeNextStages" If false, stops evolution at the species used in the function call (or defined in the PBS). In other words, you can set the maximum evolution of a pokemon in the wild or for a specific trainer. # "firstEvolutionLevel" Select the level required for pokemon that don't evolve by level up to get to their mid-form. # "secondEvolutionLevel" Select the level required for pokemon that don't evolve by level up to get to their final form. # "onlyScaleIfHigher" When true, the script will only scale levels if the player is over-leveled. # "onlyScaleIfLower" When true, The script will only scale levels if the player is under-leveled. # "temporary" Restores all settings to their default values after the next battle. Only possible in setSettings because "setTemporarySetting" enables this by default. #=============================================================================== # Detailed credits #=============================================================================== # The one script I was inspired by the most is Joltik"s Advanced Pokemon Level Balancing + evolution, # but the default Essentials random dungeon script was also important to make this script. #=============================================================================== Character Selection by FL Name = Character Selection By FL Version = 1.1 Essentials = 21.1 Credits = FL Enhanced Pokemon UI Name = Enhanced Pokemon UI Version = 1.0.3 Essentials = 21.1 Requires = Modular UI Scenes,2.0.2 Website = https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=500755 Credits = Lucidious89 Form Trader Name = Form Trader Version = 2.0 Essentials = 20, 20.1, 21, 21.1 Website = https://reliccastle.com/resources/1425/ Credits = Dr.Doom76 #=============================================================================== # Installation #=============================================================================== # To install this plugin, extract the folders file into your game root folder. # #=============================================================================== # How to use #=============================================================================== # Use the call "pbFormTrader" in an event, and it will run itself from there. # Use the call "pbFormTrader(nickName, trainerName, trainerGender)" if you want to use arguments. # Nickname is going to be the nickname of the Pokemon coming back to you. # If left blank, it will default to the Pokemon's name. # Trainer name is the name of the Trainer who is trading you, or "OT". # If left blank, it will default to the NPC Event's name within your game. # Trainer gender is the gender of the trainer who is trading you. 0 by default. # 0 = male, 1 = female. # This plugin will allow you to trade Pokemon for a different form of that Pokemon. # The Pokemon traded back will be the same Pokemon (stats, etc) as the one traded. # The arguments are optional, but can be used if desired. # If using my Charm Case, it will also add to the IV's and add a chance to come back Shiny. # This will not work on Mega forms, Legendary forms, or Pokemon that change forms due to outside circumstances(deerling, etc.) Generation 9 Pack Scripts Name = Generation 9 Pack Version = 3.2.3 Essentials = 21.1 Requires = v21.1 Hotfixes,1.0.7 Website = https://www.reliccastle.com/threads/5817/ Credits = Caruban # Change logs ############################################# # 3.2.3 ############################################# # - Added Gen 9 shiny icons # - Fixed Gen 9 pokemon metric PBS # ############################################# # 3.2.2 ############################################# # - Fixed Make it Rain from making stat drop for every targets # - Fixed Battle AI ShouldSwitch handler for Zero to Hero ability effect # - Fixed Whirldwind/Roar move function # ############################################# # 3.2.1 ############################################# # - Added the missing overworld sprites (except Ogerpon tera forms, Archaludon, Terapagos terastal form, and Terapagos stellar form) # - Fixed discrepancies between the main PBS and the backup PBS (standalone) # - Fixed error when AI used Spicy Extract # - Fixed error when player walks and all the pokemon faint # - Fixed typo in pbCalcDamageMultipliers for "IncreasePowerInSunWeather" move # ############################################# # 3.2.0 ############################################# # - Added Indigo Disk DLC Pokémon, abilities, moves, and several items to PBS # - Added Resized Gen 8 Pokémon sprites # - Added Meteorite item handler # - Added MultipleForms for Terapagos # - Added Electro Shot, Burning Bulwark, Fickle Beam, Dragon Cheer, Alluring Voice, Psychic Noise, Upper Hand Move handler # - Added BurningBulwark effect in pbEndOfRoundPhase # - Added Battle::DamageState class for Tera Shell # - Added new ability trigger OnInflictingStatus for Poison Puppeteer # - Added ModifyTypeEffectiveness and OnMoveSuccessCheck ability trigger for Tera Shell # - Edited triggerOnStatusInflicted to add OnInflictingStatus trigger for Poison Puppeteer # - Fixed pbSuccessCheckAgainstTarget so that Silk Trap/Burning Bulwark don't trigger during the charge turn of two turn moves # - Removed the HighCriticalHitRatio flags from the moves Ceaseless Edge and Stone Axe, and updated their descriptions to remove all mentions of critical hits # - Removed Scale Shot move handler # - Updated Feint, Hyperspace Fury, and Shadow Force/Phantom Force # ############################################# # 3.1.1 ############################################# # - Added Gen 9 TM item PBS files as an OPTIONAL # - Added "once-per-switch-in" rules to intimidate ability # - Added Ogerpon form compability for Pokedex Data Page plugin # - Added "getFormOnCreation" proc for lechonk and oinkologne # - Added rough_accuracy AI method for Glaive Rush # - Fixed Mind's Eye effectiveness_of_type_against_single_battler_type error # - Fixed egg form handler for Petilil, Rufflet, and Goomy # - Fixed efficiency of "of Ruin" ability for AI rough damage calculations # - Fixed multiplier of Hydro Stream for AI rough damage calculations # - Fixed typo of Drowsy AI rough damage calculations # - Removed dondozo ability to dynamax when Commander ability active # ############################################# # 3.1.0 ############################################# # - Added Teal Mask Pokemon, Form, Move, some Items, sprites, and cries. # - Added the missing Accuracy calc portion of Illuminate's new effect. # - Added the PBS Updater script file to update older species PBS files. # - Added Gen 9 Base Item Ranking to wants_item? # - Added Gen 9 Base Ability Ranking to wants_ability? # - Added several missing Vanilla style Pokemon Icons. # - Added a rewrite for Shaymin's form handler so that it also reverts forms when Frostbitten. # - Added the ability to have different animations for Raging Bull based on which type the move is # - Created new methods for getting the correct weather/terrain text to make this code easier to edit. # - Changed the breeding method to always produce baby pokemon species regardless of held item. # - Fixed a text bug in battle that would display "Hail" instead of "Snow" if the weather was inherited from overworld weather. # - Fixed Generation 9 Pokemon Color and Body Shape based on Pokemon Home. # - Fixed AI MoveEffectScore for Mortal Spin # - Fixed moldBreaker bug where using a move that ignores target ability (pbFindTargets, pbChangeTargets, pbSuccessCheckAgainstTarget) # - Fixed error caused by isCommander? that used for target instead of target.battler in pbPredictMoveFailureAgainstTarget # - Fixed incorrect function code for Raging Bull in display_type # - Fixed shiny animation error while on Safari Game. # - Removed Tera Orb and Tera shards from pack. (It will be included into Lucidious89's Tera plugin) # - Removed Tera Blast from Moves PBS and Pokemon PBS TutorMoves. (It will be included into Lucidious89's Tera plugin) # - Removed duplicate Psyblade move function handler # - Renamed @function to @function_code in pbAdditionalEffectChance # - Renamed PBEffect::Protean to PBEffect::OneUseAbility # - Renamed typo in the filename of Rellor's vanilla backsprites # - Separated all gen 9 species into a stand-alone file. # - Set the Drowsy and Frostbite settings to false by default. # - Updated several Pokemon overworld sprites. # ############################################# # 3.0.1 ############################################# # - Fixed AI script to use has_active_ability? && has_active_item? # - Fixed typo in Illuminate ability handlers that effects Keen Eye ability handler # - Removed :minimum_level proc and add :any_level_up proc to some evolution method # ############################################# # 3.0.0 for v21.1 ############################################# # - Added Portion name to a few items # - Added AI Item and Ability Rangking handlers for Gen 9 Items and abilities # - Changed several habitat and flags in Pokémon pbs data # - Updated all AI move score modifiers to v21 # ############################################# # 2.0.0 ############################################# # PBS Files #-------------------------------------- # Pokemon: # - Updated move learn sets of all species. # - Made it so that Pokemon can now have moves added to their level-up learn set that are learned at level -1. This is used for Move Relearner-exclusive moves that the Pokemon isn't meant to learn at any level, not even level 1. This is a feature that was introduced in Scarlet & Voilet. # - Added Move Relearner-exclusive moves to the learn sets of all appropriate species. # - Added the appropriate form names to all Gen 9 and PLA species. # - Added Tera Blast to the tutor move list of all eligible species. This includes everything besides Magikarp, Ditto, Smeargle, Unown, Wobbuffet, and Wynaut. # - Added the "Paradox" flag to all paradox species. # - Added the "Mystical" flag to all mystical Pokémon. # - Added the "Legendary" flag to all legendary Pokémon. # - Added the Linking Cord as an alternative item-based evolution method for Kadabra, Machoke, Graveler and Haunter, like it's used in PLA. # - Gave Tandemaus a normal level-up evolution method, and removed the method it used previously. # - Gave Bisharp the Leader's Crest as its uncommon wild held item. # - Gave each Oricorio their respective nectar as its uncommon wild held item. # - Gave Iron Leaves/Walking Wake tentative Pokedex entries based on Pokemon Home. # - Change Overqwil evolution requirement to level up after using Barb Barrage at least 20 times. # - Change Sneasler evolution requirement to level up while holding a Razor Claw during the day. # - Rename the walk evolution method name to :LevelWalk. # - Updated Kleavor and Hisuian Zoroark stats. # # Moves: # - All PLA moves updated to have the appropriate stats that they have in Scarlet/Voilet. # - All of the newly added moves have been given the appropriate move flags that they're supposed to have. # - Renamed the function codes for nearly all of the newly added moves in this plugin. # - Added appropriate move flags for compatibility with the PLA Battle Styles plugin. # # Abilities: # - Implemented Futuresushi's shortened Ability descriptions so that they don't break the default Essentials UI. # # Items: # - Shortened the description of certain items so they no longer break the default Essentials UI. # - Added missing Fling damage flags on several items. # - Added appropriate item flags for compatibility with the Terastal Phenomenon plugin. #-------------------------------------- # Scripts #-------------------------------------- # General: # - Overhauled all of the code in the entire plugin. Implemented aliases wherever possible to avoid overwriting huge portions of code. This should make the plugin more efficient, while also much more inherently compatible with loads of other plugins, as well as custom script changes. Also rewrote and renamed entire methods for more clarity, and added new methods for more convenience. # - Restructured and reorganized how the plugin scripts are named and sorted to be more accessible and easy to use. # - Created a new Settings file to customize some of the new mechanics added by this plugin. # # Related to Pokemon: # - Added the feature which allows for Move Relearner-exclusive moves in a species' learn set. # - Added the feature which allows Pokemon in the party to inherit Egg Moves from each other when a Mirror Herb is held. This is checked for as the player walks, and will pass a random compatible Egg Move to the Mirror Herb holder every 100 steps or so. The Pokemon must have an empty move slot to inherit any Egg Moves. # - Added a feature to the Pokemon Summary. You can now Nickname a Pokemon directly in this UI when you open the Options menu. In addition, you can also relearn or forget moves directly from their Moves page, as well as teach them any compatible TM's. # - Reworked the evolution handlers for all of the new evolution methods added by this plugin. They should now be tracked far more accurately, with less bloat. # - Fixed an issue where this plugin previously overwrote Alolan and Galarian species spawning in their correct forms when hatched from eggs. All regional forms should now hatch from eggs in the correct form. # - Made it so Quilava, Dewott, and Dartrix will now automatically be forced into form 1 if you are in the Hisui region (region 3 by default). This allows them to appropriately evolve into their Hisuian evolutions. # - Fixed a typo in Squawkabilly's form handler that prevented it from correctly spawning in random forms. # - Added in battle effect for the Illumate ability. #-------------------------------------- # Related to Battle #-------------------------------------- # Weather: # - Overhauled the Hail weather so you can now toggle four different versions of this weather with HAIL_WEATHER_TYPE in the plugin Settings. # - 0: The normal Hail weather that exists in vanilla Essentials by default. Deals damage to non-Ice types each turn. # - 1: The new Snow weather that replaces Hail. This is the Gen 9 version of this weather that boosts the Defense of Ice-type Pokemon by 50%. # - 2: A Hailstorm weather that combines Hail and Snow. This is a custom weather that combines all three effects above into a single weather type. # # Statuses: # Drowsy # - Added the Drowsy status introduced in PLA. This status can be used in two ways. If SLEEP_EFFECTS_CAUSE_DROWSY is set to true in the plugin Settings, then all effects in the game that would normally inflict or check for the Sleep status will now call the Drowsy status instead. This effectively replaces Sleep in your game with the Drowsy status. If this is instead set to false, then Drowsy and Sleep are treated as unrelated status conditions, and may be inflicted independently of each other. Note however, that you'll have to customize moves and effects to specifically apply the Drowsy status in this case. # # - Drowsy status effects: # - The user has a 33% chance to be unable to act each turn. This doubles to 66% in Snow/Hail. # - The user takes 33% more damage from attacks while Drowsy. # - Drowziness may end naturally after 3-4 turns. # - Drowsiness may end early if a move with the "ElectrocuteUser" flag is used on or by the user. # # - Interactions: # - All items that may be used to cure the Sleep status will now also do so with the Drowsy status. This includes the Chesto Berry, Awakening, Blue Flute, and Poke Flute. # - All moves that cure the Sleep status will now also do so with the Drowsy status. This includes Aromatherapy/Heal Bell, Jungle Healing/Lunar Blessing, Psycho Shift, Wake-Up Slap, and Uproar. # - All abilities that prevent or cure the Sleep status will now also do so with the Drowsy status. This includes Insomnia/Vital Spirit, Healer, Hydration, and Shed Skin. # - The Synchronize ability may now also pass on the Drowsy status. # - Added the DrowseTarget function code to be given to moves to allow them to inflict the Drowsy status. # # Frostbite # - Added the Frostbite status introduced in PLA. This status can be used in two ways. If FREEZE_EFFECTS_CAUSE_FROSTBITE is set to true in the plugin Settings, then all effects in the game that would normally inflict or check for the Frozen status will now call the Frostbite status instead. This effectively replaces Freeze in your game with the Frostbite status. If this is instead set to false, then Frostbite and Freeze are treated as unrelated status conditions, and may be inflicted independently of each other. Note however, that you'll have to customize moves and effects to specifically apply the Frostbite status in this case. # # - Frostbite status effects: # - The user takes damage at the end of each round equal to 1/16th their max HP. # - Damage dealt by the user's special attacks is halved. # - Frostbite may end early if a move with the "ThawsUser" flag is used on or by the user. # # - Interactions: # - Made it so that moves that have a chance to inflict Frostbite will have their chances doubled when used during Hail/Snow. # - All items that may be used to cure the Frozen status will now also do so with the Frostbite Status. This includes the Aspear Berry and Ice Heal. # - All moves that cure the Frozen status will now also do so with the Frostbite status. This includes Aromatherapy/Heal Bell, and Jungle Healing/Lunar Blessing. # - All abilities that prevent or cure the Frozen status will now also do so with the Frostbite status. This includes Magma Armor, Healer, Hydration, and Shed Skin. # - The move Psycho Shift and the ability Synchronize may now also pass on the Frostbite status. # - Added the FrostbiteTarget function code to be given to moves to allow them to inflict the Frostbite status. # # Moves: # - Added the DrowseTarget function code to be used by custom moves to inflict the Drowsy status. # - Added the FrostbiteTarget function code to be used by custom moves to inflict the Frostbite status. # - Added the StartSplintersTarget function code to be used by custom moves to inflict the Splinters effect from PLA. # - Added the DamageTargetAddSpikesToFoeSide function code to apply Spikes to the opposing side with a damage-dealing move, like the Gen 9 version of Ceaseless Edge. # - Added the DamageTargetAddStealthRocksToFoeSide function code to apply Stealth Rocks to the opposing side with a damage-dealing move, like the Gen 9 version of Stone Axe. # - Added the ElectrocuteUser flag to be given to moves. This functions how the ThawsUser flag does, but for the Drowsy status. # - Psycho Shift: This move may now pass on the Drowsy and Frostbite statuses. # - Aromatherapy: This move and others like it may now also heal the party's Drowsy and Frostbite statuses. # - Jungle Healing: This move and others like it may now also heal the Drowsy and Frostbite statuses. # - Wake-Up Slap: This move may now also remove the target's Drowsy status. # - Uproar: This move may now also heal and prevent any battler's Drowsy status. # - Rest: This move now fails when used by a Pokemon with the Purifying Salt ability. # - Dragon Tail: This move and other moves like it will now be able to properly hit Pokemon with the Guard Dog ability, its switch-out effects simply won't activate. # - Tailwind: Added the missing proc for the Wind Rider ability. # - Charge: When MECHANICS_GENERATION is set to 9+, the Charge effect will remain on the user indefinitely until they either switch or use an Electric-type move, instead of counting down each turn. This applies to all other effects that apply the Charge effect, too. # - Spark: Gave this move the "ElectrocuteUser" flag, as it does in PLA. # - Volt Tackle: Gave this move the "ElectrocuteUser" flag, as it does in PLA. # - Wild Charge: Gave this move the "ElectrocuteUser" flag, as it does in PLA. # - Ally Switch: This move now properly works off the Protect counter, as it does in Gen 9. You may now switch between the Gen 9 and older variants of this move with the MECHANICS_GENERATION setting. # - Fling: The additional effects of this move when flinging certain items are now blocked by Covert Cloak. # - Skill Swap: This move will now fail if the user is holding an Ability Shield. # - Core Enforcer: This move will now properly hit Pokemon holding an Ability Shield, its ability suppression effects simply won't activate. # - Sunsteel Strike: This move and other moves like it will no longer ignore the target's ability if they are holding an Ability Shield. # - Judgment: This move now functions like it does in PLA if the user is holding a Legend Plate. This will cause the user to change type and form into one that would be most effective against the current target. This move's typing will also change to reflect this. The typing of this move while displayed in the fight menu will now reflect its actual type, instead of always displaying as Normal. An edited version based on Eskiss's Functional Legend Plate. # - Power Shift: This move now functions identically to Power Trick. # - Wave Crash: This move now functions identically to other recoil moves, like Brave Bird. # - Lunar Blessing: This move now functions identically to Jungle Healing. # - Triple Arrows: This move now applies its Defense drop and flinching effects separately, like the Elemental Fangs do. # - Ceaseless Edge: This move now properly applies Spikes on the opponent's side. If MECHANICS_GENERATION is set below 9, this move will inflict the splinters effect instead, like it does in PLA. # - Stone Axe: This move now properly applies Stealth Rocks on the opponent's side. If MECHANICS_GENERATION is set below 9, this move will inflict the splinters effect instead, like it does in PLA. # - Collision Course: This move and other moves like it now have the proper damage modifier applied to Super Effective hits. # - Raging Bull: This move now properly changes type to match the user's form, as well as removing screens. The typing of this move while displayed in the fight menu will now reflect its actual type, instead of always displaying as Normal. # - Silk Trap: This move now works as intended, as previously the check for this move wasn't initialized properly. # - Glaive Rush: After using this move, the any attacks against the user will now have perfect accuracy, as intended. This vulnerable state now ends immediately after the user uses its next move, instead of always lasting until the end of the next turn. # - Spicy Extract: This move now raises/lowers the targets stats by the correct number of stages. # - Tidy Up: This move now raises Attack/Speed like it should. This move will now only fail if all possible effects of the move would fail. # - Order Up: This move may now call different animations based on the form of Tatsugiri commanding the user. Note however that these animations aren't included in the plugin by default. # # Abilities: # - Insomnia: This ability and others like it now also block/cure the Drowsy status. # - Magma Armor: This ability now also blocks/cures the Frostbite status. # - Healer: This ability may now also heal the Drowsy and Frostbite statuses. # - Hydration: This ability may now also heal the Drowsy and Frostbite statuses. # - Shed Skin: This ability may now also heal the Drowsy and Frostbite statuses. # - Synchronize: This ability may now also pass on the Drowsy and Frostbite statuses. # - Intimidate: Items that proc off of this ability triggering, such as the Adrenaline Orb, may no longer trigger on targets with the Guard Dog ability if their Attack is already at +6. # - Poison Touch: This ability is now blocked by Covert Cloak. # - Wandering Spirit: This ability now fails if either Pokemon is holding an Ability Shield. # - Protean: This ability and others like it are only limited to once per switch-in when MECHANICS_GENERATION is set to 9+. # - Intrepid Sword: This ability and others like it are only limited to once per battle when MECHANICS_GENERATION is set to 9+. # - Battle Bond: This ability raises the user's stats instead of changing into Ash-Greninja only when MECHANICS_GENERATION is set to 9+. # - Armor Tail: Corrected an issue that overwrote Queenly Majesty from sharing this ability's effect. # - Opportunist: This ability has been completely redone so that it now works as it's intended to. # - Costar: This ability may now also copy an ally's Focus Energy boosts, as it's intended to. # - Orichalcum Pulse: This ability and others like it now apply the correct damage multiplier in the right conditions. # - Mycelium Might: The user's held Quick Claw may no longer proc if using a status move with this ability. # - Seed Sower: Fixed the redundant terrain-setting message. # - Thermal Exchange: This ability may now heal the user's Burn if it's somehow burned while having this ability. # - Toxic Debris: This ability will no longer trigger if the user is behind a substitute. This ability will now always lay Toxic Spikes on the opponent's side, even if struck by an ally. The Toxic Spikes animation will now play whenever this ability is triggered. # - Protosynthesis: This ability now takes stat stages into account when determining which to boost. The user also ignores the effect of a held Utility Umbrella, or the Cloud Nine/Airlock abilities when determining whether to trigger this ability. # - Quark Drive: This ability now takes stat stages into account when determining which to boost. # - Zero to Hero: Fixed a crash that would occur when ending a battle before a user of this ability on the field has transformed. # - Commander: Fixed all of the switching-related inconsistencies this ability previously had. The user's actions will now be properly cancelled if it selected a move on the same turn this ability triggered. When this ability is active, the user's sprite will now be hidden for the duration of this ability's effect. # # Items: # - Adamant Crystal: This item may no longer be removed if the holder is Dialga. # - Lustrous Globe: This item may no longer be removed if the holder is Palkia. # - Griseous Core: This item may no longer be removed if the holder is Giratina. # - Blank Plate: This item may no longer be removed if the holder is Arceus. # - Legend Plate: This item may no longer be removed if the holder is Arceus. Changes how the move Judgment works if held by the Arceus. # - Booster Energy: This item may no longer be removed if the holder is a species with the "Paradox" flag and has either the Protosynthesis or Quark Drive abilities. # - Chesto Berry: This item may now also heal the Drowsy status. # - Aspear Berry: This item may now also heal the Frostbite status. # - Lum Berry: This item may now also heal the Drowsy and Frostbite statuses. # - Hopo Berry: Corrected an issue that overwrote Leppa Berry from sharing this item's effect. # - Hisuian Heavy Ball: This ball now has an increased capture rate on Pokemon with a low base Speed stat (50 or lower). This effect is shared by the Leaden and Gigaton Balls, and scale in strength. # - Feather Ball: This ball now has an increased capture rate on airborne Pokemon, or those with a high base Speed stat (100 or higher). This effect is shared by the Wing and Jet Balls, and scale in strength. # - Origin Ball: This ball now functions identically to a Master Ball when specifically used on Dialga, Palkia or Giratina while in their Origin Formes. # - Quick Claw: This item may no longer proc if the user has the Mycelium Might ability and is using a status move. # - Mirror Herb: This item has been completely redone so that it now works as it's intended to. This item can now proc off of an opponent's Opportunist ability, but it can't proc off of other Mirror Herbs. #-------------------------------------- # Other #-------------------------------------- # - Included new status icon graphics that replaces your old files. These include new icons for the Drowsy/Frostbite statueses. # - Included optional files in PBS/Plugins for compatibility with Essentials Deluxe and other plugins which rely on it. You may delete the files found here that aren't relevant to you. # - Added the missing back and follower sprites. # ############################################# # 1.1.0 ############################################# # - Fixed : adding move. infront of specialMove? and physicalMove? in Ai Changes.rb # - Fixed : Commander ability when dondozo fainted # - Fixed : Doodle affects by ability shield # - Added : missing move and ability affected by Ability Shield (role play, entrainment, power of alchemy, receiver, and trace) # - Added : Walking Wake and Iron Leaves cries, battle and icon sprites # - Added : Footprints, more backsprites and follower sprites # - Added : AI score for move affected by ability shield # ############################################# # 1.0.0 ############################################# # - Fixed : Chloroblast and Stone Axe power base, accuracy, and removing high critical hit rate from Stone Axe (Move PBS) # - Fixed : Walk Evolution error (Evolution Method) # - Fixed : Supreme Overlord typo from battler to user (Ability Effect) # - Edited : Hisuian poké ball's icon filename typo # - Edited : Shorten some item descriptions (Item PBS) # - Added : Wind tag to Bleakwind Storm, Fairy Wind, Sandsear Storm, Springtide Storm, and Wildbolt Storm (Move PBS) # - Added : Category for some of Paldean and Hisuian form Pokémon (Multiple Form PBS) # - Added : 2 new moves Hydro Steam and Psyblade (Move PBS and Function) # - Added : 2 new pokemon Walking Wake and Iron Leaves (Pokemon PBS) # - Added : More backsprites and follower sprites # - Added : Sandwich and Herba Mysticas icon sprites # ############################################# # 0.9.0 ############################################# # - Added Water Tera Shard, Booster Energy, Gimmighoul coin, TM Material, Kofu's Wallet item sprites # - Added and Changed Toedscool, Toedscruel, Tadbulb, Bellibolt sprites # - Added Charcadet, Armorouge, Ceruledge backsprite # - Added Gen 4 style sprites # - Fixed Revive AI bug (Won't do any effect if the faint pokemon index = 1) # - Updated the movepool for the returning Pokémon in SV # ############################################# # 0.8.0 ############################################# # - Fixed Libero and Protean from only once per battle to once per switch in # - Fixed Wave Crash, Chloroblast, Headlong Rush, Psyshield Bash, Mystical Power, Victory Dance, Shelter, and Take Heart additional effect chances # - Fixed Squawkabilly PBS data and files # - Fixed Nymble and Lokix front sprite typo # - Updated PLA pokemon and forms moveset to gen 9 # - Updated basculin evolution to receive recoil damage without fainting # - Maushold now skip the evolution scene if it level up but not participate in that battle # - Added Enamorus to the Reveal Glass UseOnPokemon function # - Added Rabsca, Orthworm, Dachsbun, and Wattrel Front sprites by The-King-Of-Roads-X # - Added Annihilape, Clodsire, Squawkabilly, Scovillain and Capsakid back sprites by Caruban # - Added PLA poke balls battle animation sprites and summary icons by Caruban and WolfPP # - Added some Gen 9 Follower sprites by DarkusShadow # - Added some moves animation by TheToxic7326 to resource page # - Added Fidough, Dachsbun, Naclstack, Pawmi, Pawmo, Pawmot, Sprigatito, Floragato, Meowscarada, Fuecoco, Crocalor, Skeledirge, Quaxly, Quaxwell, Quaquaval,Maschiff, Wattrel, Kilowattrel back sprites # - Added Pawmo and Naclstack front sprites # - Added Pawmot front sprites by jinxed # - Added Vinizen, Tauroses front sprites by KingOfThe-X-Roads # - Added Tera Orb, Rotom Phone, Bamboos, Tera Shards, Mirror Herb, Loaded Dice, Leader Crest, and Kubfu Scrolls sprites by Iichenprincess # - Added Tera Orb, Rotom Phone, Scarlet Book, Violet Book, Bamboos, Tera Shards PBS # - Added Hopo Berry function # - Updated PLA mon Exp base # - Fixed bug when enemy fainted because inderect damage like Rocky Helmet, Rough Skin, or Recoil. # ############################################# # 0.7.0 ############################################# # - Added base exp to the Pokemon PBS file # - Added more pokemon sprites # - Added pokemon cries # - Added AI support for the moves # - Added code for AI to be able to use revive items # - Changed Torch Song function code to RaiseUserSpAtk1 # - Changed Comeuppance function code to CounterDamagePlusHalf (Metal Burst) # - Changed Make it Rain function # - Changed the fainted counting method for Supreme Overlord and Last Respect # - Fixed error in move that have crash damage # - Fixed error in RemoveTerrain function # - Fixed Move PBS file missing flag, typo, and changing accuracy from 101 to 0 # - Fixed error for Basculegion evolution method # - Fixed error when enemy using Revival Blessing # - Fixed adding base type modifier for Raging Bull # - Made Revival Blessing a healing move # - Rearranged Pokemon order in Pokemon PBS file # - Updated Supreme Overlord, change fainted counting method and change attack_multipier to base_damage_multiplier # - Updated Ally Switch (Will fail when used successfully by another ally Pokémon on the same turn) # - Updated Moves PBS for Sandsear Storm, Wildbolt Storm, Infernal Parade, and Take Heart # - Updated items price # ############################################# # 0.6.0 ############################################# # - Added Punching flag to Headlong Rush, Rage Fist, Surging Strikes # - Added Slicing flag to Ceaseless Edge, Secret Sword, Stone Axe # - Added Farigiraf, Smoliv, Koraidon, and Miraidon Sprites # - Added more Gen 9 Pokemon icons # - Added 3 new item icons # - Excluded Synchronize effect when outside of battle for mechanic generation > 8 # - Fixed supreme overlord # - Fixed gigaton hammer # - Removed the pbSetWeatherScene line # - Updated Dauntless Shield, Intrepid Sword, Libero, Protean Independent Hidden Power Type Name = Independent Hidden Power Type Version = 1.0 Essentials = 20.1 Requires = v21.1 Hotfixes Optional = Essentials Deluxe,1.0 Optional = BW Summary Screen,1.0 Optional = Enhanced UI,1.0 Website = https://reliccastle.com/resources/1235/ Credits = DemICE #==================================================================== # Change log #==================================================================== # # 1.0.0: # - Plugin Creation LAMR Name = LA Moverelearner Version = 1.0 Link = https://reliccastle.com/resources/933/ Credits = Kotaro,IndianAnimator Lin's IV EV Summary Screen Name = Lin's IV EV Summary Screen Version = 1.2.1 Essentials = 21,21.1 Requires = Modular UI Scenes Link = https://reliccastle.com/resources/1328/ Credits = LinKazamine, Lucidious89 Super Yellow Pack Scripts Name = Super Yellow Pack Version = 1.0.0 Essentials = 21.1 Requires = v21.1 Hotfixes,1.0.9 Requires = Generation 9 Pack,3.2.2 Website = (Pending) Credits = Hazy Crazy ###Change Log### #===================================================================== ### 1.0.0 ### In these notes, the (codebase.rb) at the end refers to what script in base Essentials is being changed. ### If your Pokemon fangame requires extensive changes and reworks, it is best pratice to organise everything into a portable resource pack. ### So if you ever need to start over, all the work you done can be easily carried over. ### Trust me when I say, making a portable resource pack is going to save you a TON of pain. #===================================================================== # - Generated Pokemon will always have 32 IVs (pokemon.rb) # - Added the Change EVs/IVs Party Menu option, for full manual EV and IV editing (For Trick Room, Foul Play, Hidden Power and making building competitive teams not be a waste of time to get results you can try out in action) # - Added the Normal Type Attacks without STAB match your first type change to pbCalcType(user) or NTAW STAB MFT for short, by Jason Godwyn. Super Yellow checks if a Pokemon does not have the Stellar Type when it uses a Normal Type move # - Added the move Hidden Force, a physical move that is a clone of Hidden Power # - Super Yellow uses Independent Hidden Power Type by DemICE, adapted to work with V21.1, to divorce Hidden Power/Hidden Force from it's god awful mechanic of the move's type being affected by precise IV values # - The player can obtain the Hidden Orb Key Item, that allows them to manually set a Pokemon's Hidden Power type (Future Updates will add a Change Hidden Power Party Menu option, for faster adjustments) # - The Independent Hidden Power Type plugin and the new move Hidden Force now means Hidden Power and Terastallization can coexist # - The Dynamax mechanic has been adjusted, so a Pokemon cannot Dynamax if they know the moves Hidden Power/Hidden Force, to stop Max Airstream from breaking the metagame (Actual implementation will be in future updates. All these notes are checklist plans for Super Yellow, not factual features it has) # - Super Yellow uses the Legends Arceus Move Reminder plugin by Kotaro and IndianAnimator, configured to allow the player to freely edit a Pokemon's level up/TM/Tutor/Event/Egg moves. It's vital to be able to freely change a Pokemon's moveset at a moment's notice, because of the infinite amount of outcomes a player can encounter in a battle # - Super Yellow changes the type chart of the 18 Pokemon types that exist as of Gen 9 (Stellar in pratice is the ??? type with a new coat of paint, outside of being super effective on only Tera Pokemon) # - Ice, Grass, Ghost, Psychic, Electric, Rock, Water, Dark and Bug types have signficant changes made to their matchups (All changes can be viewed in game with the Type Lookup menu option) # - Fire and Fighting types do not take damage from the Snow Hail weather condition (Gen 9's Snow weather and Pre Gen 9's Hail end of turn damage effect) # - Super Yellow uses Type Icons in Battle, so it's easier to know at a glance what a Pokemon's type is # - Super Yellow changes type effectiveness, so only Pokemon with a double weakness take 3 times damage, rather than 4 times damage. type effective damage multipliers outside of this change are the same as they are in the offical games. Aurorus (Rock/Ice) and Rock/Ground types are now going to have a better time handling their type weaknesses! # - Super Yellow uses the Form Trader Plugin, to solve the problem of obtaining a Pokemon's regional form, without tedium or having to catch another Pokemon to get one # - Super Yellow tweaks the Gym Badge and Traded Pokemon level obedience, so that a traded Pokemon's level doesn't matter, regarless of how many Gym Badges you have. This is done, because the Form Trader plugin exists to make obtaining a Pokemon's regional form less tedious and annoying if you want to make a Living Pokedex. # - Jungle Healing recovers 66% HP and heals Status Conditions (Gen 9 Jungle Healing is 25% HP and heals status conditions. Buffed in Super Yellow, because Zarude is the only Pokemon that can learn it and they are a Grass/Dark type) # - Battle Bond's Gen 9 one time effect can now be used by any Pokemon, and is mainly used by the starter Pokemon of Super Yellow # - Knock Off does not grant a damage boost when an opponent Pokemon is holding an item, still knocks off an item like normal # - Psywave, Dragon Rage and Sonicboom have the FixedDamageUserLevelRandom move effect, and their power now ranges from 125 to 150 (Could change to have Fickle Beam's effect) # - Punishment is now a +2 Priority move. Base Power starts at 100 and goes up to 250 # - Trump Card's power curve is now 80,100,120,150,200 # - Aerial Ace uses the user's speed, rather than attack for damage caculation # - Egg Bomb is now a 100 Base Power, 100% Accurate move, that becomes physical or special based on the user's best attacking stats # - Psychic type Pokemon cannot miss when using Drowzy inducing status moves # - Electric type Pokemon cannot miss when using Paralysis inducing status moves # - Fire type Pokemon cannot miss when using Burn inducing status moves # - Ice type Pokemon cannot miss when using Frostbite inducing status moves # - Cut is a 70 Base Power, 100% Accurate Grass type move, that is super effective on Grass types # - Sunsteel Strike is super effective on Fire types # - Normal type Pokemon cannot miss when using confusion inducing status moves # - Fairy type Pokemon cannot miss when using Infatuation inducing status moves # - Geomancy gives +2 Defense, +2 Sp.Defense and +2 Speed # - Bonemerang can hit and ground Flying type Pokemon # - Stealth Rock is now Stellar Rock. It now deals Stellar type damage, meaning Stealth Rock will deal times 1 to anything in pratice. # - Stellar Rock damage is now (battler.totalhp * 1 / 5), Stealth Rock damage in Gen 9 is (battler.totalhp * eff / 8) # - To counter balance this radical change, Spikes and other entry hazards like it are now airborne hazards, meaning Flying and Levitate Pokemon cannot avoid hazard damage # - Present's random damage range is now 80,110,140. Can still heal a Pokemon by 25% HP # - Metal Burst will deal back 2 times the damage dealt # - Mind Awaken is part of Pokemon's movepool, a Special Attack clone of Belly Drum # - Purify can now heal a Pokemon's HP, regarless of if it has a status condition or not # - Super Yellow changes and tweaks almost all of the 900+ moves that exist in Pokemon, as of Gen 9 # - Fury Swipes, Bind, Wrap, Comet Punch, Barrage and Constrict and many move obscure moves have been given a new buffed coat of paint # - Added in the All Megalite key item Mega Stones, Mega Stones that act as universal Mega Stones, for Regular Megas, X Megas, Y Megas, and Z Megas if you want them # - Added in the Auto Win Policy, a key item that brute forces a win if your sick of the game's bullshit # - Added the X Max battle item, that gives +6 to all stats and max Critial Hit Rate. For wierd people that don't want to use the Auto Win Policy # - Added the Doom and Exp Precision items, candies that lower a Pokemon's level and raise a Pokemon's Exp to just before they level up # - Added the Dream Capsule and Patch items, that allow a Pokemon to freely switch between 2 regular abilities and 2 Hidden Abilities # - Added the Frosty Orb and Iron Vest battle items. Iron Vest is Defense Assualt Vest and Frosty Orb acts like the Toxic and Flame Orb, inflicting Frostbite # - The Light Ball also now acts like the Toxic and Flame Orb, inflicting paralysis on non Electric Pokemon # - Added the Sparkling Vial item, that toggles a Pokemon's Shiny and Normal colors # - Added the Ice Absorb Ability, a clone of Water Absorb for Ice type Immunity # - Defeatist does 1.5 times reduction when a Pokemon with it is at 50% HP or less (previous was 2 times) # - Pure Power now raises Special Attack, instead of being a clone of Huge Power # - Iron Fist gives a 30% to punching moves # - With Slow Start, the attack reduction is removed, only lowering speed # - Rain Spit, Sun Panic and Snow Roar are new abilities, that are clones of Sand Spit # - Spirit and Hubris are new abilities, that are clones of Stamina and Moxie (Spirit raises Special Defense, Hubris raises Special Attack) # - Slow Start only takes 3 turns to get going. For Competitive Pokemon, anything longer than 2 turns is too long # - Run away now acts as a built in Shed Shell # - The Light Ball will now power up the following Pokemon: # Pichu (1.3 Atk/Sp.Atk boost, Life Orb without HP Loss) # Pikachu (2 Atk/Sp.Atk boost) # Raichu (1.5 Atk/Sp.Atk boost, 2 Def/Sp.Def boost) # Plusle (1.5 Atk/Sp.Atk boost) # Minum (1.5 Atk/Sp.Atk boost) # Pachirisu (1.5 Atk/Sp.Atk boost) # Emolga (1.5 Atk/Sp.Atk boost) # Dedenne (1.5 Atk/Sp.Atk boost) # Togedemaru (1.5 Atk/Sp.Atk boost) # Morpeko (1.5 Atk/Sp.Atk boost) # Pawmi (1.3 Atk/Sp.Atk boost, Life Orb without HP Loss) # Pawmo (2 Atk/Sp.Atk boost) # Pawmot (1.5 Atk/Sp.Atk boost) # - Super Yellow has an optional UI_Options tweak for stock settings. I only have this cause the stock settings drive me up the wall. Get rid of it if you don't like it. # - Super Yellow thanks to Jason Godwyn's Python Pokemon Rebalancer Script has revamped the Base Stat Totals of every Pokemon who does not have a 600 BST total. 905 Pokemon out of 1025 Pokemon now have higher Base Stat totals, with some small changes for better Bulk and Speed! # - Nearly Every Pokemon that now choose 1 out of 4 abilities, via using the Dream Patch and Capsule Items. Nearly every Pokemon has 1 Regular Ability and 3 Hidden Abilities to choose from. This is done to make getting a Pokemon with it's overall best ability less tedious # - Mega Rayquaza now must hold the Green Orb Item in order to Mega Evolve # - As of 1.0, While the All Megalite Items exist, they don't Mega Evolve a Pokemon when it holds it. To Mega Evolve a Pokemon, use the offical _ite stones. Not done because it's a ton of work to manually assign the stones to every Mega Pokemon # - Super Yellow uses the Legend Plate from Pokemon Legends Arceus. Have fun using it with Arecus! # - Sivally's Memory items give it a 20% boost to the Memory's respective STAB # - Super Yellow Version 1.0.0 has 33 Pokemon Trainer battles. Future updates will have more battles! Type Icons in Battle Name = Type Icons in Battle Version = 1.0.0 Essentials = 21.1 Website = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ Conflicts = Elite Battle: DX Conflicts = Focus Meter System Optional = Boss Battles EX, 1.0.0 Credits = Golisopod User, Hubercioch Type Matchup UI Name = Type Match-up UI Version = 2.0.1 Essentials = 21.1 Website = https://reliccastle.com/resources/667/ Credits = Gameguy39, ThatWelshOne_ v21.1 Hotfixes Name = v21.1 Hotfixes Version = 1.0.9 Essentials = 21.1 Conflicts = v19 Hotfixes Conflicts = v19.1 Updates Conflicts = v20 Hotfixes Conflicts = v20.1 Hotfixes Conflicts = v21 Hotfixes Website = https://github.com/Maruno17/pokemon-essentials Credits = Maruno #===================================================================== # Change log #===================================================================== # # 1.0.0: # - Fixed Pokédex not showing male/female options for species with # gender differences, and showing them for species without. # - Fixed AI always switching Pokémon due to unusable moves if the # Pokémon is asleep or frozen. # - Fixed class PngAnimatedBitmap animating slowly. # # 1.0.1: # - Fixed being unable to replace a NamedEvent. # - Fixed Cramorant's form not reverting after coughing up its Gulp # Missile. # # 1.0.2: # - Fixed crash when a phone contact tries to call you while you're on # a map with no map metadata. # - Fixed error from previous version relating to AI switching. # - Fixed long messages in battle not appearing/lingering properly, # especially when making them appear faster by pressing Use/Back. # # 1.0.3: # - Fixed being able to fly from the Town Map even if the # CAN_FLY_FROM_TOWN_MAP Setting is false. # - Made some unhelpful error messages when compiling more helpful. # - Language files are now loaded properly even if the game is # encrypted. # - Fixed trying to load non-existent language files not reverting the # messages to the default messages if other language files are # already loaded. # - Fixed standing on an event preventing you from interacting with an # event you're facing. # # 1.0.4: # # - Fixed error messages in def validate_all_compiled_types. # - Fixed line breaks making some messages appear oddly at slow text # speeds. # - Fixed being unable to write values to PBS files that were # enumerated to something other than a number. # - Fixed abilities triggering twice when a Pokémon with Neutralizing # Gas faints and is switched out. # # 1.0.5: # # - Fixed error in previous version relating to writing PBS files. # # 1.0.6: # # - Fixed forcing a caught Pokémon into your party not actually # forcing it. # - Fixed Rotom Catalog not being able to change Rotom to its base # form. # - Fixed the Compiler not writing some enumerables correctly when # writing PBS files. # - Fixed the default battle weather being a primal weather causing an # endless loop of that weather starting and ending. # # 1.0.7: # # - Fixed the AI thinking it will take End of Round damage when it # won't, and switching because of that. # - Fixed the AI wanting to trigger a target's ability/item instead of # not wanting to. # - Fixed an event's reflection not disappearing if its page is # changed to one without a graphic. # # 1.0.8: # # - Fixed bad conversion of old phone data in an old save file. # - Fixed events with an even width/height that approach the player # shuffling back and forth endlessly in front of them. # - Fixed Event Touch events on a connected map triggering themselves # by moving around. # - Properly fixed previous fix relating to Cramorant's form changing. # - Fixed a replacement Pokémon being invisible if its predecessor # fainted and used the same sprite as it. # # 1.0.9: # # - Fixed the previous version of this plugin so it actually works. # #===================================================================== # # Also included in this plugin is an updated copy of townmapgen.html, # now called "Town Map Generator.html", which you should put in your # game's main folder. It is now able to find map images again, which # were moved into a different folder in Essentials v21. # #===================================================================== Screenshots
Join the Discord: Tabula Rasa Discord Follow Our Twitter! @PokemonTRasa Pokémon Tabula Rasa is a story-driven fan game with 2 brand-new regions! This game was made possible by RPG Maker XP and Pokemon Essentials v20.1 NEW REGIONS The Anphelio Region ----------------------------------- Tundra Climate Dense Snowy Terrain Domestic Wildlife The Pansperma Region ----------------------------------- 4 Divided Biome Groups Undiscovered Past Vast Exploration Potential Story After strangely waking up from a four-year comatose, your best friend and the Anphelio region's professor help you get back on your feet to discover two brand-new regions. Go on a vast and expansive journey, completing an OPTIONAL 12-gym challenge along the way, to find out why you were in a comatose state and how you suddenly came back from it Screenshots Starters Grass Type TORCHIC ↓ Water-Bug Type TREECKO ↓ Fire-Rock Type MUDKIP Who will be your next companion? Features Fully custom OST Custom Battle Backgrounds New Evolution Gimmick OPTIONAL* 12 Gym Challenge (4 in Anphelio, 8 in Pansperma) Custom Anphelion and Panspermanian regional variants for over 150+ Pokémon Unique Idle Animations for Each Character Choice Brand New Fakemon 3 New Legendaries Seasons Mechanic Secret Bases/Houses Stealth Sections Expansive postgame Development We're currently working on the project and progress is coming along. Our first goal is to get a content-filled, polished demo out to all of you to try out before our full release of the project. Stay tuned! Credits Notes If you want to join the team, you can contact us over on Discord, Twitter, and even Relic Castle DM's! We are currently looking for help in the pixel-art department who is experienced in Gen 4/5 style and can work with making trainers, fakemon, regional variants, and icons
For the sake of the world Good day everyone! We are excited to announce that Pokémon Espionage is in official development! Desktop view is recommended Game Overview Pokémon Espionage is a primarily story-based free game that is set to take place from the Kanto region to the Galar region over the course of 15 Chapters. The game will ideally feature over 200 hours worth of material and playtime! It is a highly ambitious, but not excessively ambitious, project with a plan that is comfortably achievable. Story Overview Espionage occurs in an alternate Pokémon universe. The MC (player character) is a teenage orphan with great battling potential. After learning that an underground union called The Council of Restitution, Order and Balance against Tyranny (CROBAT) is actively recruiting young orphaned trainers with promising skills, Interpol has reason to doubt that global criminal organisations like the infamous Team Rocket and Team Galactic are truly extinct. In light of this, the International Police have enlisted the MC, a gifted young trainer, to spy on this questionable union and its activities by infiltrating their ranks as a double agent. Story Features There will be a large number of decision-based events (with one or two very large paths stemming from your own decisions!) included. At the moment, the plan is to use canon characters in large quantities with a followable amount of custom characters as to keep the story from being too cluttered. There will be at least 9 unique rivals with story arcs and themes of their own! Screenshots Characters Some of the characters you'll meet on your journey! CiriCiri is a fiercely competitive, promising trainer who is devoted to her craft and lives for the thrill of the fight. Given her ties to the MC, she takes on the same spy job and joins Team Rocket as an Interpol agent. Ciri may not seem like the patient type, but she reads up on whatever she thinks is essential whenever she gets the chance, demonstrating an interest in history and education.LookerLooker is an officer in the International Police Force who is tasked with tracking down criminal organisations all around the world. He is quick on his feet, has a keen mind, and is prepared for any eventuality. Through a combination of cover identities and covert operations, he has maintained his status as a mystery agent of the International Police. Looker works with the Counter-Terrorism Task Force throughout the events of Pokémon Espionage, the same Task Force that he enlists the MC and Ciri to join for the espionage operation.LoganBecause of his upbringing on the streets, Logan is a brave survivalist. He is kind, honest, and driven, but he abhors feeling inadequate. All he knows is survival, and that's why he's so motivated to help others. He has no idea who his parents are or whether he ever had a family. His dependable Manectric was once an Electrike he rescued from a pack of Poochyena and raised himself. Gameplay Features Pokémon from Generation 1 up to Legends Arceus We have each and every one of them, from Bulbasaur through Calyrex and going all the way up to Enamorus! Putting together a championship-calibre team is much more stress-free when you don't need to be concerned about being shorthanded! Future plans are also put in place for when future generations of Pokémon get released, so stay tuned for those! New Fakémon and mechanics Keep an eye out for the newly discovered Fakemon that are now available in the complete Pokédex as you make your way through the various stages of your quests. Additionally, watch out for the new moves and abilities that are definitely worth trying out as you progress through the various regions of the game! The Smogon CAP Project is featured in Espionage. New Mega Evolutions The future of Mega Evolution looks bright as more and more Mega Stones are unearthed, featuring the likes of Typhlosion, Yanmega, Dusknoir, Mamoswine and many others! Even more so, Espionage sees the return of Gigantamax forms as Mega Evolutions. New Regional forms These don't look the same huh! That's because they're variants from other regions around the world! Featuring the likes of Noctowl, Snorlax, Eiscue and Magneton. Music and Audio We don't minimise the role that music plays in setting the scene, despite the fact that audio is typically the most underappreciated component of the gaming experience compared to the value it provides. The calibre of the music being used is nothing short of fantastic, featuring tracks from our illustrious music department, lead by CatchDalgo, as well as featured tracks from the likes of StevenMix, Zame, GlitchxCity, Kamex, AlmightyArceus, VanilluxePavillion, GaMetal, Pokestir, Bliitzit, and LittleVMills. We hope you'll jam along with us as you go on your journey! (All artists are properly credited; to learn more about them, click on the links in the Credits section.) Theta Forms Theta Stones cause a sudden transformation within a Pokémon's genetic makeup! The affected Pokémon have displayed characteristics that are not common among their species, such as improved stats, new abilities, and expanded movesets. Interestingly, it seems that only a subset of Pokémon species are vulnerable to these stones. How far-reaching is their impact, exactly? Furthermore, where did they first appear? Is it safe to use them? That's up to you to find out! Randomizer and Nuzlocke mode For those of you who enjoy pain, have no fear! Get your fix of sorrow and suffering with Espionage's dedicated Nuzlocke mode! No need to worry if you're the type who thrives on the unexpected. Because when you get into Espionage, you'll discover a Randomizer mode waiting for you there! Level Caps Play the game the way it was intended to be played by using the built-in level cap option! This method of play has the added benefit of allowing Rare Candies to be sold in PokéMarts, so if you ever decide against grinding out your levels (more on that below), you can always go pick some candies up! Challenge Mode Do you consider yourself to be tough enough? Engage in Espionage's Challenge Mode to test the range of your battle experience to its true capacity! Rare Candies sold at PokéMarts are significantly cheaper when Challenge Mode and Level Caps are both in effect at the same time. Quest System Quests are the primary method of progression in Espionage, and include everything from those related to the main storyline to those that involve assisting others in need. In a world where what is good and wrong is virtually always a matter of opinion, what path will you choose to take? Multiple Save Data If you want to go through the game again and try out some new Pokémon or different decisions, you may do so without fear of losing your prior saves thanks to the game's support for multiple save files! eCipher The eCipher is a multipurpose electronic gadget with features such as a Pokédex, jukebox, social networking, texting, and dialing. A must-have for any Pokémon trainer! Easily accessible Level and Money grinding methods Those Rare Candies are too simple, right? Not a problem! There are a plethora of quick and easy ways to level up and get some quick cash in Espionage! Help System The Espionage Help System is a great resource for when you're stuck or need a fast refresher on a feature! You may access the Help System by hitting H or by selecting the Help button from the menus available to you. Ride Pager Don't bother teaching your Pokémon any HMs. If you need help on your adventure, all you have to do is use the Ride Pager to summon a Pokémon that will gladly accompany you—so long as you don't make them take hits for you, you're not THAT close. The Espionage Team Lord Oofsef Head Developer CheckM8 Executive Developer - Feature Technician & Difficulty Stabiliser Kacper12 Executive Developer - Narrative Author CatchDalgo Executive Developer - Tune Extraordinaire Tornadsus Difficulty Stabiliser TNB Difficulty Stabiliser Malfeasance Narrative Author ACrazyArtist L'artiste DuskffyArt L'artiste thewaffles L'artiste 2br-2b Knight of the Roundtable Pokémon is owned by: The Pokémon Company Nintendo Affiliated with Game Freak This is a non-profit fan-made game. No copyright infringements intended. Please support the official games! All visuals & features are subject to change. [/SPOILER] Join us! Please feel free to join our Discord server by clicking the button below to keep up with the game's progress and become a part of the Espionage family; we'd love to have you! The Demo is also linked in the server's Announcements channel! And if you reckon you would be a good fit for the Development Team, feel free to contact me directly! Check out this thread for a rough idea on whether you can make a difference to the team too!
My first project, (over 3 years off and on in the making...) Pokemon ReDX! made with the Pokémon Essentials GS base Like how Link’s Awakening DX was a Gameboy Color upgraded port, Pokémon ReDX (Red Deluxe) is a Gameboy Color “styled” upgrade to base Pokémon Red. Explore the stories of Pokémon Red with a new coat of paint. Meet new characters, tackle new plot elements, encounter new Pokémon! Become the very best, like no one ever was in Pokémon ReDX. While the basic plot follows Pokémon Red, there’s quite a lot of new events happening. You have a new rival along for the ride. Jade, if you play as a boy, or Jasper, if you play as a girl. Blue is your aggressive cocky rival who focuses on besting you battle while Jade/Jasper will be a more friendly face who is more focused on the Dex. Prof Oak has charged you three to beta test his life’s work, the Pokédex! Help take down the Team Rocket criminal organization. The Admins from HGSS now make appearances in their Kanto games. Looker has come to Kanto to try and uncover Team Rocket’s motives, he will meet up with you on occasion to lend a hand. Take on the Gym Challenge! Kanto's Champion's throne is currently vacant, the league has issued a challenge to all trainers to try and claim the throne for themselves! ReDX features an expanded dex to the original 151 (coming in at around 300 species!). The Kanto region has received some minor upgrades to accommodate the new Pokémon. For example Routes 9 and 10 are now canyons and there’s a path split in Rock Tunnel that leads to a snowy mountaintop. New Mega Evolutions are being discovered too! There are side quests to pick up for extra rewards as you play through the game. Apex Pokémon are here to challenge you! A twist on Totem Pokémon, Apex Pokémon cannot be captured, but will drop loot when defeated. You will not find Apex Pokémon out in the wild, they each have a den they reside in. A Switch Battle style has been changed, now “Switch” style no longer tells you what the incoming Pokémon is. Hidden Grottos will allow you to find rare Pokemon and items. Wonder Trade unlocks during the story and allows you to find even more Pokemon! The Cable Club in Pokemon Centers is now the Trainer's Nook, where various services are provided for trainers. As you earn badges more services are unlocked! No longer do you need the move FLY! In nearly every major location you will find the Pidgeot Express, who will fly you to a place you've been to before (for a fee). The Game is 95% complete as is. What’s left to finish? Grammar I need to go back through and work on re-writing a lot of text (I started this project 2-3 years ago and some of the older stuff is poorly written) there is also a lot of inconsistency on if Pokémon and people are written out as BULBASUR or Bulbasaur. Many instances of Pokemon or Pokedex instead of Pokémon and Pokédex that needs to be fixed. Music Currently most all the music is MP3, I need to get all my music converted to looping tracks, low priority, but something I want to do to help with file size. Balance I need a handful of “beta” testers to run through the game and test how well the difficulty curve is (I know what to expect so “surprises” won’t work on me as well). Quests More quests to be added, existing quests to be polished up some more, that sort of thing. Post Game There’s currently 3 Post Game story beats I have planned that are still in the works. First is the dealing with the remnants of Team Rocket, this one is in 2 parts with Part 1 nearly complete. The Battle Fortress is a mini post game facility that will have the player challenge the Battle King and his minions. The Origin of all Pokémon will have the player explore the secret of Mew. Currently there is a Mew event that unlocks a Mew Battle in the Post Game, but that’s a placeholder until I can fully write the scenario for this event.
A tale of Light & Darkness unfolds... PokéLand 0 tells a story between the conflict of light and darkness, set in a modern day world with magical influences. The story is divided into many episodes across different kinds of media: Episode 1-3 for example released as Pokemon Rom Hacks, Episode 4 released as a fanfiction. "PokeLand 0 Episode 5 Vol.1 Atomic Island" is a Pokemon fangame in its final stages of development and sheduled to release later this year 📅 Story: Accompany the teenagers Chimchar, Riolu, Piplup & Torchic, who grew up as orphans, now wanting to discover their home world. Yet, the planet has to face a strong danger, known as Darkness themself. But this won't stop the gang to help the inhabitants of Xenos. And aside from them, there are many other key figures having to deal with Darkness 👿 Embark on this epic journey and find out about Light & Darknesses true nature! If you like the Kingdom Hearts story, then you will certainly love this one too 😉 Gameplay: Pokéland 0 is a mixture of the old fashioned ‘The Legend of Zelda’-and traditional Pokémon games. Mixing the two together and you get an awesome story driven action adventure RPG! 📚 While following the captivating story through many episodes, the main characters seek to help people who have to deal with Darkness. 🧩The gang often has to find their way through dungeons that are inspired from "The Legend of Zelda" series. In these dungeons a lot of fun puzzles to solve and action based gameplay awaits you! ⚔️ Traditional turn-based battles will also be part of the gameplay. 🎲 In towns and routes, the teams will also have the opportunity to relax & engage with the people. Sometimes, you also find some fun activities, in the form of minigames & sidequests! Episode 5 Vol.1 - Infos: 🎮 This episodes features even more action-based gameplay ⚔️ Turn-based battles will still be present, but less frequent 🐧 Piplup is the main playable character, with some others later on 🫂 2 new protagonists extending the story 🏁 Starts directly where Episode 2 ended 📚 2 Chapters to explore 🎮 An extensive post-game with a big emphasis on minigames ⚙️Made with RPG Maker XP & Pokemon Essentials v20.1 Release: 6th September 2024 I hope you are looking forward to the latest addition of the PokéLand series! Let me know what youthink so far in the comments below 👇and stay tuned for more updates every week 📅 Thank you 😃 Socials: 👥 Join our Discord Community: https://discord.gg/KJbfSXHyWa 📸 Follow me on Instagram: https://instagram.com/pokeland0and1 🎞️ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@pokeland0and1 🌐 Website: https://www.pokeland0and1.com/ Credits The Pokémon Franchise - GameFreak Inc., ThePokémonCompany Inc. RPG Maker XP - Enterbrain, GotchaGotcha Games Inc., KadoKawa Corporation, Komodo Pokémon Essentials - Maruno, Peter O., Flameguru Pokémon Essentials v.20 - Maruno, Peter O., Flameguru Pokémon Essentials v.20.1 Hotfix - Maruno, Peter O., Flameguru mkp-z - Roza mkxp - Ancurio et al patches.json (JoiPlay) - [ g f y ] Generation 8 Resource Pack - veekun, All Contributors To Smogon X/Y Sprite Project, All Contributors To Smogon Sun/Moon Sprite Project, All Contributors To Smogon Sword/Shield Sprite Project, Anarlaurendil, princess-pheonix, LunarDusk, Wolfang62, TintjeMadelintje101, piphybuilder88, Larry Turbo, SageDeoxys, tammyclaydon, MissingLukey, help-14, Kymoyonian, cSc-A7X, 2and2makes5, Pokegirl4ever, Fernandojl, Silver-Skies, TyranitarDark, Getsuei-H, Kid1513, Milomilotic11, Kyt666, kdiamo11, Chocosrawlooid, Syledude, Gallanty, Gizamimi-Pichu, 2and2makes5, Zyon17,spritesstealer, Alaguesia, Marin, MapleBranchWing, Contributors to the DS Styled Gen 7+ Repository, Leparagon, Rhyden, Marin, Zeak6464, Golisopod User, Luka S.J., UberDunsparce Ekat Public Tileset - Vurtax, Heartlessdragoon, Dasani, thedeadheroalistar, Alistar, Slimshady, Redblueyellow, Zein, Aveontrainer, Shyinn, Silverdeoxys563, Idilio, Heroalistar, Aldo, Anonaplacca, Pokémon Rejuvenation, Puggsoy, SteamyJ, War8, dragoon, Aveontrainer, The-Red-Ex, Fabnt Plugins: Roulette Minigame - FL Updated Mining Minigame Feature - TechSkylander1518 Advanced Field Moves - Bergium, TechSkylander1518, Moyo, Marin Graphical Assets & Music: Metalliana Tileset - LotusKing Caliqua, Sewers & Lost Woods Tileset - Magiscarf Whirlpool Sprites - Flurmimon RSE Interiors - AstralThe9 ALTTP Sword - Deathbrigner Dungeon Key - EternalLight Pokemon Smartphone Icon - Nx-Kun Forsaken Foretress (Orchestral Remake) - Diego Leal E. Beast Castle Field Theme - Square Enix, Disney Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Theme - ThePokemonCompany, Chunsoft Bianco Hills Remix - TheNobleDemon Moo Moo Farm Remix - Naz3nt Star Wars Cantina Trap Remix - Trap Music Now Lost Woods (Synthwave Remix) - Lufus, Koji Kondo Veilstone City Remaster - Zame Portraits: Chunsoft, programmedsleepstate,, mucrush, baronessfaron, Emmuffin, Chime, CamusZekeSirius, EzerArt, FearlessQuit, MilesFarber#, 0palit, Emboarger Screenshots:
Disclaimer: While released this project is still being beta tested, there for there will be no download link until the testing is completed! A Pokémon fangame made by TurtTheTurtle using RPGMaker XP and Pokémon Essentials Story sigh "I still remember all those years ago when the Orion Region was united. Although it was struggling it was never like this now our great region is nothing but chaos." The Orion Region, a greatly divided set of 7 islands has fallen into chaos is the last 16 years. The wars, death, and innocent bloodshed only exacerbating the chaos. Hope is all the region has left if its willing to survive, but the peoples hope will be answered as one person's Fate decides it all. Embark your way through the chaotic region of Orion as one of 9 playable characters. Explore what the region has to offer and the history surrounding the 7 powers. Be careful though as all things go there's always someone lurking in the shadows. Features Episode 1 contains `8 hours of gameplay through 2 gyms National Dex (Gens 1-9 +DLC) New Fakemon New Moves New Megas Eeveeloutions of every type Brand New Starters Field effects (Some new some from Reborn/Rejuv/Desolation) 18 Gyms Relationship system Lots of side quests and so much more Screenshots Disclaimer Due to money constraints many main characters sprites will be filled in by temporary ones and recolors. In future updates when the sprites are made, they will be replaced. Links Discord- Discord Link Download- Coming at some point? Wiki Page- Pokemon Fates Collide Credits
Pokémon Comet In an attempt to try and discover what could be the source of so many 'Fallen Pokémon' appearing, Professor Alani Coastal happened upon a potential answer in the form of the 'Alpha Pokémon', as no other deity could do such a thing. Perhaps its intent for the region was only the first? Behind the scenes, a conglomerate of people, simply known as Team Space have been spotted around the region, planning to take a hold of something primal in nature, something made to never be understood by human hands. So much in the region appears to be changing: new friends, dangers around every corner, and the mystery behind it all. What's exactly at stake here? The region? The world? Perhaps even something beyond that scope that not even you can understand. You as the player are not only going to be experiencing the new wonders of the Zyroh region, but are going to delve deep into the mysteries behind the scenes and what could this dastardly team want with such a being as strong as 'Arceus'. Discover something new in Pokémon Comet! Currently: A whole new, fresh region to explore New "Fallen" Pokémon New and reoccurring Mega Pokémon Custom, hand-picked Region Dex containing 500 Pokémon Side quests located in Pokémon Centers and in certain areas New custom abilities To be added later: The Type Safari: A place you can encounter certain types of Pokémon, just like the Friend Safari in X & Y The "Open Area": Similar to the Wild Area of SwSh, but on a remote island! Post game content such as: Battle Facilities, DLC, and more Credits: Discord: Feedback: If you find any issues with the game (once it's released) feel free to let me know, or to simply tell me your thoughts on the game! I'd love to hear some of your thoughts! (Some things are subject to change at final release, as well as the look of this page) In no way do we receive any profit for this fangame or anything related to such. We are protected under fair use laws and do not intend to breach those.
Hey, folks! These days I have started to remake from scratch a game I made some years ago and that you have in this forum: PokéPark Fishing Rally Unity (PPFRU). This is PokéPark Fishing Rally 3D Unity or PPFR3DU. Project description and plot: The game is similar to the original game (PPFRU) in concept but not in practice. In PPFR3DU we will put ourselves in the shoes of David, son of the fishing guru who gives Red the Super Rod on Route 12 in Kanto. His dream is to also be a Fishing Guru like his father and to achieve it he travels to the region of Antarsia where he tries to make a living. It is there where he sees on TV that Professor Haya is studying the fauna of the area. The professor offers a great prize to the one who manages to capture at least one specimen of each species: a Guru diploma and a trip on the luxury cruise ship SS. Anne, which ends its voyage in Vermillion City. David sets out to fulfill his dream of being like his father and, in a 2-for-1 deal, to show him the diploma after a fantastic cruise to Kanto. Features and mechanics: PPFR3DU offers a 3D world to explore so you can move and interact in a more similar way to the classic Pokémon games. On the other hand, the fishing mechanics are inspired by Animal Crossing, where we will have to cast the rod pointing to the Pokémon we want to catch (in the form of hidden fish) and when it bites, we will get a series of Quick Time Events. If we do them correctly, we will catch the Pokémon and if not, the Pokémon will escape. As in AC, we will not know which Pokémon it is until we have caught it (the posts with the Pokémon icons will give us a clue of those available in the pond next to them). Once the Pokémon is caught, we will go to the display screen where we will see its statistics. We can decide whether to keep it or not but keep in mind that certain Pokémon will have specific abilities that will allow us to advance through the maps and the story: For example, Corphish allows us to cut small bushes from the path. In addition to this and to give a greater sense of "3D", the game has a classic 3D red-cyan mode. If you have the typical red-blue glasses, you can play the game with stereoscopic effect! The rooster is the one from version 1.0.0 of PPFRU: Poliwag Krabby Kingler Goldeen Seaking Magikarp Gyarados Dratini Corphish Crawdaut Feebas Milotic Carvanha Sharpedo Pokémon data can be exported to Pokémon Essentials games in JSON (requires Ruby Essentials 3.0.0 or above and MKXP-z) or TXT mystery gift format, or official gen 1 to 9 games in .PKM format to be imported via PKHex (obviously they will be "illegal" in Game Freak's eyes). Screenshots: Gameplay video (tech-demo): Mobile test: Download: I'm still implementing the main mechanics and game feel, but you can test a small tech demo with the basic features: Download Zelda Controls: For the tech-demo it is recommended to play with a gamepad controller with xbox layout. Left stick to move LB (L1) to take out and put away the fishing rod RB (R1) to run while moving Y to cast the rod and pick it up. If you keep Y, the aiming will appear and with the left stick you will rotate the character. B to cancel a rod cast. The buttons that appear in the quick time events are for mashing (continuous pressing until the green circle is filled). A to interact DPad Up to activate/deactivate the 3D mode with red-cyan anaglyph. Dpad Right and Left: Switch ball. Credits: ChainSwordCS: HD logo and remake of 2 tracks: Game track and catching track. Wowjinx and Funtendo: Making a translated logo based on ChainSwordCS japanese one. ILCA for BDSP models which where used for creating the character and the environment. Nintendo and Pokémon: For original game, Pokémon Smile + Rumble Rush + Home (for some parts of the UI) Nintendo: Animal Crossing fish model. Unity Technologies: Unity, ya know Manurocker95: The game development and stuff
Pokémon Eterna Emoción Information Base: Pokémon Essentials Language: Spanish Creator: Thunder (@⚡Thunder_Man711⚡) Introduction Hello everyone! I hope they are very well. Well I wanted to announce my 1st Pokémon project; Pokémon Eterna Emoción, to test experience and enter the world of creating a Pokémon game. I started developing it in 2020, in Pokémon Emerald together with Abeshoken. The truth is that at first, we started looking for a little information when Pokémon Sword/Shield came out and then we decided to try to do it by creating animation for the Pokémon sprites, etc.; Until one day, I wanted to add something but it didn't work out. So we decided to continue advancing in Pokémon Fire Red to test and improve the experience further to see how it progressed. And I would like to share you 2 news that I have made public so you can see; The 1st detail (if you click on the text) you will see the Ciudad Lonas gym event and the 2nd detail (if you click on the text) you will see the official trailer of this project. In October 2021 I decided to try Essentials, why? In my head there was something that I couldn't imagine since I don't know how it was going to turn out, so I made a decision and wanted to try the experience of trying to develop my Pokémon project in RPG MAKER and the truth is, I'm liking it and it's surprising me a lot! , what I'm progressing! Having said that, from here, the good things begin... Synopsis The protagonist turns 18, sees a pink thing through the window of his house and enters the room, it is Mew and warns him of devastation and that when he reaches the required age to go on a trip, he will have to prove his worth before the dangers of the region. He will have to go in search of Mew in order to save the world, without him falling into the wrong hands and for everything to return to normal. Scans Scans in Game Characteristics: Legendary: Mew Region name: Ameuro Pokémon list: Currently from 1 to 8 generation Regional forms: Ameuro Mega Evolutions New graphics New soundtracks New Pokémon trainers List of attacks/abilitys: There are all the attacks, all the abilitys from generation 1 to 8 at the moment and there may be some new attacks from the same region And much more Official Twitter and Discord server: Click here to go to Twitter! Click here to go to Discord! Credits: Thanks to: I want to thank the Whack a Hack community (Among others apart from this one) for the advice, support, etc.; for the help of how to learn to make a Pokémon game, since I had never considered doing something like that and now, I already have the experience. I will try to update this post as I progress so that you can enjoy this project💪🏼. Greetings⚡!