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  1. Parallax

    Released Pokémon External Demo

    After the events of Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon, the Ultra Recon Squad had a debate on whether people should be allowed to use owned Pokémon for a better means of protection. This causes a civil war, resulting in a group from the Ultra Recon Squad leaving and forming a new group, the Extern-Force...
  2. JFTV_Feels

    Released Pokemon Alden (5 Badge Demo)

    Hello! I am excited to be sharing a project I've been quietly working on: Pokemon Alden, a fan game based loosely on my long running D&D game. This is a pretty modest project, but I want to share it regardless! I've done my best to fill this first big chunk of the game with as much detail and...
  3. nomists

    Released NOT Pokémon: Misty Orange Demo

    One of The Gamer's / MSN's 25 "Best Fan-Made Pokemon Games"! Ten years ago, Ash Ketchum never left for his magical Pokémon journey. Instead, he hid in his mom's basement, played video games, guzzled energy drinks, and obsessed over his anime waifus. Misty, on the other hand, dominated the...
  4. f-croco0708

    Released Pokemon Bioterror (reboot) - Chapter 1

    O wandering soul. Deep in the endless darkness, thy lament has reached my ears. I, the God of the Mirror, will bestow thee a new chance. Thou will be given new eyes to see, new ears to hear, and a new body to once again bathe in the light. ... [Plot] Right after waking up in a random...
  5. Zenos

    Released Dimension Defender

    Made with PSDK Download Link Version : 2.x.x French & English Discord Dimension Defender is a Pokémon fangame developed with PSDK that takes place in the Ishiria region and in a lot of dimensions. You play the role of a young hero who has amnesia for the first 10 years of his life, but...
  6. Gonstar

    Released Pokémon Estelar

    There's an ENGLISH PATCH inside this file. It has been translated by @taynathon , but be aware that you'll find some unaccuracies and typos. Pokémon Estelar is a fangame developed with PKMN ESSENTIALS GSC KIT, with a lot of changes and new features that ensure hours of Gameplay. Download -...
  7. WolfTaiko

    Released Pokémon Prophecies: Iron Memory

    Current Release: v1.6 Made with Pokemon Essentials v20.1 DOWNLOAD Tactical Battle System ✅ Roguelike ✅ Dating Simulator Scenes? ✅ What doesn't this game have!? (A lot of cut content) Pokémon Prophecies: Iron Memory is a game set 40 years in the future after Pokemon Sun and Moon. It has a...
  8. CelestialFearow

    Released Pokémon Seasons Stone

    Made for the Insert Name Jam #1 Explore Hoenn during the medieval times! Made Using: Pokémon ES V20.1 Discord Game Download: Here The game is only a demo. Update 1.1.0: Fixed some typos. Major rebalancing: Update 1.0.3: Fixed a major softlock at . Update 1.0.2: Fixed a typo. Fixed "The...
  9. StarWolff

    Released Pokémon Terrarium

    Pokémon Terrarium Made using RPG Maker XP and Essentials v21.1 By StarWolff and Dada Made for Insert Name Jam 2024 In this jam game YOU are the Professor! Your mission is to create new exclusive Pokémon for the next trainer generation, Explore the Terrarium and collect Cores to achieve your...
  10. LarkyLovesYou

    Released Pokémon Lark [BETA]

    Pokémon Lark is a Pokémon fangame created in RPG Maker XP using Pokémon Essentials v20.1. The game is made with a mixture of Gen 3-4 tilesets and contains a Regional Pokédex with various Pokémon from Gens 1-8. Pokémon Lark is planned to include a full 8 Gyms, Elite Four, Champion, and some...
  11. vinsear

    Released Pokemon Tarnished: Limgrave Beta

    Pokemon Tarnished Beta Please note that this is my first game and there are still bugs about. Save often! Limgrave, up until the first 'gym leader' Godrick is live for public testing!! I'm using Pokemon Essentials on RPGMaker. Art is my own, either completely original or edits of original...
  12. blooeysnake

    Released Pokemon Invocation, Demo!

    Welcome to Pokemon Invocation! A game I have been working on since January of 2023 on Version 20.1 of Pokemon Essentials! This takes place in the Esprit Region a region I have created with a good amount of Fakemon in it with more to come in the future! This is my first time ever actually...
  13. Dafting

    Released Pokémon: Yveltal's Awakening

    Can you avoid the Second Arrival of the Death God? (Made using Pokémon Essentials v19.1) Beta 1 Remake is available to play! Beta 2 arriving at 2024 Features ★ OST inspired by Celtic and Nordic music ★ Original starters ★ Airport: DLC system of regions from other fangames. ★ Cooking mechanics...
  14. kingdomharms

    Released Pokémon Pure & Corrupt - v0.4.7 RELEASE (Demo, 6 badges)

    Pokémon Pure & Corrupt Made with RPG Maker XP & Pokémon Essentials v21.1. Demo Download: Link Discord Server: Link -------------------------------------------------------------- Background: Pokemon Pure & Corrupt was born out of my desire to create a Pokemon ROM hack/fangame since I was...
  15. PsychApple

    Released Pokemon Orange

    New! Version 0.17 * * * Description * * * Made with RPG Maker XP and Pokemon Essentials v20.1 Teams Neoplasma and Cipher are threatening the Flora Region, and you just moved there. Stop Plasma and Cipher as they are working together and spreading Shadow Pokemon across the region. Assist the...
  16. phantombass

    Released 3.0 IS OUT! KANTO!!! Pokemon Grueling Gold

    How many have played through Gen 2 and thought: "Wow that would have been much better with a logical level curve." Or just wanted a remake of Johto with a higher difficulty? Welcome to Grueling Gold, a difficulty fan game of Gen 2, developed in v20.1 of Pokemon Essentials. Some things you'll...
  17. Elle

    In Development Pokemon: Polar Call - Demo

    Made With: Pokemon Essentials GSC Kit & RPGMaker XP Team: Elle Elle again! Even. More. Elle. owo Inspiration: I remember as a teenager, late at night playing Pokemon Platinum and I reached Route 217. Trudging through the heavy snow, being bombarded by a heavy blizzard, no idea where I was...
  18. FelicityWivi

    Released Pokemon Repudiation Alpha Release

    The Highly anticipated Pokemon Repudiation is here! Join our amazing cast of characters as they delve deep into the hidden lore and history of the Livna region. You will face new foes, amazing beasts, unique characters and a whole host of other original content created by oiur team.This demo...
  19. Darkonius Mavakar

    Released Pokémon Aragonite - DEMO 1.3.1 RELEASED

    Pokémon Aragonite- Sylia Region [Made with Pokémon Essentials V21] -Introduction- Pokémon Aragonite is a fanmade project based on the real life island of Sicily, in the South of Italy. This project aim to reimagine Sicily into the Pokémon world by creating the Sylia region, where you will be...
  20. Kijillo

    Released Pokémon Libertas (v 1.8.0)

    Welcome to Kimo! Pokémon Libertas is a semi-open world Pokémon Fangame aimed to let the player explore an entire region in many different orders, while still having a lot to see and do. You are an aspiring trainer who've been in contact with Professor Fumu, who agreed to help you move into...