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  1. Pharaoh_Xigo

    Completed Pokémon Pharaohs (FULL GAME)

    Welcome to the Urseca region You start your journey as the child of The Pharaoh about to begin your Challenge to see if you have what it takes to lead the region. Every 40 years, the region holds a competition where they send out one youth from every town out to conquer the Gyms. The ones who...
  2. drawntoast

    Completed Pokémon: Innocent Soul

    Pokémon: Innocent Soul "An innocent soul never dies." I'm finally back with a new game. It's been quite some time. This one is a bit shorter than my other games and takes a wildly different approach to the progression system. Since I tried something totally new, I hope this game sets the new...
  3. MegaPokeking

    Completed Pokemon Ultimate Zephyr

    Welcome to Harmony Island Play as a new trainer from the Indiglo Region and embark on a heartwarming journey on Harmony Island, a haven for both Pokémon and trainers alike. Professor Orion, a passionate Pokémon researcher, has organized the Pokémon Ultimate Soul Championship —a celebration of...
  4. FelicityWivi

    Completed Notte Mansion Mystery.

    Miss Terri Fletcher is a novelist and mystery writer from the town of Winter's Hollow located in the far North East of the Livna Region. She has been invited to dinner by her good friend Bella Notte at the Notte mansion where hijinks ensue... This game is the 'Insert Name Jam' entry by...
  5. Lockheart

    Completed Pokémon: RBGenesis+ - New Content! More Custom Shadow Pokemon + NPCs + Events - [Open to Community Updates]

    About Re-experience Kanto in an all new light! Pokémon RBGenesis aims to recreate the feeling of playing Pokémon Red and Blue on your Gameboy for the first time. Using the colorful art style of the Gen 2 GSC games; Pokémon from gens 1-8, And all new events and characters, Kanto will feel...
  6. Hernek

    Completed Pokemon Deep Blue

    Hello, Welcome to the Fermia region. In this basic Pokemon story your partner will be chosen with intuition. Battle your way trough the gyms to challenge the Pokemon League, complete your pokedex, build your favorite team and face the consequences of power with a sinister intellectual...
  7. OkunoShio

    Completed Pokémon Keishou (V2.01)

    Pokémon Keishou Fully developed by: OkunoShio Made Using: RPG Maker XP Pokémon Essentials v20.1 Version: 2.01 Download Link: Patch File for JoiPlay (put this inside the game's main folder): Discord Server: Join our Discord Server for additional information on the game such as the...
  8. L

    Completed Pokemon Radiant Topaz (v1.0.0)

    Overview Welcome to Aurore! In this new Pokemon region, you'll explore something never seen before: a vanilla-style game! Play through a classic Pokemon adventure where you'll catch Pokemon, collect eight gym badges, defeated the evil Team Nox, and become the Pokemon League Champion! Radiant...
  9. KennyCatches

    Completed Pumpkaboo's Party

    Puggle the Pumpkaboo is hosting a party on Halloween night! The guest list includes - Robin the Rowlet, Ollie the Oshawott, and Cinders the Cyndaquil. However, as the night goes on... Puggle's guests start to notice that her house might be haunted... Game duration: 1 to 1.5 hours...
  10. UnOvA

    Completed Pokémon: Chaos in Vesita (New Version OUT NOW; ENG/GER)

    Pokémon: Chaos in Vesita 1.1.5 Playtime: 35-40 hrs -About German Version- Hello, I‘m a german fan game creator ready to release his third fan game. As a huge Pokémon fan I was always interested in creating cities or landscapes so when I discovered the RPG Maker XP and the Pokémon Essentials...
  11. ENLS

    Completed Space Trainers

    Are you ready to embark on the journey of your life? Become a Space Trainer today and explore the galaxy along with your crew! We need strong trainers who are willing to take on any challenge! Scroll down and apply now! Download Space Trainers (v1.0.3) ENLSVoltseonPurpleZaffreThundaga...
  12. KennyCatches

    Released ULTRALITE

    A Pokémon Roguelite created by... @KennyCatches @Saucecoie @Vendily @TheDogDad Prepare to be whisked away into a mesmerizing realm of mystery and mayhem in "ULTRALITE", a prequel to Pokémon Sun & Moon which takes place 300 years back! In this captivating roguelite adventure, you'll dive...
  13. King_Waluigi

    Completed Pokémon Flower Jam

    POKéMON FLOWER JAM A game created by @King_Waluigi Made using Pokémon Essentials v20.1 WELCOME TO ISLE FLORA! WAYYY off the coast of Sinnoh is an itty, bitty island called "Isle Flora!" Year-round, a festival is held to honor the mythical Pokémon Shaymin! This is called the "Gracidea Festival!"...
  14. EndlessBeat

    Completed Pokémon: Blast Processed Version

    Introducing Sonic and Marvin in Pokémon: Blast Processed Version: a game in which you traverse the brand-new region of Glombo as Sonic and his new friend, Marvin the Marill! Meet old and new friends and foes as you search for the 7 Chaos Emeralds as well as collect 6 Gym Badges from tough...
  15. Nandthesword

    Completed Pokémon: Abstract Version

    Pokémon: Abstract Version Made for the Relic Castle Game Jam #9 The Abstract Team: Nandthesword -Lead Developer, Created the Gameplay and Mapping WolfTaiko -Story Developer, Created the Story and Eventing AdventurerAldo -Spriter, Created new Characters Lichen -Spriter, Created new Pokémon...
  16. CelestialFearow

    Completed Pokémon Shattered Dimension

    Made using: Pokémon ES V20.1 For the RC Game Jam 9! Team: @CelestialFearow @Mahian23 @JPA93 Game description: In Pokémon Shattered Dimension you embark on a journey through the snowy Toranku region. Help Professor Espoir uncover the secrets of a strange phenomenon and aid the...
  17. bombastik18

    Completed Pokémon Nightmare

    Download links: ➡️ Version 1.3.0 ⬅️ Version 1.01 (demo) Resource pack 🤖 Discord 🤖 Development team: bombastik (.bombastik on Discord), Mega Greninja GR (megagreninjagr on Discord), karthik (karthi0653 on Discord), Hystrucgon (hystrucgon on Discord), Haunted Ditto (hauntedditto on Discord). 🐛...
  18. GangstaNerd

    Completed Pokémon Afterlife Part I

    Life has not been the kindest of friends to you or your Pokémon. After a tragic accident, both you and Pokémon's parents died and developed a special gift that leaves you feeling cast out from the world given to you. As you move from home to home you grow even more in the darkness of being an...
  19. Never_this_again

    Completed To The Lake

    To the Lake You know that wealthy old guy who lives in the Manor by the lake? Nobody has seen him in months. Last time was when he out of the blue closed down his companys' warehouse and laid off all those workers. No contact ever since. Weird, right? That seems like a great hook for a movie...
  20. AenaonDogsky

    Completed Pokemon Elpis

    Pokemon Elpis: Days pass by slowly on your small island, in the sun-embraced Phaos Archipelago. When not graced by the presence of the irregular tourist, your only source of novelty becomes the monthly visit of mainland ships, bringing in goods, explorers, researchers, and the occasional new...