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Voltseon's Pause Menu

v20.1 Voltseon's Pause Menu v2.1

This resource pertains to version 20.1 of Pokémon Essentials.
Pokémon Essentials Version
v20.1 ‚ěĖ
Voltseon's Pause Menu (v2.1)
Pause with styleūüėé

This pause menu is very stylish and very easy to edit to your liking.

Add themes to change the style of your pause menu throughout the game.

Check all your Pokémon their status from the menu itself.

How to install:
Download the contents and plug them into your game, and you're done!
NOTE: This script does NOT work in v20.1 or below.

How to add more themes:
Go to Graphics/Pictures/VPM and create a folder with the correct theme name (Theme N)
(N being the number of your theme)
and add the graphics in the correct format:
arrow_left, arrow_right, bg.png, bg_location.png
Open the 001_VoltseonMenu_Config.rb in Plugins/Voltseon's Pause Menu.

How to swap themes:
All you have to do to change the theme is add a script to an event with the following code:
$PokemonSystem.current_menu_theme = N
(N being the number of your theme)

Other Configurables:
Open the 001_VoltseonMenu_Config.rb in Plugins/Voltseon's Pause Menu to change your configurables.

MENU_FILE_PATH - This is where your graphics are stored for the menu.
MENU_COMPONENTS - An array of components you can use on top of the menu, think of these like addons such as the timer for the Bug Catching Contest or the current date and time.
DEFAULT_THEME - Change this if you want a different theme to be the default, the number here correlates to the theme folder in your graphic files.
CHANGE_THEME_IN_OPTIONS - This means whether or not the player can change their current theme in the options screen. Set this to false if you don't want players to be able to change their menu theme from the options screen.
BACKGROUND_TINT - This is a color that will tint your overworld screen (making it darker). It is set up as a Color class (Red, Green, Blue, Gray).
SHOW_MENU_NAMES - Decides whether the menu names will be shown. If you don't want this, set it to false.
ACTIVE_SCALE - Decides by how much each icon will be zoomed in when they are selected. Default is 1.5.

Next are a few that have to do with the text colors for each theme.
MENU_OPEN_SOUND - The sound that plays when you open the menu (from your Audio/SE folder.
MENU_CLOSE_SOUND - The sound that plays when you close the menu (from your Audio/SE folder.
MENU_CURSOR_SOUND - The sound that plays when you change your selection in the menu (from your Audio/SE folder.
First release
Last update
4.65 star(s) 23 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. v2.1 - Fixed some unique bugs

    Fixes: Fixed a crash that occured when idling in the bag or save screen. Made sure the menu...
  2. Officially updated to v20.1!

    Thanks to the amazing help of @Golisopod User the script has now officially been updated to...
  3. v1.9 - Now updated for Pokémon Essentials v20.1 and fixed a simple crash

    The script is now updated for v20.1 and fixed a bug related to status effects crashing the game

Latest reviews

Thank you for sharing the resources, it makes my game look more vivid! But there is a problem, my pause menu cannot function properly after adding the dexnax plugin. Is there a solution?
One question, how do you do to add more menu options? (for example, I would like to add...a PC option, for example. How could I do it?)
Sooo pretty! Fantastic tool to extend and optimize your pause menu! Thank you for making this!
bro please help me, i am on 20.1 and isnt loading, can you please help me
Run Smoothly in essential v21 + v21.1 Hotfix,
btw there some warning about "safeExists?", but you just change it to FileTest.exist?. and the warning now gone
The plugin works smoothly and visually looks amazing. But I did run into the same error twice. This only happened after saving the game, and before the pause menu closes itself off automatically. I was doing different things before each error, so it might just happen intermittently.

[Pokémon Essentials version 20.1]
[v20.1 Hotfixes 1.0.7]

Exception: NoMethodError
Message: undefined method `y' for nil:NilClass

[Voltseon's Pause Menu] 004_VoltseonMenu_Components.rb:230:in `update'
[Voltseon's Pause Menu] 002_VoltseonMenu_Main.rb:223:in `block (2 levels) in update'
[Voltseon's Pause Menu] 002_VoltseonMenu_Main.rb:223:in `each'
[Voltseon's Pause Menu] 002_VoltseonMenu_Main.rb:223:in `block in update'
[Voltseon's Pause Menu] 002_VoltseonMenu_Main.rb:219:in `loop'
[Voltseon's Pause Menu] 002_VoltseonMenu_Main.rb:219:in `update'
[Voltseon's Pause Menu] 002_VoltseonMenu_Main.rb:297:in `pbStartPokemonMenu'
[Voltseon's Pause Menu] 002_VoltseonMenu_Main.rb:288:in `call_menu'
[Following Pokemon EX] Refresh.rb:128:in `call_menu'
032:Scene_Map:203:in `update'
Hi, I already renewed the code you gave me and it worked. Thank you so much! This menu is my favorite plugin and it made me sad that I wouldn't be able to use it!
Just trying this for the first time today! Looks really slick, but ran into a few errors

In the plugin file "004_VoltseonMenu_Components.rb", I had to adjust the code beginning at line 132 like this:

# Status
status = 0
if pokemon.fainted?
status = GameData::Status::DATA.keys.length / 2
elsif pokemon.status != :NONE
status = GameData::Status.get(pokemon.status).icon_position + 1
elsif pokemon.pokerusStage == 1
status = GameData::Status::DATA.keys.length - 1

as the previously referenced ID number variable doesn't seem to exist, and because the position being pointed at was one indicator above the appropriately coloured status indicator.

(@DonCaretas18, this should fix your problem)
Don't really understand how it works, I've plugged it in and it still uses the regular pause menu.
Great plug-in, and wonderful customization. I only have one issue involving a black outline that keeps popping up around the location name while scrolling through the pause menu that wasn't priorly addressed. Other than that, awsome resource