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Freelance Need a map? I'm your person!

This person is offering their services to others.


Overseer of the Abyss
Apr 24, 2017
Hello there! My name is Derxwna Kapsyla, and you might know me as the mastermind behind projects such as "Yitria Resurrection", "Touhouon Asteria", "Touhou Pupet Play ~ The Adventures of Ayaka", "Chronicles of the Omniverse"- Wait, you don't know that last one? Never mind it then! Today I'm here to talk about something I am extremely passionate about- map design! It is easily my favorite aspect of game development, and I feel like I'm pretty proficient at it. So, I would like to open up map making commissions to help people out on their own projects! I've got well over 10 years of experience, getting my start back in the ancient days of Binary ROM Hacking with Advance Map being the hottest tool on the block. I like to make sure the maps I make are of the highest standards I can possibly muster, so I have a fairly sharp eye for detail. I also love communicating ideas with people and helping them reach a desired solution (If I'm able to)! If you're interested in taking a shot on me, I welcome you to message me on here, or DM me on Discord! I look forward to getting a chance to work with you! I promise, I don't bite- I'd much rather use an Ion Cannon. Also I just lost my job recently so I could really use some supplementary income while I try and find a new job...

Things to know about Derxwna:
  • I've been working with game development as a hobbyist for over 10 years, with an exceptional passion for map design.
  • I like to make sure that anything I make is the best quality I can possibly produce.
  • I do have a degree (of sorts) in Game Design, Programming, and Animation.
  • Spent a good majority of my time playing Wind Waker just trying to compare terrain to Ocarina of Time.
  • You will not find a person more offended by the tile errors in vanilla Pokemon games, I guarantee it.
What I am offering:
  • Map design for 2D environment based games.
  • Map critique and feedback. (This is free!)
  • Eventing on a small scale.
  • Redesigning your own maps.
What I am not offering:
  • A whole game made from scratch (Unless you're paying massive $Revenue).
  • Complex scripting maneuvers.
  • Unique tilesets. If you have a unique tileset you want me to use, send it- but I will check if you are allowed to use it.
  • Trainer battles.
  • Advice on how to spend your FSA. I answer those questions enough at my previous workplace.
Examples of my work:
-- Touhoumon Asteria --

-- Yitria Resurrection --

-- Adventures of Ayaka --

-- Other Map Creations --

-- Map Size --
Small map (30x30 or smaller): $10
Medium map (60x60 or smaller): $35
Large Map (100x100 or smaller): $60
Extra Large Map (100x100 or greater): $90
I am willing to take on a multi-map endeavor. Prices will be discounted for bulk purchases. I am also willing to very slightly haggle on the tiers above Small Map, but prices will not go below $10 above the previously listed tier.

-- Eventing --
Depending on event complexity and quantity, additional fees may be incurred.

-- Additional Pricing --
Gen 4 or 5 theme: +$40. I am not comfortable mapping in this style. I can attempt it, but only if you provide a tileset of the exact tiles you want.

When it comes to payments, I am flexible with how I receive them. I understand that people are not comfortable giving an entire lump sum for commissions. If you'd like, we can work out a payment plan of sorts, or you can pay a portion up front and pay the rest upon completion. If I do not or am unable to finish the map, I will refund the amount paid up front.

As a note, if you are looking for a rush order, an additional fees may be incurred.

Contact Information
The best ways to reach me if you are looking for a commission, or if you have any additional questions are as follows:
The best times to reach me are between 12 PM and 12 AM PST (GMT-7).
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