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Recruiting Pokémon Fissure is recruiting now!

This thread's author is looking for long-term team members.


Venipede User
Jul 24, 2020

--- Pokémon Fissure is recruiting now! ---

I have been working on this game solo since 2023, and I think it's
about time I admit that I could use some help to finish the game.

Pokémon Fissure is made with ES V20.1, and it will take place in a new region called Torakia.
The game have Pokémon up to gen 9 (not DLC), and beautiful gen 4 style graphics.
There are also new species to discover, as well as new characters.
The theme of the game revolves around a mystery concerning Torakia.

--- Game Screenshot ---

--- Game Description ---
In this game you will play as the local professor's assistant. You will try to help the professor to
discover why the region of Torakia, doesn't have any backstory.
It's been a mystery for years and it's finally time for that to change!
Also while you're at it, you could also participate in
the Torakia League to become the new champion of this region.

--- Features ---
Regional forms
Rebalancing for some Pokémon and moves
New moves
New abilities
Higher chance of shiny
Different wild battle music depending on location
Gen 9 Pokémon (not DLC)
Following Pokémon
Crafting system
Improved IA
Overworld Encounters
Side Quests
New Items/battle items
Unreal day night cycle
Boss Pokémon
Healing Vial
Our god Heliumpai
Mid battle dialogue
Trainer NPC sprites variety

--- Recruitment ---

Here is a list of roles that I will need for the game.

Playtesters: To test new things when they are available.
Translators: English is not my primary language, so having someone who can help me with the translation would be nice.
Balancer: To help the game not being impossible.

Programmer: To make new fancy stuff, ES bug fix, cool new features, etc.
Spriters: Although I made all the sprites of the game, some of them are not perfect. Some extra help would be nice.
Original Composer: To make cool original music. No need to use soundfonts.

--- Team ---

@CelestialFearow - Do everything (outside of music)
Nandthesword - Translation, playtesting, balancing
nickr02vgm - Composer
lucrice - Translation, playtesting, balancing
the_vietnamese_nerd - Playtesting, balancing

--- Contact ---

If you want to help me you can contact me on Discord: sarubia_star

You can also join my Discord

And if you are hesitant to join, what you can do is play the demo of game now!
Yes, that's right! There is already a demo for the game. (The game was in the Eevee Expo)
You can play it

Anyway, have a good day/night!


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