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Eevee Expo

Eevee Expo News News from the Eevee Expo team about games and such!

It's finally time! The Eevee Expo is proud to present its first game jam on this platform! This is the perfect time to get your hands dirty on game development without the need to create an extremely extensive project, and really test your skills on working within a set period of time! Here at the bottom, we'll also add some tips for those new to game jams. The full Game Jam rules and overview are listed right here...
Tired of slow turn-based Pokémon battles? Want to experience gameplay that's fresh and fast-paced? Then Pokémon Reloaded is for you! Pokémon Reloaded is a Spanish fangame (playable in English) by FER, that has been in development for over 15 years using Game Maker. Unlike traditional Pokémon games, which rely on turn-based combat, Pokémon Reloaded lets you control your Pokémon in real-time and move/attack in 8 directions...

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Eevee Expo Game Jam #10

The tenth annual Game Jam is underway! From June 30th to August 10th, 2024, participants have a little over a month to create a game!

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Nearly halfway into the jam! Keep chugging everyone!
daily reminder to all creators to check their resources for broken images!
RunesSSB wrote on Bergium's profile.
Hey there. I wanted to ask you if you are planning on updating the Advanced Items Field Moves plugin to v21.1 :)
Woah just happened to come online on the day I got game of the day, hope anyone who decided to check it out from that enjoys it (I'll finish the actual full release some day)