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Recruiting Northbound - Recruitment

This thread's author is looking for long-term team members.


Jul 7, 2024

Do you have a burning passion for Pokémon? Are you a talented writer/artist or musician eager to contribute your skills to a fan game that will captivate trainers worldwide? Look no further! We are currently assembling a dedicated team to bring our Pokémon-inspired fan game to life, and we need your help to create an immersive and unforgettable experience

Kit used: RPG Maker XP

About the Game:
Our fan game draws inspiration from the beloved Pokémon franchise while introducing exciting new mechanics and an original storyline. Set in a vast and diverse Pantheus Region, players will embark on a thrilling adventure, capturing and training various unique creatures while exploring captivating regions and facing thrilling challenges.

Pantheus is a breathtaking region that draws inspiration from Greece's rich history, mythology, and natural beauty. Embark on an unforgettable journey where ancient legends come to life and stunning landscapes await at every turn. As you explore Pantheus, you'll encounter iconic landmarks, mythical creatures, and immersive cultural experiences that will captivate you.

EV and IV update
Update to how Base Stats are calculated
New natures
94 new abilities
598 new moves
598 Custom attack animations
157 new Pokemon
60 FPS
740X480 Screen Res
2v1 Battles
Option to select different UIs
3 Difficulty selections
DexNav feature
HUD feature
Quest Feature
Controller Support
Controller Rumble Support
Item Crafting
Random Quest Reward system
Added 12 new ribbons
Gathering System
Environmental Hazards
Dungeon/Raid System
Terrain boosts
Overworld Encounters
Character Customization
Skill Tree
Character Choices
Available Positions::

Side Quests::

Do you enjoy crafting engaging side stories and providing players with exciting diversions? Join our team as a writer for Side Quests, and create memorable tales, unique characters, and rewarding challenges that enrich the game world. From heartwarming narratives to thrilling mini-adventures, your contributions will ensure that players have abundant content to explore.


Are you fascinated by complex dungeon designs and cooperative gameplay? As a writer for Dungeons/Raids, you will create immersive experiences where trainers can band together to conquer challenging environments and battle powerful bosses. Craft intricate dungeon layouts, epic boss encounters, and engaging narratives that provide a unique and rewarding gameplay experience.

Concept Art::

We are seeking talented and creative Concept Artists to join our team. As a Concept Artist, you will design and produce high-quality art for use in our video games. Your role will involve creating visually appealing and cohesive tilesets that align with the project's overall artistic vision and style.


We seek a talented and experienced Sound Effects Designer to join our team. As a sound effects designer, you will create high-quality and immersive sound effects.


We seek a skilled and passionate Sprite Artist to join our team. As a Sprite Artist, you will be responsible for creating visually appealing and dynamic 2D sprites. Your role will involve collaborating with game designers and other team members to bring characters, objects, and animations to life.

How to Apply::

To apply for a position, please reply to this thread or feel free to DM me (Luxintra) on Discord.







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