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Pokémon Emerald UI Pack

v20.1 Pokémon Emerald UI Pack v1.1

This resource pertains to version 20.1 of Pokémon Essentials.
Pokémon Essentials Version
v20.1 ➖
An assortment of Pokémon Emerald styled UI screens for Pokémon Essentials.
UI screens made are:
  • Battle
  • Trainer Card (Including stars)
  • Bag
  • Relearn (Custom)
  • Pokedex
  • Party
  • Summary
  • Starter Selection (See spoiler at the bottom)

3 Starters

8 Starters

Additional Information:
Each UI comes with a Readme.txt on how to install it to your game, please read it carefully so you don't run into any problems.
In Pokémon Emerald, the Relearn UI does not use any graphics but rather uses just window skins. So I made a custom one based on the HGSS layout and the Emerald Summary UI.
It is pretty similar to the Emerald one (though still in the HGSS layout). The Pokéball on the left rolls as you scroll and it even has custom UI for the search screen.
The UI does not update to Double Battles like how it does in the original game.
Pokémon Emerald only had 5 Pockets (Items, Pokeballs, TMs/HMs, Berries, Key Items).
In this resource it has been increased to 6 slots, adding the Medicine Pocket.
Though Pokémon Essentials has 8 Pockets, so this resource is missing the Mail & Battle Items Pocket.
You can manually add these Pockets, but it is recommended to change all Mail & Battle Items to Pocket 1 in the PBS and move the Berry and Key Items their pocket accordingly.
Stars are stored in a Game Variable, which can be defined in the script, this variable should be set to 0 at the start of the game. You can then use Variable manipulation to add or remove stars at specific moments in your game (such as beating the champion)
Call the menu using vChooseStarters([:BULBASAUR, :SQUIRTLE, :CHARMANDER], 5, "Choose your Starter Pokémon.", 5)
You will most likely have to run extendtext.exe before you put the script command in
You can define as many Pokémon for the UI and the Pokéballs will align correctly, though anything more than 9 starters will most likely look odd.
The selected Pokémon will automatically be added to the player's party.
Pokémon will appear shiny in the UI if they were to be generated as shiny.

Regarding Credits on the Battle UI: I'm already included in 'Pokémon Splice Team'

Useful additional resources:
Pokemon Emerald PC Storage Graphics by Lord Lucario 35
Pokemon Emerald Object Graphics Resource by Lord Lucario 35
RSE Cable Car Scene by PurpleZaffre
Pokémon Emerald Outside Tileset by aiyinsi
Battle Introductions by bo4p5687
Voltseon (For Bag, Relearn, Party, Summary and Starter Selection UI)
Voltseon, ENLS (For Pokedex UI)
Shashu-Greninja, Gazza teh Fox, ENLS (For Trainer Card UI)
Pokémon Splice Team (For Battle UI)
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 4 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. v1.1 - Minor bug fixes

    The script now comes as a plugin rather than seperate scripts, this is for easier plug and play...
  2. Finished the Pokédex UI

    I held this off for a little bit. But I've finished the Pokédex UI, the screen now animates as...

Latest reviews

download link seems not working, I have download before in drive but now the MEDIAFiRE not working
I really liked your UI pack, I would like to know if I can edit them in my case I want to change some colors?