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The Eevee Expo Summer Game Jam event is under away! (6/30 - 8/10)


It's finally time! The Eevee Expo is proud to present its first game jam on this platform! This is the perfect time to get your hands dirty on game development without the need to create an extremely extensive project, and really test your skills on working within a set period of time! Here at the bottom, we'll also add some tips for those new to game jams.

The full Game Jam rules and overview are listed right here: https://eeveeexpo.com/game-jam-10/overview/

Historically, many extremely popular and beloved fangames (This Gym of Mine, Pokemon Castaway, etc) have been born from these game jams, and so we are looking forward to see what people are going to cook-up this year! Game Jam projects are more likely to be played during the event, so they're a great way to see what you're currently capable of creatively.

We hope to see you participate, and if you committed to participating, we wish you the best of luck! Remember, if you post screenshots/gameplay on X/Twitter with the #EEGameJam tag, we will post your progress on the main Eevee Expo Twitter.

If you're new to the competition and feeling a little confused what to do or where to start, here's some pointers to help you get going:

- You do not need to formally register or make known of your participation. You can start making a game right now. Like now now.

- You can have up to 4 people in one development team to submit a game jam project, and no more. Making projects with your friends can be fun and less stressful, sometimes!

- The game engine of choice does not matter. Although most people use Pokemon Essentials and PSDK, there are actually no limitations on how you make your game, including Romhacks. You don't even have to make a Pokemon game, although most people do.

- If you're using public resources, like tilesets and external sprites from Deviantart, you MUST CREDIT them!! In fact, we HEAVILY RECOMMEND you start your credit list right now and start adding to it as you require more assets for your project. Make sure you try to ask permission if they don't explicitly say they are for public use as well.

- Manage your time wisely, and don't run too fast or waste effort that isn't needed! The 40 days will seem too short or too long depending on your time management. You absolutely do not want to burn out, especially during the last 2 weeks of the jam, where most people end up dropping out. I personally recommend using the first few days to plan extensively of what you want your project to be, and what it will contain.

- Presentation and execution will always be a bigger way to make your game pop rather than pure skill or finesse (you don't need fancy ultra detailed art or custom music to be a great project). If you can do both, pretty awesome!

- Try your best to leave some time to playtest things! You won't be able to add major updates to your game until after judging is over once you submit it, so make sure everything is properly tested so people can complete the game with as few major issues as possible (though sometimes, it is inevitable).

- Have fun, and keep your head help up! Game development will be really stressful and sometimes very difficult mentally, so use any mishaps or issues as a learning experience rather than a reflection of yourself, especially if you're new. We're prepared to see the ups and downs of every project as they get submitted.
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